Transport XX to Auschwitz at Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival (FLIFF)

The documentary Transport XX to Auschwitz by Karen Lynne & Richard Bloom and Michel van der Burg is shown at the Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival (FLIFF) on Saturday October 27 at the main film festival theatre Cinema Paradiso in Fort Lauderdale, and again the next Saturday, November 3rd, at the Sunrise Civic Theatre in the city of Sunrise, Florida.  Thanks all helping us with this documentary – – Simon Gronowski (see trailer poster) in particular for his special effort!!

Film and festival details

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Synopsis – During the Shoah, the Nazis, in their quest for the final solution of the Jewish question, utilized thousands of trains from Germany and the occupied countries to transport 3,000,000 Jews to the concentration and death camps.

This is the true story of one of the most audacious and heroic rescue attempts, which occurred on April 19, 1943, the first night of Passover, at the same time that the Warsaw Ghetto uprising began. On that night, Transport XX departed Mechelen, Belgium at 10 p.m. with 1631, Jewish men, women and children for Auschwitz II-Birkenau.

Half an hour later, it was stopped by three young Belgians armed with only 1 pistol, pliers and a hurricane lamp. The only documented attack on a death train during the Shoah. What happened leading up to, during and after this audacious rescue attempt are featured with archival footage and survivor interviews.

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