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Robert Clary Story – Official selection BERLIN LIFT-OFF 2022

Robert Clary Story – Official selection BERLIN LIFT-OFF 2022

Feature documentary “From Buchenwald to Hollywood, The Robert Clary Story” — A film by Karen and Richard Bloom and Michel van der Burg — Selected for BERLIN LIFT-OFF 2022 Film festival 7th February – 7th March , 2022 in Germany.

Coming Soon …

Robert Clary Story Poster

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Gouda by Candlelight 2021

Gouda by Candlelight 2021 | English Below –
NL (dutch) Vanavond kan het traditionele grootschalige jaarlijkse evenement ‘Gouda bij Kaarslicht’ – vanwege de huidige coronavirus covid-19 maatregelen – niet plaatsvinden. Om Gouda bij Kaarslicht 2021 thuis te beleven, hier een teaser van de vorig jaar gemaakte film – met een link naar die volledige film ( Kaarsjesavond Candle Night Gouda | 20201211 ) in het eindscherm.

EN – Tonight the traditional large-scale annual event ‘Gouda by Candlelight’ cannot take place – due to the current coronavirus covid-19 measures. To experience Gouda by Candlelight 2021 at home, here a teaser of the film made last year – with a link to that full film ( Kaarsjesavond Candle Night Gouda | 20201211 ) in the end screen.

The people of Gouda in Holland burn candles at the traditional december candle night ‘Kaarsjesavond’ all over the historic town center, where Adrie Vergeer’s Gouda street organs ‘Pansfluiter’ (Pan whistler) and ‘Het Zonnetje’ (Little Sun) play, and the kids of Music school Gouda. When the candles in the giant tree on the central market square are lit, the Carillon is played by Boudewijn Zwart, and Gouda songs (Als de kaarsjes branden… Gouda stad van …) by Desiree Coumans with John de Heij (guitar) and Nils Davidse (piano) – sound on that freezing cold (-7°C / 19°F) Friday night December 16, 2008 in front of a massive crowd at the town hall in the city center of Gouda , Holland. Mensen in Gouda, bedankt!

Gouda by Candlelight 2021 ~ Music : Violins of the Kids Muziekschool Gouda , Street organs Pansfluiter & Het Zonnetje (Adrie Vergeer), Carillon by Boudewijn Zwart, songs by Desiree Coumans with John de Heij and Nils Davidse – Dec. 16, 2008 … Gouda people thanks! ~ Film : 20211210 Michel van der Burg | Miracles•Media

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Kids Parlement | Children’s Day

Kids Parlement | Children’s Day | 20211120 | Michel van der Burg | michelvanderburg•com | Reportage with Amir Jafari in front of the Belgian Federal Public Service for Justice building, Boulevard de Waterloo, Brussels, Belgium – Nov 20, 2013.
Amir Jafari (12 yr old student and Afghan refugee in Belgium) – the voice and face of the Belgian ‘Kids Parlement’ – on the arrival of the silent solidarity march for Afghan refugees in Brussels 20 nov 2013. First brief encounter with Amir just before his public protest speech demanding Belgium changes its asylum policy. Full reportage of Amir’s speech in post Afghans & Belgians « We want justice » (20131124). Protest at the Belgian Federal Public Service for Justice building, Boulevard de Waterloo, Brussels, Belgium – Nov 20, 2013.


MB – Ja, ik heb uw brief gezien, en gedeeld op facebook.
( ‘Eén dag in mijn schoenen’ – Nov 15, 2013 in de Belgisch krant De Standaard.)

Dus, vandaag wordt er voor u geprotesteerd ?

JF – Ja , eigenlijk voor iedereen.
Voor iedereen is het vandaag een protest dag.
Omdat het vandaag kinderrechten dag is.
Ze hebben genoeg gezwegen.
Iedereen heeft genoeg gezwegen.
Kinderen , jongere mensen hier, iedereen heeft genoeg gezwegen. Maar vandaag ..
Er moet niet meer gezwegen worden !
Vandaag is kinderrechten dag.
En iedereen mag zeggen wat hij wil !


MB – I saw your letter, and shared it on facebook.
( ‘One day in my shoes’ – Nov 15, 2013 in the Belgian news paper De Standaard ).

So, today there is a protest here for you ?

AJ – Yes, actually for everyone…
Today is a day of protest for everyone.
Because today is Children’s Rights Day.
They have been silent for long enough.
Everyone has been silent for long enough.
Children, young people, everyone
has been silent for long enough !
But today, we must break the silence,
because today is Children’s Rights Day…
and anyone can speak up for himself.

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Sidney Australia Lift-Off 2021 Official Selection of “The Robert Clary Story”

“From Buchenwald to Hollywood, The Robert Clary Story” – A film by Karen and Richard Bloom and Michel van der Burg | Selected for Sydney, Australia Lift-Off Film festival Nov 21-Dec 13, 2021

Australia now too !
“From Buchenwald to Hollywood, The Robert Clary Story” — A film by Karen and Richard Bloom and Michel van der Burg — Selected for Sydney, Australia Film festival Nov 21 -Dec 13 , 2021. Hogan’s Heroes with Robert Clary was a big hit in Australia and Robert Clary made several visits there.

Currently screening at the Paris festival .. Link here from post October 27….. more soon …


Watch full film, From Buchenwald to Hollywood, The Robert Clary Story – now online at Sydney & Melbourne Lift-Off Film Festival 2021 – Features – Episode 19

Watch full film : From Buchenwald to Hollywood, The Robert Clary Story – now online at Sydney & Melbourne Lift-Off Film Festival 2021 – Features – Episode 19

TAGS #RobertClary #Widerman #Buchenwald #Hollywood #holocaust #camp #Lebeau #HogansHeroes #Paris #France #Sydney #Australia #Griffin #Cantor #deportation #nazi #LiftOff #film #festival #KarenLynne #RichardBloom #documentary #UnitedStates #screen #worldwide #online #Vimeo #1Memo #michelvanderburg #MiraclesMedia

Simon’s PUSH Premiere | 20210910

Simon’s PUSH Premiere | 20210910 | Miracles•Media | Simon Gronowski takes the air after first time watching Howard Moody’s community opera PUSH at the pre-premiere Friday Sep 30th 2016 in the De La Warr Pavilion on the seafront in Bexhill On Sea, UK.

NEWS – PUSH revisited 2021

October 3, 2021 near Antwerp and Brussels in Belgium – Info and Tickets @ imaginair•be

“PUSH revisited” is a reworked version of parts of the PUSH opera in concert form, coupled with a unique exhibition of the work of visual artist Koenraad Tinel, which is steeped in this personal history. The exhibition, curated especially for this occasion, will feature sculptures and drawings from Tinel’s extensive oeuvre. New, never-before-seen work by the artist will also be on display.

“PUSH revisited” will be a location project, hosted by IMAGINAIR, a creative collective that resides in a former furniture factory awaiting conversion into residential project Dijledonk. The collective fills the industrial site with art and with beauty. Here “PUSH revisited” finds a breathtaking backdrop.

“Revisited” also literally refers to the place of action. The site is near Boortmeerbeek, where the train was brought to a halt that day by the three resistance fighters, which is the reason why Simon is still with us today, and celebrates his 90th birthday October 12th.

This project arose as a spontaneous response to a proposal for solidarity. What was originally only intended as financial support for the freelance artists of PUSH has grown into an event to revive the momentum of PUSH together. This project shows the involvement of the artists and their desire to keep this story alive.

“PUSH revisited” is dedicated to Simon Gronowski and Koenraad Tinel. Thanks to their inspiring resilience they show us that, regardless of our backgrounds, we have the choice to do the right thing at any time in our lives. To focus on trust, connection, friendship and hapiness. To be optimistic.

TAGS #Push #PUSHrevisited #HowardMoody #SimonGronowski #KoenraadTinel #TIDES #IMAGINAIR #sculpture #art #holocaust #DeLaWarrPavilion #Bexhill #opera #Britain #UK #warchild #Belgium #1Memo #michelvanderburg #MiraclesMedia #bandstand #premiere #art #seafront #NíallMcLaughlin #bandstand

Willy & Settela | Born Nomad

Film poster image : Willy – Settela’s older brother – photographed by Jan de Jong, when playing the violin at the age of around 7 years old.

Willy & Settela | Born Nomad | 20210519 | Settela•com
(silent film)

In 1935 the nomadic Sinti families Steinbach were photographed by Dutch photographer Jan de Jong in their caravan camp on the heath around the Heksenberg hill in the southern Netherlands. Jan de Jong was working for De Spaarnestad publishing house of the dutch weekly, catholic, illustrated magazine “Katholieke Illustratie” , that used his high quality pictures in this May 1936 spread (REF 1), with a somewhat simple romanticized short story on their origin and culture – entitled ‘Zwervers van geboorte’ or ‘Born nomad’ (my translation).

Members of other Steinbach families, I recognized in this magazine spread in the caravan window image with caption ‘Buurpraatje’ (my tr. ‘Neighbor chat’), are Anna Steinbach in the window (born 24 March 1916 – killed 31 July 1944 in Auschwitz) talking with Maria Steinbach (born 6 Nov 1912 – killed 31 July 1944 in Auschwitz) .

The 15 year old Willy (Celestinus) Steinbach (born 13 Feb 1929 in Heerlen) was deported together with his 9-year old sister Settela ((Anna Maria) Steinbach (born 23 Dec 1934 in Buchten), their brothers, sisters (Willem, Elisabeth, Johanna, Philibert, Florentina, Willem, Anna), and mother Toetela (Emilia) Steinbach (born 23 March 1902 in Antwerp, Belgium), with other Steinbach and other nomad families – all together ca 245 Sinti and Roma and ca 450 Jews – on May 19th 1944 from the dutch Camp Westerbork to Auschwitz — and some, like Willy, later to other camps.
Toetela’s eldest child Moekela (Magdalena; born 14 Sep 1922) had gone to Belgium and had been deported earlier – 15 Jan 1944 – with her 6 months old baby Jeanette – Toetela’s granddaughter – on the Z-Transport from Mechelen to Auschwitz, were they were murdered on arrival.
Note : I found Jeanette on the Transport lists in the image bank of Kazerne Dossin, Mechelen – but not yet her mother Magdalena.
Settela’s father Moeselman (Heinrich) Steinbach (born Nov 11, 1901 in Gründorf in Germany) died alone of grief June 6, 1946 in Maastricht in the Netherlands – his wife and 10 children had not survived the camps.
Their deporatation was filmed for the Westerbork Film by Rudolf Breslauer (REF 2).
This post is based on the story of the Steinbach families as researched in detail and published in book (REF 3) and film (REF 4) by Rob Hendrikx and Marouska Steinbach.

Update May 20, 2021 – Minor corrections in text , plus more detailed family information added. Poster image film replaced with clearer portrait image of Willy.

TAGS #Willy #Settela #brother #1Memo #MiraclesMedia #michelvanderburg #Holland #Westerbork #Porajmos #Holocaust #genocide #WesterborkFilm #violin #Celestinus #boy #headscarf #Sinti #Roma #Jew #Celestinus #Steinbach #JandeJong #Heksenberg #caravan #photography #nomad

Below – because of space and linking constraints on social media – the references, source and full credits on websites only – eg. Settela•com


1 – Source – photography Jan de Jong – in ‘Zwervers van Geboorte’ | Katholieke Illustratie 7 mei 1936 No 32 (Haarlem, Spaarnestad) via Delpher archive URL

2 – Westerbork Film (20190605) Michel van der Burg | (accessed 2021 May 19) URL:

3 – Story based on book : Settela en Willy en Het geheim van de Heksenberg (2e druk) by Rob Hendrikx and Marouska Steinbach (Heerlen : Historisch Goud – Rijckheyt, centrum voor regionale geschiedenis en Stichting Historische Kring “Het Land van Herle”, April 2017) ISBN 9789082241686. URL

4 – Story based on Films : ‘Settela en Willy’ by Rob Hendrikx & Marouska Steinbach | lifepowervideo YouTube user | (accessed 2021 May 19) Deel 1 Historische Gebeurtenissen link | Deel 4 Holocaust Slachtoffers

Willy & Settela | Born Nomad | 20210519 | Michel van der Burg | Settela•com

1945 – Terugkeer Van Den Vliegenden Hollander | Return Of The Flying Dutchman

(English below)

1945 – Terugkeer Van Den Vliegenden Hollander

Brits-Nederlandse propagandafilm over de Nederlandse vliegeniers, ‘vliegende Hollanders’, tijdens de Tweede Wereldoorlog en bij hun thuiskomst na de overwinning op de Duitsers.
De stijl van de film is heroïsch en bestaat uit fragmenten van archief-, journaal- en speelfilms. Met Philip Bloemendaalachtige voice-over.

De film begint op 10 mei 1940 en toont de overmacht van de Duitsers – voor de Nederlanders was het ‘geen oorlog zoals zij zich die voorstelden’. Te zien zijn beelden van de Duitse inval in het Westen met o.a. de landing bij Moerdijkbruggen en het bombardement op Rotterdam, de gevechten bij Sedan, de Nederlandse overgave, vluchtende Nederlanders naar Engeland en de aankomst van de Koningin Wilhelmina in Londen.

Nederlanders in opleiding bij de RAF als vliegtuigbemanningen. Oefenen op de schietbaan. Nederlanders in eigen land bij het ondergrondse verzet. Ook aandacht voor drukken van illegaal drukwerk in Nederland. Het verspreiden van De Waarheid. “Dit volk bleef aan de overwinning geloven”. Gedwongen te werk stellen in Duitsland, de Arbeidseinsatz. Geloof in de vrijheid werd gevoed door de kerken. Preek vanaf de kansel. ZKH prins Bernhard bij het 322 squadron met hun mascotte, de papegaai Polly Grey. Beelden van aanvallen op Duitse transporten. Verschillende vliegtuigen zijn te zien, zoals de Spitfire, Hawker Typhoon, B-25 Mitchell bommenwerpers en Lancasters. Zij die dit overleefden kregen hulp, van o.a. mevrouw Van Bruggen die vertelt over een gebeurtenis in november 1943, toen een RAF-piloot was neergestort bij een boerderij in de buurt. Samen met de boerin hielpen ze de piloot, en een aantal van zijn collega’s, te ontsnappen, terug naar Engeland.

De invasie in Normandië, tijdens D-Day. “En de kust werd genomen”. Ook de Nederlandse middelzware bommenwerpers werden door Montgomery ingezet. Het oprukken van de geallieerde troepen door Noord-Frankrijk, België en Nederland. Beelden van Artillerievuur en gevangen Duitse soldaten. De bevrijding van Rouan, Amiens, België en Eindhoven.
Landen van North American B-25 Mitchell op vliegbasis [Soesterberg]. Ontvangst en huldiging op het kasteel van Helmond. Een officieel welkom door de burgemeester van ‘s-Hertogenbosch. Daarna komen de Vliegende Hollanders thuis. Vervolgens speldt ZKH prins Bernhard bij sommigen van hen het Vliegerkruis op. Sommige Vliegende Hollanders keerden niet terug…. “Aan hun nagedachtenis wordt deze film eerbiedig opgedragen.” Hun namen verschijnen in beeld.

Return Of The Flying Dutchman

British-Dutch propaganda film about the Dutch aviators, ‘flying Dutchmen’, in the Royal Air Force — in the Fighter Command, the Bomber Command and the Pathfinder Force — during the Second World War, and on their return home after the victory over the Germans.

World War II propaganda film (1945) produced by the Royal Air Force Film Production Unit & Nederlandsche Luchtstrijdkrachten.
The film is composed of scenes taken from numerous films made between 1940 and 1945.

The film starts with the ‘Blitzkrieg’ in Holland, the German invasion by surprise – landing in the West of Holland , bombing of Rotterdam, and escape of the dutch Queen Wilhelmina arriving in London.

Next training of the RAF flight crews, and of the dutch resistance in Holland is shown, and the forced labor of Dutch workers in Germany – the ‘Arbeitseinsatz’.
The dutch Prince Bernhard visits the Dutch squadron of the Royal Air Force – RAF 322.

Following the Normandy invasion, the British army advances in France and Belgium on its way to the Netherlands. The enthusiastic residents of the dutch city of Eindhoven welcome the tanks. Prince Bernhard honors the brave pilots with the Airman’s Cross (Dutch: Vliegerkruis) . Finally, a plaque shows the long list of names of those who fell in the five war years.


Return Of The Flying Dutchman ~ Film ‘Terugkeer Van Den Vliegenden Hollander’ produced (1945) by the Royal Air Force Film Production Unit & Nederlandsche Luchtstrijdkrachten ~ Source : “Collection Netherlands Institute of Military History” – thanks to Stephan Deiters | NIMH . Remastered film (20210508) Michel van der Burg | michelvanderburg•com – CC BY 4.0 .

TAGS #FlyingDutchmen #RAF #pilot #1Memo #MiraclesMedia #Holland #Belgium #Normandy #Rotterdam #bombardment #WW2 #war #invasion #Blitzkrieg #Arbeitseinsatz #propaganda #plane #pilot #QueenWilhelmina #PrinceBernhard #resistance #decoration #AirmansCross #Vliegerkruis #death #heroic