Transport XX Take 1 | 20160127 – 20220127

Transport XX Take 1 | 20160127 – 20220127 | Michel van der Burg | Miracles•Media | SILENT FILM : One long take – slowed down – of the TRANSPORT XX installation in Brussels, Feb 2009.
Details : For this film I have chosen the first take of my Feb 2009 video recordings that were used before in the making of the short film “TRANSPORT XX – installation Brussels” – a work published online Apr 19, 2009 at michelvanderburg•com .
The TRANSPORT XX installation in Brussels was organised from 27 January to 15 March 2009 by the BELvue Museum in collaboration with the JMDR / Dossin Barracks (Kazerne Dossin). The photographic portraits were displayed outside in the Royal park in Brussels (opposite the Royal Palace). In this way passers-by were confronted with 1,200 faces of the victims.
This event commemorated the release of Auschwitz-Birkenau (Poland) on 27 January 1945.

Remastered 2022 edition of post ① memo 20160127 ~ Transport XX Take 1.
For optimal clarity this one-take is a 10 times slowed down version. Note : stabilization was not used in this edit , to prevent zooming in , and loss of portraits at the edge of the image.

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Here a link to the film “TRANSPORT XX – installation Brussels” and more NL / EN / FR (English / Français / Nederlands) info & credits: