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Transport XX Take 1 | 20160127 – 20220127

Transport XX Take 1 | 20160127 – 20220127 | Michel van der Burg | Miracles•Media | SILENT FILM : One long take – slowed down – of the TRANSPORT XX installation in Brussels, Feb 2009.
Details : For this film I have chosen the first take of my Feb 2009 video recordings that were used before in the making of the short film “TRANSPORT XX – installation Brussels” – a work published online Apr 19, 2009 at michelvanderburg•com .
The TRANSPORT XX installation in Brussels was organised from 27 January to 15 March 2009 by the BELvue Museum in collaboration with the JMDR / Dossin Barracks (Kazerne Dossin). The photographic portraits were displayed outside in the Royal park in Brussels (opposite the Royal Palace). In this way passers-by were confronted with 1,200 faces of the victims.
This event commemorated the release of Auschwitz-Birkenau (Poland) on 27 January 1945.

Remastered 2022 edition of post ① memo 20160127 ~ Transport XX Take 1.
For optimal clarity this one-take is a 10 times slowed down version. Note : stabilization was not used in this edit , to prevent zooming in , and loss of portraits at the edge of the image.

TAGS #Belgium #Auschwitz #Brussels #deportation #deportatie #footage #holocaust #installation #Jew #KazerneDossin #Malines #Mechelen #shoah #street #train #TransportXX #portrait #1Memo #michelvanderburg #MiraclesMedia #remaster

Here a link to the film “TRANSPORT XX – installation Brussels” and more NL / EN / FR (English / Français / Nederlands) info & credits: https://michelvanderburg.com/2009/04/19/transport-xx-installation-brussels/

Closure Brussels Beguinage Church Camp Afghan Refugees

Closure Brussels Beguinage Church Camp Afghan Refugees | 20220108 | 1-memo•com |
After a silent protest march by Afghan asylum seekers and Belgians November 2013 into Brussels, the hundreds of Afghan refugees – children, women, men – set up a makeshift tent camp inside the Brussels’ Beguinage church. March 2014 , the women and children have found refugee elsewhere in the city, but the men stay. Early April 2014 it is decided, that April 15th everyone who sleeps here will be kicked out.
Reportage from the Beguinage church made by Michel van der Burg, April 7, 2014 interviewing the Belgian journalist Greet Verhaert and Afghan refugee Kamran – temporary resident of the camp. @HouseofCompassionBrussels

Closure Brussels Beguinage Church Camp Afghan Refugees | 20220108 | Reportage April 7, 2014 by Michel van der Burg with interviews of Greet Verhaert, and Kamran | Beguinage Project report by Kristen Cattell & Michel van der Burg | Miracles.Media

TAGS #Afghan #asylum #Brussels #Beguinage #church #refugee #camp #tent #Belgium #undocumented #sanspapiers #war #interview #reportage #street #justice #rights #BeguinageChurch #GreetVerhaert #KristenCattell #BeguinageProject #1Memo #michelvanderburg #MiraclesMedia #HouseofCompassion #hoc

Some Links

Afghans & Belgians « We want justice » EN & FR & NL | 20131130 https://youtu.be/Ur3JHnC2AmE

Samir Hamdard ~ Afghan Refugee Camp Brussels Beguinage Church | 20200729 https://youtu.be/W4-Pcx3q98I

Kids Parlement | Children’s Day | 20211120

JR Groninger Show Afghan Refugees Inside Out | 20220107


Some days later – April 14th, 2014 – Greet reported to me the interview she had with the priest Daniël Alliët in the Beguinage church :

“The decision was made by the priest and the Kerkfabriek (Michel – Kerkfabriek translates to ~ the Church administration of the Beguinage church). In the interview priest Daniel explains in a more nuanced way – the causes, trigger, consequences, vision – why the Afghans have to leave the church tomorrow. At first glance, it seems like a decision with negative consequences (30 people become homeless). But in the long run, I think it’s a step in the right direction.
After all, Afghans are not simply thrown out on the street. The church factory is intensively looking for alternative sleeping places. And the protest against the asylum policy has not diminished at all, but has simply been organized differently.”

JR Groninger Show – Afghan Refugees Inside Out

JR Groninger Show – Afghan Refugees Inside Out | 20220107 | 1-memo•com |
JR: Chronicles is now in the Groninger Museum in Holland. A major show of the work of the artist JR.

The exhibition is touring the world. First , the Brooklyn Museum in New York from October 4, 2019 – May 3, 2020. Next, the Saatchi Gallery in London from June – Oct 2021. And now the Groninger Museum in Holland (The Netherlands) from Nov 2021 untill June 2022 .

The show highlights JR’s global public participatory art project INSIDE OUT ( @insideoutproject ) .
A video wall is screening more than 50 of the Best of INSIDE OUT videos – including our film ‘Béguinage Refugees Into The Wild’ – a short documentary on the Inside Out project “Justice for Afghan refugees in Belgium”.
Our film documents the Afghan refugees living in the Brussels Béguinage church , and their portrait’s (posters) by Chiara Ravano nearby at Olivier Bonny’s workshop in Salon Mommen, Brussels, Belgium, March 2014.

In 2020 , our special JR: Chronicles edition of this film ‘Béguinage Refugees Into The Wild’ was published online ( 20200205 ) . This exhibition edition was prepared September 2019 ( 20190911 ) for the Brooklyn Museum installation – an update of the original 2016 film ( 20160620 ) selected for the Best of INSIDE OUT videos.

This promotional film ‘ JR Groninger Show – Afghan Refugees Inside Out | 20220107 ‘ shows images of the New York show made in 2019 by Beguinage Project partner Kristen Cattell , and uses a screenshot (made Dec 10, 2021) of the Groninger Museum website page of the JR: Chronicles show in Groningen, The Netherlands , with visiting information and tickets. Here the link https://www.groningermuseum.nl/en/art/exhibitions/jr This link is included in the online YouTube film screen.


Béguinage Refugees Into The Wild | 20200205 – 20190911 – 20160620 |
Afghan refugees living in the Brussels Béguinage church with posters by Chiara Ravano for the Inside Out project “Justice for Afghan refugees in Belgium” – Olivier Bonny, Salon Mommen, Brussels, Belgium, March 2014. Félix Snyers on the Béguinage church pipe organ. A Beguinage Project report by Kristen Cattell & Michel van der Burg.
Film : Béguinage Refugees Into The Wild ~ JR: Chronicles Edition (20200205) Michel van der Burg | miracles.media

JR Groninger Show – Afghan Refugees Inside Out | 20220107
JR: Chronicles | INSIDE OUT | Béguinage Refugees Into The Wild
Brooklyn Museum , New York 2019-2020 | Saatchi Gallery , London 2021 | Groninger Museum , Netherlands Nov 2021- June 2022 .
@jr @JRart @brooklynmuseum @saatchi_gallery @groningermuseum @insideoutproject @ludmilakreichman @miraclesmedia @kristencattell @michelvanderburg
Film : JR Groninger Show – Afghan Refugees Inside Out ( 20220107 ) by Kristen Cattell & Michel van der Burg | Miracles.Media

TAGS #JRChronicles #GroningerMuseum #InsideOut #Afghan #Belgium #undocumented #sanspapiers #justice #BeguinageChurch #BrooklynMuseum #SaatchiGallery #NewYork #London #Groningen #Brussels #USA #UK #Holland #Netherlands #Beguinage #church #refugee #war #wild #streetart #street #art #portrait #rights #poster #JRart #OlivierBonny #SalonMommen #ChiaraRavano #FélixSnyers #KristenCattell #BeguinageProject #1Memo #michelvanderburg #MiraclesMedia

Christmas Street Parade Tyrol

Christmas Street Parade Tyrol | 20211223 | 1-memo•com | Mountain Christmas parade in Igls , Tyrol , Austria. ‘Igler Bergweihnacht’ tonight 10 years ago, 23 December 2011.

‘Igler Bergweihnacht’ tonight 10 years ago, 23 December 2011

Bergweihnacht in Igls, Tirol
Stimmungsvolle Bergweihnacht am 23 Dezember 2011 in Igls (Innsbruck, Tirol, Austria). Es ist ein eindrückliches Bild, wenn sich der Umzug mit seinen etwa. 200 kleinen und großen Engel, Nachtwächter, Bauern, Hirten, Hirtenbuben — in alten Kleider — sowie Maria und das Christkind im Schlitten mit Josef zu Fuß, abends durch die Dorfmitte mit Laternen und mitgeführten Tiere bewegt.

Mountain Christmas in Igls, Tyrol
An atmospheric, lantern-lit, Mountain Christmas parade in the evening of 23 December 2011 at the town center of Igls (near Innsbruck, in Tirol, Austria) featuring around 200 local villagers, mainly young kids, beautifully dressed as angels, night guards, farmers or shepherds and shepherd boys with animals, as well as Mary and baby Jesus in a traditional sledge with Joseph on foot.

Bergkerst in Igls, Tirol
Stemmige, traditionele, kerstoptocht op 23 december 2011 in Igls (bij Innsbruck, in Tirol, Oostenrijk). Een indrukwekkend schouwspel, waarbij rond 200 inwoners prachtig verkleed als kleine en grote engelen, nachtwachters, boeren, herders en herdersjongens, alsook als Maria met het kerstkind Jezus in een traditionele slee begeleid door Jozef te voet, ‘s avonds door het dorpscentrum gaan met lantaarns en meegevoerde dieren.

More Films

Gloria ~ Christmas Music Edition – Tirol | 20171224 | Link https://youtu.be/FZtnXDHY0gM

Mountain Christmas Tirol | Bergweihnacht Igls | 20090525 | Link https://youtu.be/SN3X2t-x9oQ

Happy Holidays | Playlist | Link https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL_SggYHVHwj1WpdwnvnAsBveXkaIwYbm8

TAGS #Christmas #Bergweihnacht #Tyrol #Igls #gloria #mountain #parade #street #baby #Jesus #school #nativity #angel #lantern #sheep #shepherd #sleigh #Innsbruck #Tirol #Austria #mountain #village #winter #story #history #folklore #tradition #1Memo #michelvanderburg

Gouda by Candlelight 2021

Gouda by Candlelight 2021 | English Below –
NL (dutch) Vanavond kan het traditionele grootschalige jaarlijkse evenement ‘Gouda bij Kaarslicht’ – vanwege de huidige coronavirus covid-19 maatregelen – niet plaatsvinden. Om Gouda bij Kaarslicht 2021 thuis te beleven, hier een teaser van de vorig jaar gemaakte film – met een link naar die volledige film ( Kaarsjesavond Candle Night Gouda | 20201211 ) in het eindscherm.

EN – Tonight the traditional large-scale annual event ‘Gouda by Candlelight’ cannot take place – due to the current coronavirus covid-19 measures. To experience Gouda by Candlelight 2021 at home, here a teaser of the film made last year – with a link to that full film ( Kaarsjesavond Candle Night Gouda | 20201211 ) in the end screen.

The people of Gouda in Holland burn candles at the traditional december candle night ‘Kaarsjesavond’ all over the historic town center, where Adrie Vergeer’s Gouda street organs ‘Pansfluiter’ (Pan whistler) and ‘Het Zonnetje’ (Little Sun) play, and the kids of Music school Gouda. When the candles in the giant tree on the central market square are lit, the Carillon is played by Boudewijn Zwart, and Gouda songs (Als de kaarsjes branden… Gouda stad van …) by Desiree Coumans with John de Heij (guitar) and Nils Davidse (piano) – sound on that freezing cold (-7°C / 19°F) Friday night December 16, 2008 in front of a massive crowd at the town hall in the city center of Gouda , Holland. Mensen in Gouda, bedankt!

Gouda by Candlelight 2021 ~ Music : Violins of the Kids Muziekschool Gouda , Street organs Pansfluiter & Het Zonnetje (Adrie Vergeer), Carillon by Boudewijn Zwart, songs by Desiree Coumans with John de Heij and Nils Davidse – Dec. 16, 2008 … Gouda people thanks! ~ Film : 20211210 Michel van der Burg | Miracles•Media

TAGS #Kaarsjesavond #Gouda #candlelight #candle #night #kaarslicht #teaser #film #lockdown #coronavirus #covid #covid19 #streetorgan #folklore #festival #SantaClaus #winter #tree #light #Holland #GreenHeart #GroeneHart #christmas #1Memo #michelvanderburg #DesireeCoumans #Pansfluiter #Zonnetje #muziekschool #stroopwafels #BoudewijnZwart

QUATRE-MAINS Filmmaker Lander Haverals

QUATRE-MAINS Filmmaker Lander Haverals
Report (20210913) Miracles•Media
Q&A with Lander Haverals at the Belgian pre-premiere of ‘QUATRE-MAINS’ Sep 12, 2021 in Studio SILO (De chinezen) in Leuven, Belgium.

Child of victims and child of perpetrators, yet they became friends for life. Simon Gronowski and Koenraad Tinel lost almost everything in World War II, but found each other.

Documentary by Lander Haverals and Simon Demeulemeester, and producer Neelke Nijs | De chinezen. @landerhaverals

TAGS #QUATREMAINS #LanderHaverals #SimonDemeulemeester #SimonGronowski #KoenraadTinel #documentary #premiere #QA #filmmaker #Dechinezen #Leuven #Belgium #SILO #holocaust #1Memo #michelvanderburg #MiraclesMedia

NL Transcript (added Sep 14th)

We gaan de film QUATRE-MAINS vertonen.
Dat is een film die ik samen gemaakt heb met co-regisseur Simon Demeulemeester.
Simon is journalist voor de Knack [ Belgian (Flemish) weekly news magazine ].
Die heeft mij aangesproken, met een toch wel heel merkwaardig verhaal, vond ik zelf.
Het verhaal van Koenraad Tinel en Simon Gronowski.
Die allebei jonge gastjes waren, toen in Wereldoorlog II…
en van een heel andere afkomst, de oorlog hebben meegemaakt.
En daar vandaag de dag over getuigen, over de toch wel bijzondere vriendschap.
… De film zoveel mogelijk uit te puren,
omdat het verhaal daar om vroeg.
Om het eigenlijk zo simpel, eenvoudig, en puur mogelijk te vertellen.
Oordeel vooral zelf, of dat het gelukt is.
Dan gaan we nu de film kijken.
En ze gaan met hun verhaal ook veel rond hè…
naar lezingen, naar scholen…
Koenraad als kunstenaar.
Welnu , er komt nog een boek nu , in het najaar.
Het is eigenlijk daardoor dat we deze film gemaakt hebben. Dat komt komt in het najaar 2022.
[ Publiek ] Door wie is dat dan geschreven?
Door Simon Demeulemeester, die ook met de film geholpen heeft.
[ Publiek ] Ah ! Die van Knack, ja.
Die van Knack, ja.
In Amerika wordt de film al op festivals getoond.
[ Publiek ] Je hebt al een prijs hè!
In Frankrijk is het beste Europese film geworden.
[ Best European Independent Film 2021 op het ÉCU festival ]
Maar in Belgie dus nog niet [vertoond].
Hij wordt gedistribueerd door Dalton Distribution…
en de bedoeling is dat we hem uitbrengen samen met het boek.

QUATRE-MAINS Filmmaker Lander Haverals
Reportage (20210913) Miracles•Media
Q&A met Lander Haverals op de Belgische pre-premiere van ‘QUATRE-MAINS’ op 12 Sep 2021 in Studio SILO (De chinezen) in Leuven, Belgium..

EN CC Translation (added Sep 14th)

We are going to show the film QUATRE-MAINS.
That is a film I made together with co-director Simon Demeulemeester.
Simon is a journalist for the Knack [ Belgian (Flemish) weekly news magazine ].
He came to me with a very remarkable story, I thought.
The story of Koenraad Tinel and Simon Gronowski.
Both were young lads, back in World War II…
and of very different origins, experienced the war.
And testify about that today, about the special friendship.
… To purify the film as much as possible,
because the story called for it.
To actually tell it as simple, and pure as possible.
Decide for yourself whether it worked or not.
Now let’s watch the movie.
And they go around with their story a lot too…
to lectures, to schools…
Koenraad as an artist.
Well, there’s also a book coming, in the fall.
That’s actually why we made this film.
That will come in the fall of 2022.
[ Audience ] Who wrote that then?
By Simon Demeulemeester, who also helped with the film.
[ Audience ] Ah ! That [journalist] from Knack, yes.
From Knack, yes.
[ Belgian (Flemish) weekly news magazine ]
The film is already being shown at festivals in America.
[ Audience ] You already got a prize, don’t you!
In France it has become the best European film.
[ Best European Independent Film 2021 at the ÉCU festival ]
But not yet [screened] in Belgium.
It is distributed by Dalton Distribution…
and the intention is that we release it together with the book.

QUATRE-MAINS Filmmaker Lander Haverals
Report (20210913) Miracles•Media
Q&A with Lander Haverals at the Belgian pre-premiere of ‘QUATRE-MAINS’.

Jordaan Amsterdam 1931 | 20210728

Jordaan Amsterdam 1931 * ~ Music : Clair du Lune (Debussy) by Ohad Ben Ari | Artlist ~ Film : 20210728 | Michel van der Burg | Miracles•Media

Cinema news reel screened first in Holland in 1931 on the occasion of the upcoming renovation of the poor Jordaan district.

Daily life in the Jordaan district showing the Egelantiersstraat street and Prinsengracht canal with eg. a street sweeper near a city cleaning truck (I guess), bal playing kids, hand carts, horse-drawn wagons, a greengrocer, a woman with a tub cleaning a little cupboard or stove, kids play marbles, girls with breads, jump rope, a black doll, a scissors-grinder and inland ships in the Prinsengracht canal (near the corner Rozenstraat) with a tram car and the Westerkerk church in the background , and the Prinsengracht continuing on the left side of the church were Anne Frank’s family would start living some 10 years later.

Source film footage : Orion – Revue, cinema news reel 1931 “De Amsterdamsche Jordaan Wordt Gesaneerd” (Renovation of the Amsterdam Jordaan) – courtesy of Orion Filmfabriek, Den Haag (producer; Orion Filmfactory, The Hague) | Orion-Profilti | RVD Film- en Fotoarchief (1-3420) | Nederlands Instituut voor Beeld en Geluid (Sound and Vision)


* Update title July 30, 2021 : This title ‘Jordaan Amsterdam 1931’ replaces the inaccurate and misleading original title (burned in film) “Jordaan Jewish Quarter Amsterdam 1931”. Because though Jews were living there (like Anne Frank’s family 9-10 years later – the actual center of the Jews of Amsterdam the centuries old ‘Jodenbuurt’ (literally Jews quarter) is a district on the opposite side of the historic inner city.

TAGS #Jordaan #Amsterdam #Jew #quarter #Orion #1Memo #MiraclesMedia #michelvanderburg #Netherlands #Holland #Artlist #OhadBenAri #Debussy #child #street #canal #interbellum #diversity #Prinsengracht #play