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Floaters ~ One minute at the border of the Silent Rhine from under the ‘Fish-bridge’ at the confluence of the Old and New Rhine, where Leyden was born, October 2009, Leyden, Holland.
First published in 2010 (20101023) via my now obsolete YouTube channel iClip , as : 1’2009 Stille Rijn – Leiden – Holland.
Next remade and submitted as ‘floaters’ for The One Minutes Collection (# 3877 , file mvdb20120829_floaters ) August 31, 2012. That version upscaled for today ‘s online version here.
Film : Floaters (20101023 – 20120831 – 20200513) Michel van der Burg | |

Boortmeerbeek Station

Boortmeerbeek Station ~ Transport XX commemoration May 15, 2011 in Boortmeerbeek, Belgium. Film : 20200512 Michel van der Burg | |

Régine Krochmal ~ tribute

NL – nederlands hieronder / dutch below

EN  – Régine Krochmal ~ May 11, 2012 tribute to a courageous resistance fighter.
Régine Krochmal, who in 1943 courageously escaped from the 20th train from Mechelen to Auschwitz, died May 11, 2012 in Brussels.
That day I made and published a short compilation of images of Régine that I had filmed a year earlier at the Transport XX commemoration in Boortmeerbeek May 15, 2011. ( at my obsolete channel iClip).
Today May 11, 2020 – 8 years later – I made this remake with improved sound , image , a larger format, and an additional ‘thank you’ from Régine.

Régine Krochmal
Thanks to friends in Boortmeerbeek.
Remake of May 11, 2012 film ‘Régine Krochmal – a tribute’ filmed May 15, 2011 at the Transport XX commemoration in Boortmeerbeek, Belgium.
Music : Last Post by trumpet player Freddy Verschuren.
Film : Régine Krochmal (20200511 – 20200512) Michel van der Burg | |

Speech  (translated from dutch)

Never forget that nothing is so powerful as life!
Life gives us gifts continually:
our heart to love – our soul to find true joy – and our conscience to increase our joy, by flexibility of our heart.
Each of us should let his inner wealth flourish.
Like Robert Maistriau, Youra Livschitz and Jean Franklemon have done.
For which we are grateful to them, to this day.


Update 20200512 : correction – added Last Post in film remake (20200511).


NL – Régine Krochmal ~ 11 mei 2012 eerbetoon aan een moedige verzetsstrijdster.
Régine Krochmal, die in 1943 moedig ontsnapte uit de 20e trein van Mechelen naar Auschwitz, stierf op 11 mei 2012 in Brussel.
Die dag maakte en publiceerde ik een korte compilatie van beelden van Régine die ik een jaar eerder had gefilmd bij de herdenking van Transport XX in Boortmeerbeek op 15 mei 2011. ( op mijn verouderde kanaal iClip).
Vandaag 11 mei 2020 – 8 jaar later – heb ik deze remake gemaakt met verbeterd geluid, beeld, een groter formaat en een extra bedankje van Régine.

Régine Krochmal
Met dank aan vrienden in Boortmeerbeek.
Remake van 11 mei 2012 film ‘Régine Krochmal – een eerbetoon’, gefilmd op 15 mei 2011 bij de herdenking van Transport XX in Boortmeerbeek, België.
Muziek: Last Post van trompettist Freddy Verschuren.
Film: Régine Krochmal (20200511 – 20200512) Michel van der Burg | |

Speech (originele tekst)

We mogen echter nooit vergeten, dat niets zo sterk is als het leven.
Het leven geeft ons voortdurend geschenken: ons hart om te beminnen – onze ziel om de echte vreugde te vinden – ons geweten om onze vreugde te vergroten, door de soepelheid van ons hart.
Iedere mens moet zijn innerlijke rijkdom, laten openbloeien.
Zoals Robert Maistriau, Youra Livschitz en Jean Franklemon gedaan hebben.
Waarvoor we hen, tot op vandaag dankbaar zijn.


Update 20200512 : correctie – Last Post nu ook in film remake (20200511).

Special One | Black & White Love

Special One | Black & White Love
Cow loves this black spotted lamb ..
Watch this first clip I shot – that I not used before nor inspected really before , because it is not in focus .. – but ok for this as evidence …

Well … watching version 2 yesterday of my short film ‘Shepherd’ I noticed that that young black-white cow ‘herding’ lambs , may rather be driving lambs away from her special one – a lamb with a large black spot , she loves.

Footage after cropping 4x and minor color correction (no sharpening – for not introducing artifacts) of this iPhone X footage made using 2x lens .. I really tried to get focus right because I had a problem also the day before , here using the 2x lens – I hardly ever use that lens and wonder whether that’s a hardware problem ..) … Film : 20200510 Michel van der Burg |

Version 1 film – ‘Shepherd’ – 

Version 2 film – Shepherd #2 – 

Virtual tour JR: Chronicles in Brooklyn Museum

Virtual tour JR: Chronicles in Brooklyn Museum

Brooklyn Museum video wall JR: Chronicles. Reportage October 2019 as part of our Beguinage Project Series by Kristen Cattell & Michel van der Burg |

Join the Brooklyn Museum virtual tour of JR: Chronicles …
the first major exhibition in North America of works by the French-born artist JR. Working at the intersections of photography, social engagement, and street art, JR often collaborates with communities by making portraits and wheat pasting them in nearby public spaces. See how JR has expanded the meaning of public art through his ambitious projects that give visibility and agency to a broad spectrum of people around the world.
Created by Sharon Matt Atkins, Director of Exhibitions and Strategic Initiatives, and Drew Sawyer, Phillip Leonian and Edith Rosenbaum Leonian Curator, Photography, Brooklyn Museum. Tune in next Sunday for another tour of the Brooklyn Museum galleries!

Visit Virtual Tour Here  :

Virtual Video Wall Tour

A virtual video wall tour focusing on our project presentation there was published by Kristen Cattell and me , as : “JR: New York Show – Afghan Refugees Inside Out Belgium”
… a Brooklyn Museum reportage made October 2019 by Kristen Cattell as part of our Beguinage Project Series. Film : JR: New York Show – Afghan Refugees Inside Out Belgium (20200206) by Kristen Cattell & Michel van der Burg | . Link

Video ~ JR: New York Show – Afghan Refugees Inside Out Belgium

Air Raid – The Hague 1935

Air Raid – The Hague 1935
Exercise of an air raid in 1935, bombing the dutch town The Hague – seat of government – on a small scale. Testing the decisiveness, and speed with which municipal services in The Hague react in the event of an air attack. Shots:
Formation biplanes flies over. Explosion of ‘mustard gas bomb’ on the street causes white clouds of smoke, after which helpers in overalls and police officers – wearing gas masks, among other things – rush or drive to provide first aid to the ‘victims’ on the street and arrange transport to the hospital.
Shots of normal traffic ‘just’ passing outside the training area (in the background, laughter from the audience watching). Cameraman of Polygoon cinema news with gas mask on behind camera. Credits:
Air raid exercise in The Hague , Holland, published April 8, 1935 by dutch cinema news company Polygoon Hollands Nieuws, courtesy of Nederlands Instituut voor Beeld en Geluid | OpenImages. Film : 20200503 Michel van der Burg | |