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Closure Brussels Beguinage Church Camp Afghan Refugees

Closure Brussels Beguinage Church Camp Afghan Refugees | 20220108 | 1-memo•com |
After a silent protest march by Afghan asylum seekers and Belgians November 2013 into Brussels, the hundreds of Afghan refugees – children, women, men – set up a makeshift tent camp inside the Brussels’ Beguinage church. March 2014 , the women and children have found refugee elsewhere in the city, but the men stay. Early April 2014 it is decided, that April 15th everyone who sleeps here will be kicked out.
Reportage from the Beguinage church made by Michel van der Burg, April 7, 2014 interviewing the Belgian journalist Greet Verhaert and Afghan refugee Kamran – temporary resident of the camp. @HouseofCompassionBrussels

Closure Brussels Beguinage Church Camp Afghan Refugees | 20220108 | Reportage April 7, 2014 by Michel van der Burg with interviews of Greet Verhaert, and Kamran | Beguinage Project report by Kristen Cattell & Michel van der Burg | Miracles.Media

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Some Links

Afghans & Belgians « We want justice » EN & FR & NL | 20131130 https://youtu.be/Ur3JHnC2AmE

Samir Hamdard ~ Afghan Refugee Camp Brussels Beguinage Church | 20200729 https://youtu.be/W4-Pcx3q98I

Kids Parlement | Children’s Day | 20211120

JR Groninger Show Afghan Refugees Inside Out | 20220107


Some days later – April 14th, 2014 – Greet reported to me the interview she had with the priest Daniël Alliët in the Beguinage church :

“The decision was made by the priest and the Kerkfabriek (Michel – Kerkfabriek translates to ~ the Church administration of the Beguinage church). In the interview priest Daniel explains in a more nuanced way – the causes, trigger, consequences, vision – why the Afghans have to leave the church tomorrow. At first glance, it seems like a decision with negative consequences (30 people become homeless). But in the long run, I think it’s a step in the right direction.
After all, Afghans are not simply thrown out on the street. The church factory is intensively looking for alternative sleeping places. And the protest against the asylum policy has not diminished at all, but has simply been organized differently.”

JR Groninger Show – Afghan Refugees Inside Out

JR Groninger Show – Afghan Refugees Inside Out | 20220107 | 1-memo•com |
JR: Chronicles is now in the Groninger Museum in Holland. A major show of the work of the artist JR.

The exhibition is touring the world. First , the Brooklyn Museum in New York from October 4, 2019 – May 3, 2020. Next, the Saatchi Gallery in London from June – Oct 2021. And now the Groninger Museum in Holland (The Netherlands) from Nov 2021 untill June 2022 .

The show highlights JR’s global public participatory art project INSIDE OUT ( @insideoutproject ) .
A video wall is screening more than 50 of the Best of INSIDE OUT videos – including our film ‘Béguinage Refugees Into The Wild’ – a short documentary on the Inside Out project “Justice for Afghan refugees in Belgium”.
Our film documents the Afghan refugees living in the Brussels Béguinage church , and their portrait’s (posters) by Chiara Ravano nearby at Olivier Bonny’s workshop in Salon Mommen, Brussels, Belgium, March 2014.

In 2020 , our special JR: Chronicles edition of this film ‘Béguinage Refugees Into The Wild’ was published online ( 20200205 ) . This exhibition edition was prepared September 2019 ( 20190911 ) for the Brooklyn Museum installation – an update of the original 2016 film ( 20160620 ) selected for the Best of INSIDE OUT videos.

This promotional film ‘ JR Groninger Show – Afghan Refugees Inside Out | 20220107 ‘ shows images of the New York show made in 2019 by Beguinage Project partner Kristen Cattell , and uses a screenshot (made Dec 10, 2021) of the Groninger Museum website page of the JR: Chronicles show in Groningen, The Netherlands , with visiting information and tickets. Here the link https://www.groningermuseum.nl/en/art/exhibitions/jr This link is included in the online YouTube film screen.


Béguinage Refugees Into The Wild | 20200205 – 20190911 – 20160620 |
Afghan refugees living in the Brussels Béguinage church with posters by Chiara Ravano for the Inside Out project “Justice for Afghan refugees in Belgium” – Olivier Bonny, Salon Mommen, Brussels, Belgium, March 2014. Félix Snyers on the Béguinage church pipe organ. A Beguinage Project report by Kristen Cattell & Michel van der Burg.
Film : Béguinage Refugees Into The Wild ~ JR: Chronicles Edition (20200205) Michel van der Burg | miracles.media

JR Groninger Show – Afghan Refugees Inside Out | 20220107
JR: Chronicles | INSIDE OUT | Béguinage Refugees Into The Wild
Brooklyn Museum , New York 2019-2020 | Saatchi Gallery , London 2021 | Groninger Museum , Netherlands Nov 2021- June 2022 .
@jr @JRart @brooklynmuseum @saatchi_gallery @groningermuseum @insideoutproject @ludmilakreichman @miraclesmedia @kristencattell @michelvanderburg
Film : JR Groninger Show – Afghan Refugees Inside Out ( 20220107 ) by Kristen Cattell & Michel van der Burg | Miracles.Media

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Corfu Jews Camp

Corfu Jews Camp | 20220105 | 1-memo•com | The Old Fortress filmed Autumn 2021, Corfu, Greece. June 1944 the Nazis corralled approximately 1800 of the 2,000 Jews of Corfu in this Old Fortress for deportation to the Auschwitz Birkenau extermination camp. Approximately 200 Corfiot Jews, mostly women, managed to avoid the German roundup and escaped to villages in the island’s interior.

Expected soon : The Jews Of Corfu documentary by Mirjan Gjergjevica & Maria Boua | Mirjan Films @thejewsofcorfudoc

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Kids Parlement | Children’s Day

Kids Parlement | Children’s Day | 20211120 | Michel van der Burg | michelvanderburg•com | Reportage with Amir Jafari in front of the Belgian Federal Public Service for Justice building, Boulevard de Waterloo, Brussels, Belgium – Nov 20, 2013.
Amir Jafari (12 yr old student and Afghan refugee in Belgium) – the voice and face of the Belgian ‘Kids Parlement’ – on the arrival of the silent solidarity march for Afghan refugees in Brussels 20 nov 2013. First brief encounter with Amir just before his public protest speech demanding Belgium changes its asylum policy. Full reportage of Amir’s speech in post Afghans & Belgians « We want justice » (20131124). Protest at the Belgian Federal Public Service for Justice building, Boulevard de Waterloo, Brussels, Belgium – Nov 20, 2013.


MB – Ja, ik heb uw brief gezien, en gedeeld op facebook.
( ‘Eén dag in mijn schoenen’ – Nov 15, 2013 in de Belgisch krant De Standaard.)

Dus, vandaag wordt er voor u geprotesteerd ?

JF – Ja , eigenlijk voor iedereen.
Voor iedereen is het vandaag een protest dag.
Omdat het vandaag kinderrechten dag is.
Ze hebben genoeg gezwegen.
Iedereen heeft genoeg gezwegen.
Kinderen , jongere mensen hier, iedereen heeft genoeg gezwegen. Maar vandaag ..
Er moet niet meer gezwegen worden !
Vandaag is kinderrechten dag.
En iedereen mag zeggen wat hij wil !


MB – I saw your letter, and shared it on facebook.
( ‘One day in my shoes’ – Nov 15, 2013 in the Belgian news paper De Standaard ).

So, today there is a protest here for you ?

AJ – Yes, actually for everyone…
Today is a day of protest for everyone.
Because today is Children’s Rights Day.
They have been silent for long enough.
Everyone has been silent for long enough.
Children, young people, everyone
has been silent for long enough !
But today, we must break the silence,
because today is Children’s Rights Day…
and anyone can speak up for himself.

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Doctor Honoris Causa | Connect the World

Doctor Honoris Causa | Connect the World | 20211119 | 1-memo•com

At yesterday’s ‘Night at the Opera’ in the Brussels opera house De Munt | La Monnaie , five new honorary doctorates were welcomed to the Vrije Universiteit Brussel community by rector Caroline Pauwels : the American science communicator Ann Druyan, artist William Kentridge, Brussels politician Pierre Kompany and world renowned immune scientists Antoni Ribas and Thierry Boon Falleur. The spotlight was also on the honorary doctors Koenraad Tinel en Simon Gronowski for their extraordinary friendship.
Partners were the Université libre de Bruxelles, Erasmus University College Brussels, Ghent University, the University of the Western Cape of South Africa, the Brussels Parliament, our university hospital UZ Brussel, the VUB Orchestra directed by Jurgen Wayenberg and guest conductor, composer, Dirk Brossé.
Here a short film of the group scene photographed at the closing of the ceremony.

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Gestapo Methods | Evrard Voorpijls

Evrard Voorpijls – Belgian political prisoner , resistance fighter – told a grim story on Gestapo torture methods, during the Last Witnesses – “De Laatste Getuigen” – book (ISBN 9789054877370) presentation by Marc Van Roosbroeck (chairman of vzw “De werkgroep 10 december 2008”) on 20 May 2011 in Tongeren , Belgium.
Evrard Voorpijls (born 6 March 1923) died at the age of 89 (March 5, 2013) in the town he was born, in Maaseik, Belgium.

First post 20210520 – Updated film (for music copyright reasons dd 20210521 by shortened film edition, with replacement of the Belgian national anthem ‘La Brabançonne’ by an U.S. Navy performance of François Van Campenhout’s composition (public domain retrieved from commons.wikimedia.org) .


Ik ben aangehouden geworden, nieuwjaar 1944.

Ik werd overgebracht van Maaseik naar Hasselt, naar de gevangenis.

En de tweede dag dat ik in die gevangenis zat in Hasselt, heeft de Sicherheitsdienst die gehuisvest was op de Havermarkt te Hasselt, recht tegenover het gerechtshof …

Ik werd daar naartoe gebracht.
En met handen op de rug achter de stoel gebonden.

Scherp licht op mijn ogen gezet.

En ze hadden juist, de opdracht, wat ik deed in de weerstand.

Ik werd ondervraagd, en ik heb dat altijd doen afschreeuwen.

Ik werd beschuldigd, dat ik wapens en munitie van Wallonie naar Maaskant bracht.

Dat ik de sluikpers verspreidde – dat was in die tijd de ‘De Rode Vaan’.

Ik heb Russische en Franse krijgsgevangen – die ontvlucht waren – heb ik geholpen.

En eventueel zelfs piloten die ik aangewezen kreeg, dat ik die dan naar een weerstands-huis moest brengen, en van daaruit gingen ze dan terug naar Engeland, over Frankrijk en Spanje.

Ik heb het altijd afgeschreeuwd, waarvan ik beschuldigd werd.

En ik heb gezegd tegen de ondervragers:
Hoe kan ik dat gedaan hebben ?

Ik, als mijnwerker, want …

Als mijnwerker, was het geluk onder den oorlog – ge werd nooit naar Duitsland gevoerd, want ge werkte voor de Duitsers – daar werd wel sabotage gepleegd in de kolenmijnen.

Ze hebben mij geslagen en gestampt.
Totdat ik bewusteloos neerviel op de vloer.

Ik kreeg een kom water over mijn gezicht gesmeten.
Terug … ondervraagd , drie dagen aan één stuk.

Dan hebben ze me weer terug naar de gevangenis gebracht in Hasselt.

En de week daarna zijn we overgebracht worden, naar Antwerpen, naar de Begijnenstraat, naar de Wehrmacht gevangenis.

Daar ben ik dan ondervraagd geworden door de Gestapo in de Dellafaillelaan onder in de kelder.

Toen ze mij daar binnen brachten – zag ik bloedplekken op de muren.
Toen begon ik toch een beetje te bibberen, zal ik maar zeggen.

Maar van de ene kant – ik ben een stijfkop.
En dat ben ik nog – wat ik voor heb , dat moet gebeuren.

Ze hebben me weer ondervraagt .
Dezelfde vragen gesteld als in Hasselt.

Ik bleef altijd hetzelfde zeggen.

En te lange laatste, na 3-4 dagen ondervraging…
…hebben ze mij duimschroeven opgezet –
op deze vingers – want dat zijn de pijnlijkste vingers , als ge aan het werk zijt.

Nog niet bekennen – aandraaien , aandraaien, aandraaien – nog niet toegeven.

En toen, hebben ze tandenstokers onder mijn nagels geklopt.

Nog niet toegeven.
En toen, hebben ze ijskoud, die nagels uitgetrokken.

En als ge wilt – ge kunt het zien :
Ze zijn mismaakt – en met die handen kan ik niet veel doen.

Zelfs de grote tenen – hebben ze de nagels uitgetrokken.

Dat was hier bij de ondervraging door de Gestapo.

Marc Van Roosbroeck (voorzitter) : Dank u wel Evrard, voor deze zeer moedige getuigenis.

TRANSLATION (20210525) by Michel van der Burg

I have been apprehended, New Year 1944.

I was transferred from Maaseik to Hasselt, to prison.

The second day in that prison…
taken to the Sicherheitsdienst…
housed at the Havermarkt in Hasselt…
right in front of the court.

I was taken there.

And…with hands behind my back…
tied to a chair.

Bright light, put on my eyes.

They were right…about my assignment…
what I was doing in the resistance.

I was interrogated…
and that, I always have screamed away.

I was accused, of bringing weapons and ammunition,
from Wallonia to the Maaskant.

That I distributed the clandestine press…
that was ‘De Rode Vaan’ at the time.

I helped Russian and French prisoners of war, who had fled.

And, on occasion, even pilots that I was assigned.

I had to take them to a resistance house…
from which they went back to England – over France and Spain.

I have always denied their accusations.

And I said to the interrogators:
How could I have done that?

Me, as a miner, because…

As a miner…luck was…during the war…
you were never taken to Germany…
because, you worked for the Germans…
though, sabotage was committed there in the coal mines.

They hit and kicked me.
Until I fell unconscious on the floor.

I got a bowl of water thrown in my face.
Then, interrogated again, three days in a row.

Then, they brought me back to prison, in Hasselt.

And the week after, we were transferred…
to Antwerp, to the Begijnenstraat, to the Wehrmacht prison.

There, I was interrogated by the Gestapo…
in the Dellafaillelaan, in the basement.

When they brought me in there…
I saw blood stains on the walls.

Then, I started to shiver a bit…so to speak.

But on the other hand…I’m a pigheaded person.
And I still am : what I’m planning, that must be done.

They interrogated me again.
Asked the same questions as in Hasselt.

I always kept saying the same thing.

And finally, after 3-4 days of interrogation…
they put thumbscrews on me…
on these fingers…
because, those are the most painful fingers…
when you are at work.

Still don’t confess…
tighten, tighten, tighten…
still don’t give in.

And then, they knocked toothpicks under my fingernails.

Still don’t give in.
And then, they icily, pulled those nails out.

And if you like…
you can see it :
they are deformed…
and I can’t do much with those hands .

Even the big toes…they have pulled out the nails.

That was here at the Gestapo interrogation.

Marc Van Roosbroeck (chairman) : Thanks for this very courageous testimony.


Testimony by Evrard Voorpijls during the Last Witnesses – “De Laatste Getuigen” – book (ISBN 9789054877370) presentation by Marc Van Roosbroeck (chairman of vzw “De werkgroep 10 december 2008”) on 20 May 2011 in Tongeren , Belgium.

Transcript & Translation (20210525) by Michel van der Burg.

Gestapo Methods | Evrard Voorpijls | 20210520 2nd edition 20210521 | michelvanderburg•com


20210525 – English translation CC added in YouTube video. Both transcript (Flemish) and translation added in website post.

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Marc Michiels 1999 Transport XX

Marc Michiels has left us last Friday, April 30, 2021.

Expert author on the history of Transport XX and coordinator for many years of the annual commemorations in Boortmeerbeek, Belgium – here at the 7th commemoration in 1999.

Marc Michiels 1999 Transport XX | 20210503 | Michel van der Burg | Miracles•Media

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