Transport XX Take 1

One long take – slowed down – of the TRANSPORT XX installation in Brussels, Feb 2009
Film : Michel van der Burg  – |
Details : For this film today I have chosen the first take of my Feb 2009 video recordings that were used before in the making of the short film “TRANSPORT XX – installation Brussels” – a work published online Apr 19, 2009 (link below).
For optimal clarity this one-take was slowed down 10 times. Sound is removed. (Note : stabilization was not used in this edit , to prevent zooming in , and loss of portraits at the edge of the image).
The TRANSPORT XX installation in Brussels was organised from 27 January to 15 March 2009 by the BELvue Museum in collaboration with the JMDR / Dossin Barracks (Kazerne Dossin). The photographic portraits were displayed outside in the Royal park in Brussels (opposite the Royal Palace). In this way passers-by were confronted with 1,200 faces of the victims.
This event commemorated the release of Auschwitz-Birkenau (Poland) on 27 January 1945.
Here a link to the film “TRANSPORT XX – installation Brussels” and info – NL / EN / FR (English / Français / Nederlands)
Update Jan 28th
The first version of the film (with 5x slowed down video) was replaced – here a link to that Version 1