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Isolation of Islets of Langerhans for Transplantation in Type-1 Diabetic Patients

Isolation of Islets of Langerhans for Transplantation in Type-1 Diabetic Patients.
Here a film made of my ‘powerpoint’ presentation Feb 22, 2000 – on behalf of our Surgical Department – at the Opening Symposium of the Interdivisional GMP (‘Good Manufacturing Practice’) facility of the Leiden University Medical Centre – the LUMC in Leiden, Holland.

I first started – with a background in biochemistry and philosophy – some 20 years earlier (from 1981) research at the Department of Surgery of the Leiden University Hospital (AZL) in the field of transplantation of the pancreas organ to cure diabetes.

Succesful Experiment Islet Transplantation
From 1986 my focus shifted to innovative procedures for the isolation out of the pancreas organ, of the ca 1 million islets of Langerhans – the insulin producing cell clumps with a size between ca 0.1 to 1 mm , that is 0.004 to 0,04 inch.
In 1989 we performed the first succesful autologous transplantations in Holland – for the first time world-wide with pure islets – in a pre-clinical large animal diabetes model with long term transplant functioning with near-normal blood sugar regulation.
Around that time (1990) first preliminary isolations from human donor pancreases were done too.

Exploring human islet work
Subsequently – after some years of exploring options for animal to human islet transplantation , using pig pancreas islets – so-called xenotransplantation – I was asked in 1997 to explore the requirements for operationalization of clinical islet transplantation in the LUMC. December 1997 our Surgical Department decided to go for it.

Establishing the human islet isolation laboratory in Leiden.
In 1998 after a month working in dr Camillo Ricordi’s Diabetes Research Institute in Miami, I started a large series of human islet isolation procedures in Leiden, and from september 1998 documenting the detailed GMP (‘Good Manufacturing Practice’) standard operating procedures, as well as ‘building’ our clinical islet isolation clean room with help from the Miami team in close cooperation with dr. Amon Wafelman (department of Clinical Pharmacy & Toxicology) managing the building of our brand new Interdivisional GMP-facility LUMC (IGFL) of six clean rooms and two chemical product laboratories – that was opened officially Feb 22, 2000 with the symposium and a tour and film in the GMP facility.
One year later the GMP islet facility was fully operational and summer 2001 we got a cautious green light (GMP license) for clinical transplantation of any high quality – approved – islet preparations.
Around the same time islet transplantation suddenly became very promising with ‘The Edmonton protocol’. However with the fast increase of logistic and financial demands, and reorganization between LUMC divisions it took till 2007 to finally start first transplants by an expanded islet team in the LUMC clinical islet center in Leiden.
Worldwide since 2000 several hundred people have received islet transplants that generally do not result in long term insulin independence , but do help sugar regulation in the transplant recipients.

Notes :
Links to some publications, news paper reports etc will follow later.

Presentation ‘Isolation of Islets of Langerhans for Transplantation in Type-1 Diabetic Patients’ by Michel van der Burg, Feb 22, 2000 – Opening Symposium of the Interdivisional GMP facility of the Leiden University Medical Centre, Leiden, Netherlands. Film : 20191213 Michel van der Burg | miracles.media

Doing The Lambeth Walk — Nazi Style

Doing The Lambeth Walk — Nazi Style

This first ‘viral hit’ Lambeth Walk – Nazi Style is a short film edited to make it look like Adolf Hitler and his troops were dancing like marionettes to “The Lambeth Walk”.
This short counter propaganda film hit was made by Charles A. Ridley as official of the British Ministry of Information, first released Dec. 25, 1941 , and distributed uncredited to newsreel companies for cinema screening all over the world.
The film is known also as :
“Schichlegruber Doing The Lambeth Walk’ – Assisted By The Gestapo ‘Hep-Cats’
Hoch der Lambeth Valk
Hoch Der Lambeth Walk
Germany Calling
Hitler Assumes Command
Hitler Doing the Lambeth Walk
A Laugh-Time Interlude
Lambeth Walk
Lambeth Walk – Nazi Style

Schichlegruber refers to Schicklgruber a previous surname of Adolf Hitler’s father Alois Schicklgruber – later Alois Hitler when Alois applied to be legitimised in the name of his stepfather Hiedler, which was entered in the register as ‘Hitler’. (source https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alois_Hitler )

For this film Charles A. Ridley edited clips he took from Leni Riefenstahl’s propaganda film Triumph of the Will – setting the film to the dance tune “The Lambeth Walk”. The Lambeth Walk was the newest dance craze , and had been called “Jewish mischief and animalistic hopping” by a Nazi Party member earlier.

For this edit ‘Doing The Lambeth Walk — Nazi Style’ , I used the Universal Newsreels 1942 version entitled ‘Gen. Adolph Takes Over – By Intuition!’ available via the Internet Archive (see Full Credits below).

More background in Lambeth Walk – BBC One show – 02.07.2013

Note : German-Jewish surrealist painter Felix Nussbaum (a documentary was shown yesterday , Dec 7th 2019,, in Kazerne Dossin (Mechelen) painted in his work Triumph of Death (1944) a crumpled music score of “The Lambeth Walk”.

Credit / Edit / Source info

Title : Doing The Lambeth Walk — Nazi Style

Source : Universal Newsreels 1942 version (1942-01-07 with broadcaster Graham McNamee) entitled ‘Gen. Adolph Takes Over – By Intuition!’ , courtesy of Universal Studios that donated the newsreels into the public domain via the american National Archives now (partly) in the Universal Newsreels collection of the Internet Archive – https://archive.org/details/universal_newsreels

Original : film entitled ‘The Lambeth Walk-Nazi Style’ by British Ministry of Information official Charles A. Ridley , editing Leni Riefenstahl’s 1934 film Triumph of the Will – setting it to the dance tune “The Lambeth Walk” (by Noel Gay from the 1937 musical Me and My Girl).

Film edit ‘Doing The Lambeth Walk — Nazi Style’ (20191208) Michel van der Burg | michelvanderburg.com

Fair Use Notice: This critical and transformative remix video has been uploaded here for noncommercial educational and archival purposes. As such we believe it constitutes a fair use of any copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US copyright law.


20191209 – more info added

Regularisation Demonstration Brussels Beguinage Church

Regularisation Demonstration Brussels Beguinage Church

Art of the November 12th 2017 demonstration for regularisation of undocumented migrants found ‘resting’ March 2019 in the Brussels Beguinage Church . The Beguinage church is a long-standing resource for the Afghan cause.
The manifestation was organized by Coordination of Illegal Immigrants in Belgium collectively with other organisations . Film : 20191119 Michel van der Burg | michelvanderburg.com | miracles.media

Paul Verhoeven : Jesus The Man


NL – 10 jaar geleden – dinsdag 31 maart 2009 – kwam regisseur en schrijver Paul Verhoeven op uitnodiging van het Instituut der Godsdienstwetenschappen van de Leidse universiteit naar Leiden , om te praten over zijn boek ‘Jezus van Nazaret’ …. ‘een realistisch portret’ dat eind 2008 was uitgegeven (geschreven in samenspraak met Rob van Scheers).
Naast cinema kent Nederlands grootste filmregisseur Paul Verhoeven nóg een levenslange fascinatie: Jezus van Nazareth. Na zijn vertrek uit Nederland in 1985 meldde hij zich daarom in Californië aan bij het zogeheten Jesus Seminar, een hoog aangeslagen wetenschappelijke denktank van zo’n zeventig eminente professoren in godgeleerdheid, filosofie, linguïstiek en bijbelgeschiedenis, opgericht door Amerika’s meest vooraanstaande liberale exegeet Robert W. Funk.
Als enige niet-theoloog mocht Verhoeven aanschuiven bij de discussies die tot doel hadden de historische figuur Jezus van de mythische bijbelfiguur Jezus te bevrijden, hem te ontdoen van tweeduizend jaar christelijke inkleuring. Als bijdrage aan dit onderzoek schreef Paul Verhoeven – in Leiden afgestudeerd in wis- en natuurkunde – vele wetenschappelijke papers die vervolgens de basis vormden voor zijn spraakmakende boek Jezus van Nazaret – inmiddels in meerdere vertalingen uitgegeven .
Een discussie met Paul Verhoeven in een panel met Prof. Jürgen Zangenberg, dr Wim Hofstee, en studenten – met een introductie door dr Peter Verstraten – in de Lokhorstkerk te Leiden.
Een reportage van 45 min beeld van de 2 uur durende discussie – gefilmd met een Sony T500 compact camera.
NB : Een deel (ca 17 min) van deze reportage verscheen eerder, 3 april 2019, in een post getiteld ‘JESUS THE MAN – FILMMAKER PAUL VERHOEVEN’ (20190403 – https://michelvanderburg.com/2019/04/03/jesus-the-man-filmmaker-paul-verhoeven/ ).

EN – Filmmaker Paul Verhoeven’s project Jesus of Nazareth – a realistic portrait. Discussion with Paul Verhoeven March 31 , 2009 in dutch on his fascination for ‘Jesus the man’, his study in the Jesus Seminar, and the making of his book (based on interviews with Rob van Scheers) published a few months earlier – 10 years ago.
Paul Verhoeven was invited by the Institute of Religious Studies at the Leiden University on March 31 , 2009 in the Lokhorst church in Leiden , Holland.
A 45 min report of the 2 hours discussion – filmed with a Sony T500 compact camera.
Note : Part of this film (ca 17 minutes) was reported April 3, 2019 in the preliminary post JESUS THE MAN – FILMMAKER PAUL VERHOEVEN (20190403 – https://michelvanderburg.com/2019/04/03/jesus-the-man-filmmaker-paul-verhoeven/ ).

March 31 , 2009 – Discussion Paul Verhoeven with Leiden University Prof Jürgen Zangenberg, dr Wim Hofstee, dr Peter Verstraten, students and public in Lokhorstkerk church , Leiden , Holland.
Film ‘PAUL VERHOEVEN : JESUS THE MAN’ (20191117) by Michel van der Burg – michelvanderburg.com | miracles.media

Samir Hamdard « We Want Justice ! »

Samir Hamdard « We Want Justice ! »
Afghans sans-papiers spokesperson Samir Hamdard (Ahmad Samir Hamdard) demanding justice…regularization of the belgian afghan refugees with no papers… the ‘sans-papier’…20 nov 2013 on the arrival of the silent solidarity march for afghan refugees in front of the Belgian Federal Public Service for Justice (FPS Justice) building at the Boulevard de Waterloo in the City of Brussels, Belgium.
Film (20191115) ~ Samir Hamdard « We Want Justice ! » by Michel van der Burg – michelvanderburg.com | miracles.media

Horses at Sunset

Horses at Sunset
Horses at sunset in the polder grasslands around Alphen in Holland, November 2015. Pinhole film using a SLR Magic ‘Toy’ Pin Hole cap – f/128 aperture, 12mm focal length (24mm-equivalent), 84° angle view – mounted on a Olympus Micro Four Third camera (E-PM1). Music : Carousel by Yehezkel Raz | Artlist
Film : 20191112 Michel van der Burg | 1-memo.com | miracles.media