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Croatian subtitles demo in film Transport XX to Auschwitz

Thanks Ministry of Subtitles for contributing today your Croatian subtitles file for use in an international edition of Transport XX to Auschwitz.
The Ministry of Subtitles originally provided Croatian subtitles for the ‘Transport XX to Auschwitz’ film screening with projection of both Croatian and English subtitles in Cinema Europa at the 8th Festival of Tolerance – May 2014, Zagreb, Croatia.


The Ministry of Subtitles , Zagreb, Croatia |

Transport XX | 8th Festival of Tolerance post

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“Yellow triangle” – KONTRARIE

“Yellow triangle” : KONTRARIE ‘battle’ choir on 21 April 2013 in Boortmeerbeek, Belgium.
“In the track of Transport XX after 70 years” | “In het spoor van Transport XX na 70 jaar”
1943 – 2013 Transport XX — attack on 20th train to Auschwitz
goose bumps! (dutch: kippenvel) great performance, with a ‘brave’ unexpected contribution by the Boortmeerbeek church bells – watch this below:

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Régine Krochmal – a tribute (with english translation and subtitles)

Tribute to Régine Krochmal, with translation (subtitles) of her speech at the Transport XX commemoration in Boortmeerbeek on May 15, 2011
[ on tablets like the iPad and phones watch subtitles here at YouTube ].

“Never forget that nothing is so powerful as life! Life gives us gifts continually: Our heart to love – our soul to find true joy – and our conscience to increase our joy, by flexibility of our heart. Each of us should let his inner wealth flourish. Like Robert Maistriau, Youra Livschitz and Jean Franklemon have done. For which we are grateful to them, to this day.”

In the video “Régine Krochmal” that was published the day Régine Krochmal died – May 11, 2012 – subtitles with an English translation have been added today. Continue reading “Régine Krochmal – a tribute (with english translation and subtitles)”