Atelier Marcel Hastir showings film Transport XX to Auschwitz – April 2015

Atelier Marcel Hastir showings film Transport XX to Auschwitz - April 2015
Atelier Marcel Hastir showings film Transport XX to Auschwitz – April 2015

The Atelier Marcel Hastir (Brussels, Belgium) combines holocaust related cinema , painting , and music in April.
The documentary «Transport XX to Auschwitz» is available for free public viewing with continuous showings on a large-screen display in the Atelier from Saturday April 11 to Sunday April 19 during the simultaneous exhibition of drawings made in Buchenwald by Georges Despaux.
Opening hours are : Saturday April 11 : 15-20h. And on Sunday April 12, Saturday April 18, Sunday April 19 : 14h-20h.
The team of the Atelier Marcel Hastir will be ready for you with information and further discussion of this unique historic event.

Atelier Marcel Hastir –

Film documentary “Transport XX to Auschwitz”

A film by Karen Lynne & Richard Bloom and Michel van der Burg.
The attack on this deportation train in Belgium – by three young men, Youra Livschitz, Robert Maistriau and Jean Franklemon – the rescue, and the many escapes and escape attempts are documented in this film.
72 years ago – on the night of April 19, 1943 – this remarkable heroic rescue occurred in Belgium, where 17 people were liberated during an attack on the cattle car train ‘Transport XX’ – crammed with 1631 Jewish passengers, heading for Auschwitz and another more than 200 others could jump out also.

Un film documentaire fait par Karen Lynne & Richard Bloom et Michel van der Burg.
Ce film raconte l’histoire de l’attaque héroïque au train de déportation vers le camp de concentration Auschwitz-Birkenau, la nuit du 19 avril 1943, à Boortmeerbeek en Belgique. Trois jeunes hommes, Youra Livschitz, Robert Maistriau et Jean Franklemon, ont eu le courage d’arrêter ce train et de libérer d’abord 17 personnes, suivies plus tard par 200 autres qui ont pu sauter du train.
Dans le film plusieurs rescapés racontent leur histoire et témoignent de ce fait historique.

Een documentaire gemaakt door Karen Lynne & Richard Bloom en Michel van der Burg.
De film vertelt de heldhaftige overval op een deportatietrein naar concentratiekamp Auschwitz-Birkenau, in de nacht van 19 april 1943, in Boortmeerbeek in België. Drie jonge mannen, Youra Livschitz, Robert Maistriau en Jean Franklemon hadden de moed dit 20e convooi, met 1631 Joodse passagiers in veewagons, tot stoppen te dwingen. Zij konden snel 17 personen bevrijden, maar zo’n 200 anderen konden daarna nog uit de trein springen. Enkele overlevenden vertellen in de film hun verhaal van die nacht.