Amsterdam Ghetto 1941

(Silent Film) The Amsterdam Jewish Quarter — Joodsche Wijk (dutch) | Juden Viertel (german) — was cordoned off by the Nazis and declared a Jewish ghetto, February 1941, during World War II. Source : Producer unknown | Sound & Vision (Open Images)
License : Amsterdam Ghetto 1941 | 20221209 | Settela•Com – CC BY SA 3.0 | TakeNode 00e86cb5-adf6-4b73-8de6-64627aa27bca

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Camp Prisoner Badge W-46 Kazerne Dossin

Camp Prisoner Badge W-46 Kazerne Dossin ~
A prisoner’s cardboard badge number W/46 from the SS administration of Kazerne Dossin. Jews earmarked for forced labour as prisoners in the SS Mechelen transit camp, the Dossin Barracks (Kazerne Dossin) carried a cardboard neck badge with “W” (Werk) followed by a number.
Interview with Janiv Stamberger (researcher Kazerne Dossin / University of Antwerp) filmed by Michel van der Burg ( on August 18, 2016 at the Wiki Loves Art event in Kazerne Dossin , Mechelen , Belgium.

A still from this video (Image Ref.: mvdb20160818_182230) is available via Wikimedia .
Note : I corrected the number (from 64 to 46) in the Wiki description today , but I am not able to change the number in the file name (and the listed camera metadata) on Wikimedia.

Camp Prisoner Badge W-46 Kazerne Dossin | 20200819 | Michel van der Burg | |

“Yellow triangle” – KONTRARIE

“Yellow triangle” : KONTRARIE ‘battle’ choir on 21 April 2013 in Boortmeerbeek, Belgium.
“In the track of Transport XX after 70 years” | “In het spoor van Transport XX na 70 jaar”
1943 – 2013 Transport XX — attack on 20th train to Auschwitz
goose bumps! (dutch: kippenvel) great performance, with a ‘brave’ unexpected contribution by the Boortmeerbeek church bells – watch this below:

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