Water Windmiller Pieter van der Burg

Water Windmiller Pieter van der Burg | 20140821 | 1-memo.com | Great-great-great grandfather ‘Pieter’ van der Burg was a water-miller 200 years ago (from 1811) on the ‘Noorddammolen’ (the North Dam Mill) of the “Oude Pijnackerse polder” (Old Polder of Pijnacker) in South-Holland. The Noorddammolen was demolished in 1861 (a few years after Pieter had died) when a steam pumping-engine was build for the job. This picture from around 1900 shows both the similar neighbouring water mills and the steam pumping engine : in the front first the Zuiddammolen (South Dam mill) – then the chimney of the steam pumping-engine at the site were that ‘Noorddammolen’ of Pieter used to be, finally the Noordmolen (North Mill).
Background on the Noorddammolen – That mill had been rebuild in 1577 after the original mill had been destroyed during the Spanish Siege of Leiden. Further note that Pieter had moved to another mill already in 1815. Image source / part of the info : molendatabase.org | Allemolens.nl.

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