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April 19, 1943 Attack | 20210419

April 19, 1943 Attack | 20210419 | 1-memo•com
The 78th anniversary of the unique rescue action against a transport to Auschwitz (צודי78יָאר איינציגע רעטונג ַאקציע קעגן “אוישוויץ טרַאנספָּארט”) – the 20th transport near Boortmeerbeek in Belgium.

The three young Belgian heroes Youra Livschitz , Robert Maistriau, and Jean Franklemon liberated 17 people during an attack on the cattle car train ‘Transport XX’ – crammed with 1631 Jewish passengers, heading for Auschwitz – and another more than 200 others jumped out also.

Filmed in Boortmeerbeek, 2011 – reflection in passing train of the portraits of the people that jumped from Transport XX. Sound captured later in 2011 in Holland.

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Halt ~ Holland , 2011.

This german nazi procured class 50 freight train steam locomotive built in 1943 by Societé Franco-Belge was delivered december 1943 to Reichsbahn-Ausbesserungswerk Schwerte.