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Enjoy your file, download your life

20170616 OneMinutes trailer online

The One Minutes Series ‘Enjoy your file, download your life’ curated by Studio David Claerbout

① memo 20170616 ~ Enjoy your file, download your life ~ Today online The One Minutes Series announcement and trailer of ‘Enjoy your file, download your life’ curated by Studio David Claerbout.

! Great. My video “Splash” (2016) was used also for the moving poster image of this trailer.

‘Enjoy your file, download your life’ will premiere 29 June at Het Bos, Antwerp (BE).

De Pont in Tilburg (NL) will screen the series 13 July 6pm.
In July, the series will tour museums and cultural organisations with a subscription to The One Minutes Series.


“floaters” 1 minute film
mouches volantes? drijvende objecten? reflection? alien objects?

One minute, October 2009, at the border of the Silent Rhine (‘Stille Rijn’) in Leyden (‘Leiden’) Holland, from under the Fish-bridge (‘Visbrug’) at the confluence of the Old and New Rhine (Oude Rijn & Nieuwe Rijn) — where Leyden was born. License: Creative Commons Attribution

Een minuut, oktober 2009, aan het water bij de Stille Rijn in Leiden vanaf het bruggetje onder de Visbrug, waar de Oude Rijn en Nieuwe Rijn samenkomen — en Leiden ontstaan is.

Carp Attack ;)

…. in Dutch Karpers vallen aan 😉

Having fun underwater hand feeding carp at Lake Lans, in German called Lanser See (Tirol, Austria). These fish are hungry!