Octopus ~ Encounter with an octopus (Common Octopus / Octopus vulgaris) while snorkeling in shallow water of the Mediterranean sea, exploring a cliff crevice of Damouchari Bay (Ntamouchari) the afternoon of 5 September 2016 at the Pelion peninsula of Greece.
Celebrating InverteFest 21-23 Aug 2020 publishing this new edit 20200821. A Covid-19 pandemic participation stuck at home. #InverteFest
InverteFest is the periodic event on Twitter founded and run by Franz Anthony, Maureen Berg and Kelly Brenner to explore and discover the invertebrates where we live.
First edition of this video was published online 20160918 at 1-memo.com (vimeo.com/183207774). Octopus | 20160918 | Michel van der Burg | Miracles.Media