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Stop The War | 1tv•com | 20220315 | Channel One Russia TV Anti War live protest March 14, 2022 by Marina Ovsyannikova – Russian state television employee – via 1tv•com with poster :

No War
Остановите войну, не верьте пропаганде, здесь вам врут.*
Russians against war.

— * “Stop the war, don’t believe the propaganda, here you are being lied to.”

Via Telegram, Marina Ovsyannikova posted a pre-recorded personal statement.

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Papirosn – yiddish song – “Inejnem” klezmer band

Papirosn – a yiddish song – played May 26th, 2012 by the klezmer music band “INEJNEM” (in English “Together”) in front of Restaurant Ester on Szeroka street in the heart of Kazimierz – the old Jewish district of Kraków (Poland).
Iryna Stefanyuk is singing – the first part in Yiddish and the second part in Russian – with Myroslav Bandrivskyy playing the clarinet, Jurij Bejchuk on guitar, and Jarosław Filipiak on contrabass. The song is also well-known as “Papirosen”. See Inejnem’s facebook for other concert info.

Story – The song “Papirosn” (in English “Cigarettes”) is about a little boy all alone trying to survive: Wet, hungry, standing in the rain on a cold, foggy, night, a little boy is standing on the corner of a street begging: Please, buy my cigarettes, buy my matches! Help an orphan, save me from hunger! With no father or mother, and after a year roaming the streets together with his little sister, she also died, and he is now all alone, trying to survive.

Lyrics Yiddish and Russian  Continue reading “Papirosn – yiddish song – “Inejnem” klezmer band”