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Wonderful World of Simon Gronowski

Wonderful World of Simon Gronowski | 20220804 | Michel van der Burg | Miracles•Media | Behind the scenes Simon Gronowski & TINT theater — ttint•be — in Brussels’ Atelier Marcel Hastir , 2020. Canvas (Francine Legrand) Marcel Hastir

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Kids Parlement | Children’s Day

Kids Parlement | Children’s Day | 20211120 | Michel van der Burg | michelvanderburg•com | Reportage with Amir Jafari in front of the Belgian Federal Public Service for Justice building, Boulevard de Waterloo, Brussels, Belgium – Nov 20, 2013.
Amir Jafari (12 yr old student and Afghan refugee in Belgium) – the voice and face of the Belgian ‘Kids Parlement’ – on the arrival of the silent solidarity march for Afghan refugees in Brussels 20 nov 2013. First brief encounter with Amir just before his public protest speech demanding Belgium changes its asylum policy. Full reportage of Amir’s speech in post Afghans & Belgians « We want justice » (20131124). Protest at the Belgian Federal Public Service for Justice building, Boulevard de Waterloo, Brussels, Belgium – Nov 20, 2013.


MB – Ja, ik heb uw brief gezien, en gedeeld op facebook.
( ‘Eén dag in mijn schoenen’ – Nov 15, 2013 in de Belgisch krant De Standaard.)

Dus, vandaag wordt er voor u geprotesteerd ?

JF – Ja , eigenlijk voor iedereen.
Voor iedereen is het vandaag een protest dag.
Omdat het vandaag kinderrechten dag is.
Ze hebben genoeg gezwegen.
Iedereen heeft genoeg gezwegen.
Kinderen , jongere mensen hier, iedereen heeft genoeg gezwegen. Maar vandaag ..
Er moet niet meer gezwegen worden !
Vandaag is kinderrechten dag.
En iedereen mag zeggen wat hij wil !


MB – I saw your letter, and shared it on facebook.
( ‘One day in my shoes’ – Nov 15, 2013 in the Belgian news paper De Standaard ).

So, today there is a protest here for you ?

AJ – Yes, actually for everyone…
Today is a day of protest for everyone.
Because today is Children’s Rights Day.
They have been silent for long enough.
Everyone has been silent for long enough.
Children, young people, everyone
has been silent for long enough !
But today, we must break the silence,
because today is Children’s Rights Day…
and anyone can speak up for himself.

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Upside down in Camera Obscura

Upside down in Camera Obscura ~ Inside a giant Camera Obscura : inside the Rotterdam Cruise Terminal building with the image coming live from the Maas river bank outside (showing skyscrapers here in the film, and when present ships passing) through a hole in one of the blinds covering the windows.
Filmed at the “Cruise Terminal becomes Camera Obscura” event of the ‘Nederlands Fotomuseum’ on 9/11 2011 in Rotterdam, performed by David Smeulders and co-workers – thanks to Rotterdam festivals.
Upscaled (4K) film , first published January 2012 (20120124) in The One Minutes Collection (# 3467/3468 540p 25fps), and online August 2012 at both my Vimeo channel , and the now becoming obsolete YouTube channel iClip – that’s being archived – transferring the content to my main channel youtube.com/michelvanderburg .
Film : Upside down in Camera Obscura | 20120124 – 20200612 | Michel van der Burg | The One Minutes Collection | michelvanderburg.com | miracles.media .