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Starlight | 20220101 ~ Music by Onyx Music | Artlist ~ Film : Michel van der Burg | Miracles•Media

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Samir «Afghans Sans-Papiers Spokesperson»

Thursday Aug 1, 2019.  Shocked today to learn that Samir Hamdard (Ahmad Samir Hamdard) has died yesterday (Wednesday) in a hospital as a result of his terrible injuries after he jumped out of the window last Monday in an attempt to escape an explosion and fire of the house in Schaerbeek, Brussels. Samir the tireless activist of peace, justice and solidarity, was chosen as the spokesperson for the afghan refugees in Belgium.
My condolences to his family, afghan and belgian and other friends, the activists who crossed his road in the fight for regularization of the afghan sans-papiers.
Here in commemoration a short film of Samir demanding Justice! – 20 nov 2013, on the arrival of the silent solidarity march for afghan refugees in Brussels.

Samir «Afghans Sans-Papiers Spokesperson»

Ahmad Samir Hamdard demanding justice at the solidarity march for the Afghan “sans papier” community in Belgium, Brussels , Nov 20, 2013.
20190801 ~ Samir ~ Film : Michel van der Burg – michelvanderburg.com


Halt ~ Holland , 2011.

This german nazi procured class 50 freight train steam locomotive built in 1943 by Societé Franco-Belge was delivered december 1943 to Reichsbahn-Ausbesserungswerk Schwerte.