Simon Stompin’ at the Saint Sépulcre | 20221119

Simon Stompin’ at the Saint Sépulcre | 20221119 | Miracles•Media | Rushes with a rough cut for Miracles film – vibrant memories – not forgotten – that vibrant testimony , swinging jazz of Simon Gronowski Stompin’ at the Saint-Sépulcre school in Liège (BE).
Thanks to friends Philippe Renette, Simon Gronowski, Koenraad Tinel (Photo Dieter Telemans featured in Der Welt , Saturday 16th Nov 2013 – Feinde wie wir, by Felix Stephan) and help by Patrick (sound), staff Marc Belleflamme, André Hérin, teachers Christine Marchal, Ingrid Lothe, others, and the Saint-Sépulcre students participating that 19 november 2013 , today 9 years ago, during this unique human adventure. They hosted 3 sessions that day. Time to share … waiting for the film is taking long … here rushes with a rough cut ..enjoy! Filmed by Michel van der Burg at the Station Luik-Guillemins – Liège-Guillemins, in Luik, and Institut Saint-Sépulcre , Liège (BE), 19 november 2013. License info: Simon Stompin’ at the Saint Sépulcre | 20221119 | Michel van der Burg | Miracles•Media | @michelvanderburg | TakeNode ID: 94510c1e-1ae4-42a3-9467-251dafd4c9ad

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Mobilization Holland 1939

Mobilization Holland 1939 | Dutch cinema news August 1939. Just before Hitler invades Poland (Sep 1, 1939), the Dutch government can no longer ignore the danger of war, and pre-mobilization August 24, 1939 of Dutch military is followed by mobilization August 28. Source : Polygoon Hollands Nieuws (Aug 1939) | Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision ~ Film : Mobilization Holland 1939 | 20220307 | Michel van der Burg | Settela•Com

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The Correspondent is a thing !

① memo 20181214 ~ The Correspondent is a thing ! ~ The Correspondent goes global now – 5 years after the dutch news platform ‘De Correspondent’ launched in 2013 with a crowdfunding effort.
The success story of ad-free journalism in Holland … the news organization with a direct connection to readers , the members , now starts to replicate worldwide , with headquarters in the U.S.
The site’s readers or members are a critical part in the ad-free journalism that gets done . Not just because members fund it with their subscriptions, but because interacting with them throughout the process of writing a story is a key part of what The Correspondent does.

Yesterday , after just 1 month , the global crowfunding campaign raised the required $ 2.5 million dollar with the help of over 40,000 founding members , it’s readers from all over the world.

The Correspondent ‘s 10 Founding Principles

We are your antidote to the daily news grind

We do not take ad dollars of any kind

We fight stereotypes, prejudice, and fearmongering

We don’t just cover the problem, but also what can be done about it

We collaborate with you, our knowledgeable members

We don’t take the view from nowhere. We tell you where we’re coming from

We protect your privacy, by minimizing the personal data we collect

We want to be as inclusive as possible

We always put journalism before financial gain

We believe in transparency and continued self-improvement

Yesterday , some minutes before midnight in Holland , the $ 2.5 million dollar was raised , and I posted a screen recording of the fact before midnight. here the link
I felt that little film needed some more editing – so , here is that final cut … and more news and background via the links below :

The Correspondent

Columbia Journalism Review

The Daily Show | Jay Rosen – Creating a Space for Ad-Free Journalism with The Correspondent

The dutch De Correspondent

Dutch NRC newspaper

Unbreaking news – The Correspondent !

UPDATE – The Correspondent , December 12th , 2018  :

Choose what you pay for The Correspondent …
Join, and become a pioneer !

In the last two days, The Correspondent crossed two major milestones: more than 37,000 people are now founding members of The Correspondent. And those founding members have raised more than $2 million towards our $2.5 million goal. That is amazing.

Now  $307,518 left to raise – but only 2 days and 15 hours left to make The Correspondent a reality .


The Correspondent , Nov 22, 2018. – Do you want to change journalism with me? 

Choose what you pay for The Correspondent !

I like to tell you about The Correspondent …. a new movement for unbreaking news. I am a founding member (of the original Dutch version) for 5 years now …. and I think you might like to join as well !

Right now they are crowdfunding, and they have asked for my help. They need 2.5 million dollars to launch an English version.

News as we know it leaves us cynical, divided, and less informed. Together we can change that! 

The Correspondent is ad-free and wants to redefine what news is about, shifting the focus from the sensational to the foundational.
They need 2.2 million euro’s/2.5 million dollars to launch an English version.

If you join, you become a pioneer.
You can choose what you pay and if they don’t reach their goal (I hope not, of course) you get your money back 🙂

If you’d like to join: you can find more information here  in The Correspondent

Unbreaking news – The Correspondent !

Youra Livschitz , Robert Maistriau, Jean Franklemon

The weekly Yiddish newspaper Der Blatt (Yiddish: דער בּלאַט‎) published last Friday (May 25, ‘18) a 6 pages long article on the 75th anniversary in Boortmeerbeek , Belgium , of the ‘only rescue action against a transport to Auschwitz’ (צודי75יָאר איינציגע רעטונג ַאקציע קעגן “אוישוויץ טרַאנספָּארט”) – the 20th transport.

The three Belgian heroes Youra Livschitz , Robert Maistriau, and Jean Franklemon liberated 17 people during an attack on the cattle car train ‘Transport XX’ – crammed with 1631 Jewish passengers, heading for Auschwitz – and another more than 200 others jumped out also. Portaits in the wind filmed following the 75th anniversary in Boortmeerbeek , Belgium.

① memo 20180528 ~ Youra Livschitz , Robert Maistriau, Jean Franklemon