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200K Views ! HAVA NAGILA – klezmer music band INEJNEM

200K Views ! HAVA NAGILA – klezmer music band INEJNEM | 20211224

Today crossed 200K views on YouTube of “Hava Nagila” played May 26th, 2012 by the klezmer music band “INEJNEM” @Inejnem – inejnem.pl – in front of Restaurant Ester on Szeroka street in the heart of Kazimierz – the old Jewish district of Kraków , Poland.
Iryna Stefaniuk is singing, with Myroslav Bandrivskyy playing the clarinet, Jurij Bejchuk on guitar, and Jarosław „Filip” Filipiak on contrabass.

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This also is a first post at my newborn YouTube Community page https://www.youtube.com/c/michelvanderburg/community

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Push The Reset Button – Album Didier Jans

Singer Didier Jans and the author of his songs Béatrice Dethy together presented their latest album ‘Push The Reset Button’ (Remettre à zéro les compteurs) to Koenraad Tinel last Saturday , Feb. 9th 2019, in the Handelsbeurs theater in Gand , Belgium.

Koenraad Tinel
The extraordinary live performance of Koenraad Tinel last Saturday in the play As Long As He Does Not Know Himself was a great opportunity to watch Koenraad’s live work , and after the show to meet Koenraad and get the chance to personally present him their new album.

Liberated – tribute to the friendship between Simon Gronowski and Koenraad Tinel
The album includes the chanson ‘Liberated’ (LIBERES) they made in tribute to the extraordinary friendship between Simon Gronowski and Koenraad Tinel – inspired by the belgian documentary War Children (director Marianne Soetewey- VRT, 2012) and the book Liberated at Last (2013 ) that Simon and Koenraad together made on their friendship .

① memo 20190212 ~ Push The Reset Button – Album Didier Jans

Links :

Didier Jans

Koenraad Tinel

Handelsbeurs theater in Gent / Gand , Belgium

Live performance – As Long As He Does Not Know Himself (Zolang Hij Niet Zichzelve Kent) https://www.lod.be/en/productions/zolang-hij-niet-zichzelve-kent

LIBERES chanson Liberated , Didier Jans

Finally liberated after 70 years

Liberated at Last – book presentation