Looking Glass | 20221029

Looking Glass – In a Brussels’ brasserie looking outside through the entrance doors at the Marolles flea market on the Place du Jeu de Balle square in the heart of the Marolles district of Brussels, Belgium, February 2009. Produced October 29, 2022 without sound for The One Minutes Collection. Here with ambient sound and music : Cafe de Philosophie by Kyle Preston , Artlist. Film license : Looking Glass | 20221029 | Michel van der Burg | Miracles.Media | @michelvanderburg | TakeNode ID: 3d1dd609-8cdf-4ca8-8ede-c411adb19e02

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Kriterion ~ Amsterdam

Kriterion ~ Amsterdam
A cinema steeped in history … ‘Kriterion’ began life as an Amsterdam student association involved in hiding and saving many Jews (an estimated 400 jewish children (Ref. 2) from Nazi persecution – next in 1945 the students opened cinema Kriterion (Ref. 3) in the former building (until 1942) of the ‘Handwerkers Vriendenkring’ association of mainly Jewish diamond workers – and 75 year later in Kriterion – still runned by the Amsterdam students – last night – arthouse cinema : screening of Beyond Index and post-screening Q&A with filmmaker Gerald Van Der Kaap.

Ref. 1 – https://www.kriterion.nl
Ref. 2 – https://www.cineville.nl/films/kriterion-herdenkt
Ref. 3 – Amsterdam Students Run Movie House. In : Higher Education – SemiMonthly publication of the higher education division – United States Office of Education, Fedural Security Agency. Vol. III, No. 7 , Washigton, D.C. December 1, 1946; Page 10 .

Film : 20200123 Michel van der Burg | 1-memo.com

Brussels Today Ten Years Ago

① memo 20190228 ~ Brussels Today Ten Years Ago ~ Window brasserie Le Pain Quotidien on a street corner in Ixelles – Elsene , Brussels. Today made an interview film in Brussels. Today ten years ago made video in Brussels of a portraits wall what became the ‘TRANSPORT XX – installation Brussels’ short film , the start of this work – see https://michelvanderburg.com/2009/04/19/transport-xx-installation-brussels/