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Kriterion ~ Amsterdam

Kriterion ~ Amsterdam
A cinema steeped in history … ‘Kriterion’ began life as an Amsterdam student association involved in hiding and saving many Jews (an estimated 400 jewish children (Ref. 2) from Nazi persecution – next in 1945 the students opened cinema Kriterion (Ref. 3) in the former building (until 1942) of the ‘Handwerkers Vriendenkring’ association of mainly Jewish diamond workers – and 75 year later in Kriterion – still runned by the Amsterdam students – last night – arthouse cinema : screening of Beyond Index and post-screening Q&A with filmmaker Gerald Van Der Kaap.

Ref. 1 – https://www.kriterion.nl
Ref. 2 – https://www.cineville.nl/films/kriterion-herdenkt
Ref. 3 – Amsterdam Students Run Movie House. In : Higher Education – SemiMonthly publication of the higher education division – United States Office of Education, Fedural Security Agency. Vol. III, No. 7 , Washigton, D.C. December 1, 1946; Page 10 .

Film : 20200123 Michel van der Burg | 1-memo.com

Brussels Today Ten Years Ago

① memo 20190228 ~ Brussels Today Ten Years Ago ~ Window brasserie Le Pain Quotidien on a street corner in Ixelles – Elsene , Brussels. Today made an interview film in Brussels. Today ten years ago made video in Brussels of a portraits wall what became the ‘TRANSPORT XX – installation Brussels’ short film , the start of this work – see https://michelvanderburg.com/2009/04/19/transport-xx-installation-brussels/

Fire Breather

English (Dutch below/ Nederlands z.o.z.):
Fire Breathing performed by Fire Breather Ronald Klok in the “Herenkamer” (“Gentlemen’s room”) of bar “In den Uiver” in Haarlem, The Netherlands – during a bachelor party for Yorick van den Berg on December 8, 2007.
Film © 2007  michelvanderburgSome Rights Reserved ( Creative Commons license: Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 )

Nederlands / Dutch:
Vuurspuwen door vuurspuwer Ronald Klok in de “Herenkamer” (Parmentier kamer) van proeflokaal “In den Uiver” in Haarlem – tijdens een vrijgezellenfeest voor Yorick van den Berg op 8 December 2007.
(Onder de Haarlemmer ‘s is deze “winkel” beter bekend als Vischhandel)
Film © 2007  michelvanderburg — Sommige rechten voorbehouden ( Creative Commons licentie: Naamsvermelding-Gelijk delen 3.0 ).

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