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Trademark Policy – Logo and wordmark michelvanderburg™
The wordmarks (words and logotypes) michelvanderburg and and the ‘m’ logo shown immediately to the left — an “m” replacing the “a”  in a 90° right-rotated “@”  character — and any combination and/or color and typeface of the foregoing, whether integrated into a larger whole or standing alone, are Michel van der Burg’s trademarks (copyright © michelvanderburg 2007 — all rights reserved).

Michel van der Burg licenses the use of this trademarked logo only on the condition that the trademark licensee use the mark only to point to michelvanderburg’s homepage,

Michel van der Burg retains full, unfettered, and sole discretion to revoke this trademark license for any reason whatsoever or for no specified reason.

Policy using CC-licensed material from this site

Can I use your CC-licensed material in my work?

Yes, please 🙂 You’re free to include them in your work as long as you abide by the terms set down in the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License. Also, send me a link to your work containing the republished or otherwise reused material 🙂

What does the CC license allow me to do?

Here’s a summary of the license rules:

Provide attribution: a credit line including title/name of the used work, “Copyright” [year] name(s) of the creator(s)/copyright holder(s) & a link to this website will do fine.

  • Example 1 (short): … by Michel van der Burg (
  • Example 2 (short): …from “Fire Breather” ©
  • Example 3 (full): … from
    “Fire Breather” © 2007 Michel van der Burg (

Share alike! – all remixes/mashups must be released under the same CC license. The license provides no warranty of any kind. So exercise caution. Please read the license summary completely before you begin using contents from this site.

The license applies only to contents I’ve created and/or own the copyright. It does not apply to files at other sites that I happen to link to (for example, other artists I admire).

Please contact me first if you’d like to use my work in any project with a political or social campaign or concern.

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