Story of Righteous Nelly • Quintart aka Quintard

Nelly Quintart – Righteous Medal – misspelt “Quintard” | 20230526 | Miracles•Media

Nelly’s family name is ‘Quintart’ , and misspelt ‘Quintard’ on the Righteous MedaI (Ref 1) minted posthumous for Nelly by Yad Vashem in 1999 to honor Nelly for hiding and rescuing the Jewish Frankenthal family in her home in Brussels during the holocaust. Date of Recognition 30 Dec 1998 by Yad Vashem (Ref 2, 3).

Righteous Medal

Righteous Medal | 20200820 | Miracles•Media

August 2016, this Righteous Medal from Yad Vashem with the name ‘Nelly Quintard’ was presented to me by researcher Janiv Stamberger, during this interview I filmed at the Wiki Loves Art event in Kazerne Dossin , Mechelen , Belgium.

I posted that interview August 2020 at with the following information (Ref 4) :

“Medal of the Righteous Among the Nations – from the Yad Vashem holocaust center in Israel for the Righteous helping Jews during the Holocaust – with the inscription in French ” The grateful Jewish people” and the French translation of the Jewish saying “Whoever saves a single life, saves an entire universe”.
This medal was minted for Nelly Quintard, a widow in her fifties during the war, who hid the Frankenthal family (Abraham, Esther, and daughter Scheindel) in her home in Brussels, Belgium, from September ’42 until the end of the occupation.”

That information was based in part on the Yad Vashem database (Ref 2) and on a dossier in the Felix archive in Antwerp of correspondence by Mrs. Scheindel Frankenthal – Kalwary , ‘Sally’ the daughter of the Frankenthal family , who had requested Yad Vashem that honorific title Righteous Among the Nations (Juste parmi les nations) for Madame ‘Nelly Quintard’ (Ref 5).

Message from Nelly’s Godchild Renée Cassin

November 1, 2020, shortly after publishing that August 2020 post on the Righteous Medal, I got a message (via the contact form at from Nelly’s goddaughter ‘Renée’ – the granddaughter of Nelly’s brother René Quintart – who wrote me :

“What an extraordinary moment when we discovered totally by chance that you had some information about Nelly Quintart!!
She is my great aunt as well as my godmother. We had found out about her name being on the Wall of Righteous, but despite our research, we could not find out thanks to who…
My grand father, René Quintart had gone to London to join de Gaulle, and being single without children, Nelly moved into his big house in Brussels, where he also had his practice (he was a doctor), and stayed there during the whole war.
I myself have , as a child in the 50’s, spent many years in that house and used to play in that attic where , we were told, so much had happened…. I would love to learn more, kind regards,

That same day, Renée and I started sharing more on Nelly Quintart …Renée handed me a short story she had written in 2015 on Nelly Quintart…and I shared the information I had on Nelly ‘Quintard’ , both from Yad Vashem , and the dossier in the Felix archive in Antwerp of correspondence by Mrs. Scheindel Frankenthal – Kalwary .

I further decided to do more research for this upcoming update of Nelly’s story…now knowing Nelly’s family name is actually spelled ‘Quintart’.
Below first what is known from the letters of Scheindel – Sally – Frankenthal in the Felix archive.

Sally Frankenthal

Request 18 dec 1995 Sally Frankenthal | 20230526 | Miracles•Media | source Felix Archief

The Felix city archive of Antwerp, Belgium, has a dossier (Inventory number AJHA-SB#64) with the correspondence of the Frankenthal daughter Scheindel (Salomée , aka Sally) , who had requested the medal first december 1995 for Nelly in her letters to Yad Vashem via the Antwerp city council…my translation/paraphrasing :

“I have the honor to apply for the title of ‘Righteous Among the Nations’ for Mrs. Nelly Quintard who hid us, my parents Abraham and Esthére Frankenthal, as well as myself Scheindel Frankenthal from September 1942 until the end of the occupation of Brussels. We were hiding in her brother’s house, 13 rue Marie-Thérèse in Brussels … Madame Nelly Quintard died without leaving any descendants, I would like to honor her memory posthumously.
…S. Frankenthal – Kalwary …
Antwerp” .

In a second letter (28 dec 1995) Sally Frankenthal details on her family and …. “aunt Nelly”… :

” I was born on December 23, 1934. My parents and I lived in Antwerp, 19 rue Van Lerius, at the beginning of 1942 we left for Brussels, where we lived, rue Cervantes.
We stayed at this place for a few months with false names and false papers. In September 1942 we went to live with Madame Nelly Quintard who hid us until the liberation of Brussels. We stayed all the time without going out, Madame Quintard left every morning equipped with an attaché case and went each time to different merchants to do the shopping for food, so as not to arouse suspicion. She came back every day with her little suitcase filled and no one could suspect that she was feeding four people instead of one.
Madame Nelly Quintard was a widow, childless, approaching her fifties, to my recollection no profession, receiving a pension from the Belgian state, because her husband had been a civil servant in the Belgian Congo. During this period Madame Nelly Quintard lived at 13 rue Marie-Thérese in Brussels, therefore just behind the Gestapo located rue de la Loi.
The house in rue Marie-Thérèse belonged to her brother who had fled the occupiers, so that’s where we hid without going out until the liberation of Brussels.
This hiding place had been planned for my grandfather Frankenthal and his wife, as he did not want to leave his house in Antwerp, we went there in his place.
Mrs. Nelly Quintard did this out of greatness of soul and out of love for her neighbour, without any profit motive.
We had the whole house at our disposal, but we had to be quiet, don’t turn on lights when Madame Quintard was away.
In September 1942 I had not yet reached the age of eight, so I have a very vague memory of the events occuring at that time.
I would like to be able to quote you witnesses of this horrible time there are no more survivors, my parents died as well as all other people who could have given you details, they were all much older than me.
I searched in Brussels for people with the same name, without any results, unfortunately there is no one from her family with whom we could have honored her memory and her bravery.
I remember very friendly relations between my parents and Madame Nelly Quintard whom I called ‘aunt Nelly’.
From time to time we received a visit from her father, an [old] gentleman, who had been a station master, he cultivated the little garden which gave us extra vegetables.
My parents were financially well-off, which allowed them to hold on throughout the war. There was also a foreman from my grandfather’s factory who brought us a little meat from the country every week.
I remember that one day despite the prohibition to approach the windows, having done so, the neighbor opposite saw me and reported it to Madame Quintard, despite the great risks she was taking, she bravely continued to hide us, it was thanks to her that my parents and I had survived this horrible war and that I had the happiness of being able to start a family. My daughter lives in Antwerp with her two sons, my son has made Aliyah, fourteen years ago, lives in Israel where he served in the army, married … and in turn founded a family with his two sons.
I sincerely hope that you will be able to help me fulfill a wish that is very dear to me to posthumously honor the memory of the person to whom, after my parents, I owe the happiness of being alive.
In the hope that you will consider favorably my request, please accept Mr. Zal, the assurance of my respectful sentiments.”

Nelly Quintart & Esther Frankenthal (left to right) | 20230526 | Miracles•Media | Source Sally Frankenthal-Kalwary | Hidden Child Association Belgium

In this picture above : Nelly Quintart & Esther Frankenthal (left to right) , as shown in The Album (Les Justes en Image) exposition by David Inowlocki / Hidden Child Association Belgium (Ref 6).

Nelly Quintart – Story by Renée Cassin

That same day Renée first contacted me, she sent me her short story on Nelly Quintart, her godmother …she wrote to leave a family trace…
Below excerpts from that story (originally written in French, Feb. 2015) selected, and translated, by me:

A Righteous Among the Nations
August 24, 1894 – December 6, 1986

« tante Nelly » Paris, 22 June 1968 | 20230526 | Renée Cassin | Miracles•Media

« Tante Nelly » (Aunt Nelly) was the older sister of René Quintart, the famous Doctor Quintart …
Nelly, in addition to being Renée’s godmother, was everyone’s “Aunt” … in the family, we often referred to her as “my aunt”, for example, her brother could say “did my aunt call today?”

She had a very strong personality, and without doubt her main character trait was independence of character, opinion, speech. She didn’t mince her words and made as many enemies as friends. She was also infinitely generous with her time, her efforts, and also the means at her disposal, which varied according to the different periods of her life.

When she was young, she had gone to the Congo for a few years to teach [ local children ] .
She had met there the one who would briefly become her husband, Jean Delgof … the couple never had children. After this period, she returns to live in Brussels (14 rue Rossini) in a large house in which her parents live with her (whom she takes care of)…

The war breaks out. It is the Appeal of General de Gaulle in June 1940. René Quintart decides to join him in London …
He entrusts his house and his medical practice, located at 13 rue Marie-Thérese, to his sister Nelly. She remained there until his return in 1944.

It was during this period that she showed courage, selflessness and inventiveness that saved many lives.
In the family, we knew that she had been a very first-rate “resister” and had met this young Jewish man whom she had hidden for eighteen months in this big house. He was of Polish origin and was called “Bolek”. Unfortunately, we did not retain his surname. He often came back to see her from Antwerp where he had married Rachel. They had a daughter Claudine. He had become a diamond dealer, and one day, much later, he had brought her a ring with eighteen small diamonds, each symbolizing a month of hiding that Nelly had allowed him to take advantage of. And there were all the others, anonymous, whom she helped by hiding them, for a few days or a few months.

John Brown, Scottish pilot hidden by Nelly | 20230526 | Miracles•Media

We learned much later … that Nelly had also been very active within the “Comet” network which came to the aid of British pilots.
This is how she hid a Scottish pilot, named John Brown, for several weeks, thus allowing him to escape the search that the Germans had launched against him.
It is said that in order not to arouse suspicion, she shopped in several shops in the neighborhood, each time buying only the quantity of food that the hardened bachelor that she was could have needed!
Extreme courage or recklessness, she maintained good relations with one of the colonels of the Commandery whom she happened to invite to lunch! She was a heroine for many, but we all experienced this as “normal”…

At the end of the war, she becomes again a respectable lady of a certain age, without history,
and resumes her “before life”. .

Aunt Nelly ended her life in a retirement home in Ostend on December 6, 1986.
She was neither buried nor cremated, having “donated her body to Science”
She was definitely someone extraordinary.

More than thirty – five years later … we learned that in 1999, Nelly Quintart had been recognized as “Righteous Among the Nations”. Unfortunately, we do not know who took steps to have her acts of courage recognized. We think it may be the Scottish aviator John Brown, or the famous Bolek who never forgot her, visiting her several times a year. We knew that Bolek had lost his parents during the war, and that he was very attached to the one who had saved his life.

More research online …

Donald Duck | Comète | Andrée ‘Nelly’ QUINTART ….

After reading more on Nelly’s activities in Renée’s story, I understood that Nelly had been very active in the resistance , and I continued searching online (Nov 4, 2020) for more information on her work within the “Comète” network , and learned at that “QUINTART Andrée ‘Nelly’ participated in the ‘Escape’ service of William Halot” … called ‘Donald Duck’ … “evacuating soldiers to France and Switzerland through various routes.” ….”She lived at 13 Rue Marie-Thérèse, then at 14 Rue Rossini. She hosted a Scottish soldier named John Brown.” (Ref 7).

Actually – as described in Renée’s story, Nelly first lived at 14 Rue Rossini and then moves to 13 rue Marie-Thérese , the house with medical practice that her brother René Quintart entrusts to Nelly, when he leaves for England following the Appeal of General de Gaulle in June 1940.
More research online and reading (later in Sep. 2021) the published war journals of Tinou Dutry-Soinne, I learned , that Doctor René Quintart arrived at the heart of the Belgian government in London during the Second World War , sharing the apartment building with Tinou Dutry-Soinne who worked at the Belgian Parliamentary Office ‘OPB’, and described him as a charming man, a good comrade with a heart of gold and a cheerful character… always ready to tell stories and be of service.” (Ref 8).

Nelly was known as a widow of Jean Delgof, who had been working in the Belgian Congo.
The announcement in 1948 that Nelly received a 2nd Class Civic Medal 1940-1945 from the Belgian Ministry of the Interior in the Belgian official journal , also mentioned ‘widow of Delgof’ (Ref 10).

Not known, and fascinating to discover , when searching online for ‘Andrée’ and ‘Quintart’ , was the finding that Nelly had been married before , and actually, became a widow first at the age of 20 …when her first husband Georges Rimez was reported to probably have died as a soldier early in World War I on October 22, 1914 (Ref 12, 13).

Whether her first love was missing in action forever … is unknown …

Tribute to Nelly

Tribute to Nelly Quintart | 20230526 | Renée Cassin | Miracles•Media

Little boxes telling stories , made by Renée Cassin …. her niece and god daughter.

Many thanks to Sally Frankenthal for her persistence over years for Nelly Quintart to be recognized as “Righteous Among the Nations” and … Renée Cassin and her family now hope for contact with the family of Sally (Scheindel / Salomée) Frankenthal – Kalwary , who in her correspondence with Yad Vashem mentioned her daughter and son … with grandchildren !

A new medal from Yad Vashem with the right spelling Nelly Quintart would be great , I will ask Yad Vashem .

You can contact Renée Cassin via the contact form at the web site(s) or — Michel van der Burg | Miracles•Media

License info : Story of Righteous Nelly • Quintart aka Quintard | 20230526 | Renée Cassin & Michel van der Burg | Miracles•Media

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We don’t talk about Anny | Simone Korkus | 20220722

Degrelle’s maid

Cover image of the Hebrew edition על אנני לא מדברים – We don’t talk about Anny – by author Simone Korkus, published by Carmel , in a translation by Irish Bauman of the original Dutch book Het dienstmeisje van Degrelle (2017) .

Jul 22, 2022 , Israel. Book presentation this morning at Simone Korkus’ home, of the Hebrew edition על אנני לא מדברים – We don’t talk about Anny. Special event in honor of Hannah and Max Nadel, Henri and Madeleine Cornet, Elias and Hava Gnazik. Picture by Embassy of Belgium in Israel | Twitter


Anny (or Annie) is the war name – nom de guerre – of the Jewish Hannah Nadel who , during the Second World War, ends up as a maid in the Brussels house of the sister of Léon Degrelle — Belgium’s foremost Nazi collaborator — and in this way escapes the horrors of the persecution of the Jews. Simone Korkus brings this unlikely story to life, meets Hannah’s Belgian rescuers and shows how life in wartime contains many gray zones. While Simone Korkus reconstructs Hannah’s life in Brussels, she encounters family secrets and also runs into her own prejudices. For what is truth in the way we look at others and judge their behavior? And how does our memory distort traumas such as those after World War II?

Degrelle’s maid , has been published also in 2020 in a French edition La Servante de Degrelle.

Transport XX to Auschwitz | Viviane’s Story

Hannah Nadel-Gnazik is the daughter of Elias Gnazik who escaped from deportation with Transport XX to Auschwitz and helped jump Isabella Weinreb-Castegnier pregnant with Viviane who was born six months later – see e-book Viviane’s Story | Escape from Transport XX…Born 6 Months Later by Viviane Yarom-Castegnier & Michel van der Burg – With a Foreword by Simone Korkus | URL miracles•media/vivianesstory .

We don’t talk about Anny | Simone Korkus | 20220722 | miracles•media

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Righteous Medal

Righteous Medal ~ Medal of the Righteous Among the Nations – from the Yad Vashem holocaust center in Israel for the Righteous helping Jews during the Holocaust – with the inscription in French ” The grateful Jewish people” and the French translation of the Jewish saying “Whoever saves a single life, saves an entire universe”.
This medal was minted for Nelly Quintard, a widow in her fifties during the war, who hid the Frankenthal family (Abraham, Esther, and daughter Scheindel) in her home in Brussels, Belgium, from September ’42 until the end of the occupation.

Interview with Janiv Stamberger (researcher Kazerne Dossin / University of Antwerp) filmed by Michel van der Burg ( on August 18, 2016 at the Wiki Loves Art event in Kazerne Dossin , Mechelen , Belgium.

A still from this video (Image Ref.: mvdb20160818_233059) is available via Wikimedia here  .
Another medal’s image is available here on Wikimedia .

Robert Maistriau’s memorabilia – Yad Vashem medal, pistol, small version lantern of Robert Maistriau in Kazerne Dossin , Mechelen , Belgium , August 18, 2016. Image Ref.: mvdb20160818_204617 by Michel van der Burg | | Wikimedia CC BY-SA 4.0

A very special image (Image Ref.: mvdb20160818_204617) is that of Robert Maistriau’s medal together with his other memorabilia in the Kazerne Dossin Museum – a pistol, and a small replica version (gift from a friend) of the lantern used with the attack on the 20th death train (Transport XX) from Kazerne Dossin in Mechelen to Auschwitz  .

Righteous Medal | 20200820 | Michel van der Burg | | Miracles•Media

Holocaust Centers Monitors Show Robert Clary Story

Holocaust Centers Monitors Show Robert Clary Story ~ Following the Nov 13th world premiere at the 33rd annual Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival of ‘From Buchenwald to Hollywood: The Robert Clary Story’ , filmmaker Richard Bloom has sent out all the requested film copies to be shown on computer monitors of the holocaust centers Yad Vashem, USHMM Steven Spielberg Division, Simon Wiesenthal Center , the USC Shoah Foundation and more …

Het Dienstmeisje Van Degrelle – Presentatie

Interview van Simone Korkus door Ingrid Vander Veken op 15 oktober 2017 in Kazerne Dossin , Mechelen , België , bij de presentatie van haar boek : “Het dienstmeisje van Degrelle. Hoe Hannah Nadel de oorlog overleefde” (Polis).
① memo 20171104 ~ Film : Michel van der Burg – |

Boek — De Joodse Hannah Nadel belandt tijdens de Tweede Wereldoorlog als dienstmeisje in het Brusselse huis van de zus van Léon Degrelle en ontsnapt op die manier aan de gruwelen van de Jodenvervolging. Simone Korkus wekt dit onwaarschijnlijke verhaal tot leven, ontmoet Hannahs Belgische redders en toont hoe het leven in oorlogstijd heel wat grijze zones bevat. Terwijl Simone Korkus het leven van Hannah in Brussel reconstrueert, stuit ze op familiegeheimen en loopt ze ook aan tegen haar eigen vooroordelen. Want wat is waarheid in de manier waarop we naar anderen kijken en hun gedrag beoordelen? En hoe vervormt ons geheugen trauma’s zoals die na de Tweede Wereldoorlog?
‘Het dienstmeisje van Degrelle’ is een opmerkelijk en persoonlijk verhaal dat tijdens de bezetting begint en doorloopt tot vandaag.

Interview — Twee schrijfsters, twee journalistes, verwante zielen. En eenzelfde onderwerp: de tweede wereldoorlog en het zwijgen daarover. Ingrid Vander Veken schreef eerder “Zwijgen” en interviewde nu Simone Korkus bij de presentatie van haar boek “Het dienstmeisje van Degrelle”. Harold Polis (Uitgeverij Polis waar beide boeken verschenen) introduceerde het gesprek van beide schrijfsters.

Jan Maes , die Simone op het eerste spoor bracht van Hannah’s verhaal , vertelt in de discussie hoe Simone er ook voor gezorgd heeft dat de redders van Hannah en haar moeder de Yad Vashem onderscheiding gekregen hebben.

Ik spreek Simone voor het eerst persoonlijk over de epiloog van haar boek – waarin zij vertelt hoe onze (online) samenwerking heeft geleid tot de ontdekking dat Elias Gnazik , de vader Hannah , op 19 april 1943 in de trein van Transport XX degene was , die de 3 maanden zwangere Isabella Weinreb hielp ontsnappen – door haar te omarmen en samen uit de wagon te springen.
Isabella’s dochter Viviane werd 6 maanden na de ontsnapping ‘vrij’ geboren. Viviane is ontsnapt in de buik van haar moeder , dankzij Elias – een ontsnapping waar ik samen met Viviane voor het eerst over gepubliceerd heb in 2014 op mijn site – Samen met Simone heeft Viviane vorig jaar Hannah bezocht in Israël.

Binnenkort licht ik dit toe in een speciale korte versie van deze reportage (see Updates below – April 19, 2018) .

Uitgeverij Polis –
Het dienstmeisje van Degrelle – Simone Korkus – Paperback ISBN 978-94-6310-093-9
E-book ISBN 978-94-6310-300-8
Fragment boek online –


April 19, 2018 – Full of Life … Escape from Transport XX

Jan 16, 2019 – Updates section and link added

International School for Holocaust Studies acquired films

International School for Holocaust Studies at Yad Vashem , Jerusalem , Israel - Photo : Yad Vashem
International School for Holocaust Studies at Yad Vashem , Jerusalem , Israel – Photo : Yad Vashem

The media collection of Yad Vashem’s International School for Holocaust Studies acquired this month – July 2016 – the DVDs of two of our documentary films :

1) The 2016 film of the premiere play “Celui Qui M’A Rendu Mon Âme” – the French-spoken adaptation of the play “Who returned my soul… “ originally by Kelly D. Brock – that retells the stories of 10 holocaust survivors – now by students of the Saint-Sépulcre school in Liege , Belgium (Philippe Renette – Centre Scolaire / Michel van der Burg – Online available and documented via this post CELUI QUI M’A RENDU MON ÂME.

2) The 2012 documentary “Transport XX to Auschwitz” – a film by Karen Lynne & Richard Bloom and Michel van der Burg. The attack on this 20th deportation train in Belgium – by three young men – the rescue, and the many escapes and escape attemps are documented in this film by the first-hand accounts of one of the attackers, people that jumped from the train and survivors who returned from Auschwitz. The film is online available and fully documented via this post Documentary film “Transport XX to Auschwitz”.

Link to the International School for Holocaust Studies at Yad Vashem , Jerusalem , Israel

Transport XX to Auschwitz – new edition online

April 19, 2015. A new edition of our documentary “Transport XX to Auschwitz” is now publicly available online. This new – 2nd – edition with the YouTube title Transport XX to Auschwitz – current version has the latest statistics on the escapes and other updates available.
Full information on this documentary is posted here on this site.

Either watch this film on YouTube via this link  (click image) :

Transport XX - watch via
Transport XX – watch via

Or watch the film here in this post below :