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Hollywood in Holland – Barnstijn’s FILMSTAD Opening 1935

Film City “Filmstad Wassenaar” – his film studio complex in Wassenaar near The Hague – is opened in 1935 by the dutch jewish cinema operator , film distributor and producer Loet C. Barnstijn (born in 1880 as Lodewijk Cohen) starting you might say a Hollywood in Holland. After first working in textiles, he sold his business to start in the film business as a cinema operator. He was a film distributor , an inventor with Philips of a synchronized sound system using records .. the Loetafoon, and introduced the sound film in Holland in the early 1930s. During the war Filmstad was confiscated, and became UFA Filmstadt Den Haag. The allies bombed the complex in 1944. After the war Barnstijn lived in the USA were he died in 1953.
Cinema newsreel, October 1935, from Polygoon courtesy of Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision (Open Images).

Sound (speeches) starts after arrival of the guests at 3 min 20 sec.

Yesterday I posted on his first production the artistic documentary “Sjabbos“.

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Film link : http://www.oorloginblik.nl/film/niod/2759421

Sjabbos | Friday Night (1932) avant garde film documentary made by dutch filmmaker Jan Teunissen (G.J. Teunissen) on the Amsterdam Jewish Quarter when sabbath starts.
It’s the first film presented by the dutch jewish film producer Loet C. Barnstijn – and as and artistic documentary , different from his later films. Sound by Polygoon Haarlem and Tobis-Klangfilm, Studios Éclair Paris-Èpinay-sur-Seine.

Pre-war Amsterdam’s Jewish quarter at the start of the shabbat: street life with shops and market, the Zuidertoren tower strikes 4 o’clock and the sabbath starts. The shops are closing, businesses are being shut down, employees are rushing home.
While the women at home put the finishing touches to the meal, carefully set the table and light the candles, the men hurry to the synagogue. Chazan Blanes enters the Snoge (Portuguese Synagogue) through the side gate, cantor Maroko greets the shabbat in the Grote Synagoge (Great Synagogue).

Jan Teunissen joined the National Socialist Movement in the Netherlands in 1940, benefactor member of the dutch SS in 1941 and head of the Filmgilde – the film section of the dutch ‘Kultuurkamer’ – the NS propaganda organisation in Holland during WW2.
Fragments of this film where used in 1941 in the dutch version of the Nazi antisemitic propaganda film “The eternal Jew”.
After the war Jan Teunissen was detained 3 years and subsequently prohibited from working in the Dutch film industry for ten years.

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