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Upside down in Camera Obscura

Upside down in Camera Obscura ~ Inside a giant Camera Obscura : inside the Rotterdam Cruise Terminal building with the image coming live from the Maas river bank outside (showing skyscrapers here in the film, and when present ships passing) through a hole in one of the blinds covering the windows.
Filmed at the “Cruise Terminal becomes Camera Obscura” event of the ‘Nederlands Fotomuseum’ on 9/11 2011 in Rotterdam, performed by David Smeulders and co-workers – thanks to Rotterdam festivals.
Upscaled (4K) film , first published January 2012 (20120124) in The One Minutes Collection (# 3467/3468 540p 25fps), and online August 2012 at both my Vimeo channel , and the now becoming obsolete YouTube channel iClip – that’s being archived – transferring the content to my main channel youtube.com/michelvanderburg .
Film : Upside down in Camera Obscura | 20120124 – 20200612 | Michel van der Burg | The One Minutes Collection | michelvanderburg.com | miracles.media .

Diversity Destroyed


Diversity Destroyed / Zerstörte Vielfalt – Poster pillar filmed september 2013 in Berlin, Germany, with Hannah Arendt, Cora Berliner, and Gertrud Kolmar.

Post on the occasion of the opening of the Hannah Arendt Institute@HannahArendtInstituut – last week in Mechelen, Belgium

Film : 20200531 | Diversity Destroyed | Michel van der Burg | 1-memo.com | miracles.media .


NL – Wonderlust – Discussie over de kunst, rol en begeerte van en voor verwondering in een mooi leven.

EN – Wonderlust for the world and life. Discussion (in dutch).

Paperback : Wonderlust – Pat Donnez, Jean Paul van Bendegem & Caroline Pauwels | ISBN 9789057189005 e-book 9789057189142 | VUBPRESS. Film : 20200320 Michel van der Burg | michelvanderburg.com | 1-memo.com

Wonder Ode ~ Caroline Pauwels

Wonder Ode ~ Caroline Pauwels

NL – Waarom is de zee blauw ?
‘Ode aan de verwondering’ is een pleidooi van Caroline Pauwels om opnieuw met die ‘kinderlijk’ onbevangen blik naar de wereld te kijken , met verwondering – niet alleen in wetenschap en kunst , maar ook in de grote en kleine momenten van elke dag.

EN – Why is the sea blue?
Ode to Wonder (dutch language essay ‘Ode aan de verwondering’) is a plea by Belgian author Caroline Pauwels to look at the world again with that childlike open-mindedness – to wonder, not just in science and art, but also in all these big and small moments of everyday life.

Paperback : Ode aan de verwondering – Caroline Pauwels | Illustr. Gerda Dendooven | ISBN 9789401463874 | Academia Press. Film : 20200319 Michel van der Burg | michelvanderburg.com | 1-memo.com