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Westerbork Film Shots Order

Breslauer films Settela after Degen kids | Excerpt (20220510) from Westerbork Film 🎦 2021 | Michel van der Burg | Settela•Com – Click image for video clip (Link in REF 10).

The original deportation footage of the annotated 2021 Westerbork film (REF 1) provides insight into Breslauer’s way of filming.

Focussing on film roll 2 of the deportation reel it is evident that Breslauer — right after filming the toddlers Marc and Stella Degen (REF 11) in 3rd class carriage I at the front of the train ( 00:16:49 ) — for his next shot ( 00:16:52 ) went all the way to the rear of the train for a close-up of the 9-year-old Settela Steinbach in cattle car number 16 — with Romani and Sinti people bound for Auschwitz (REF 6,12).
Further note that the first shot that day also focusses on a child, here in cattle car #7 with Jewish people (REF 6) bound for Auschwitz (00:20:18 start of roll 4/4 of reel E198).

The 2021 Westerbork film as mentioned in the recently presented Westerborkfilm Introduction (REF 2) is the outcome of a thorough search that started Spring 2019 for all available film cans in the Dutch media archives of Sound & Vision and the EYE Filmmuseum. All restored unique shots using both the camera original film and film copies (duplicates – when no original is known) were used for the new restored Westerbork film compilation made available as ‘display edition’.

Sound & Vision curator Valentine Kuypers reported in her dutch blog 12 May 2021 (REF 3) that a total of 23 film cans were found, including 2 cans with camera-original negative film – a discovery , because before only reels with film duplicates (copies) were known with only a few minutes section of original footage (see below). For the new 2021 Westerbork film “a compilation of unique scenes in the highest quality was made. Eight films from the archives of Sound & Vision and Eye were used for the compilation, consisting of: 16 mm original negative, duplicate negative, duplicate positive and original reversal film. ” [my translation].
Digital restoration with a conservative approach was used to stabilize and reframe the images , deflicker , and remove dust, scratches, and visible splices (REF 4). The display copy for distribution was color graded and adjusted for the correct playback speed.

Examination of the Westerbork Film for annotation showed the film starts with the two newly discovered camera-original reels E325 and E198, resp.
The first reel (E325) has sections of footage shot at various work sites of the Westerbork camp — starting 00:00:29 and ending at 00:14:22 — that can be traced back in the 1986 RVD Westerbork Film duplicates Act 2 and Act 3 , listed with numbers 5 , 17 , 12 , 5, 18, 9, 10, 9, 10, 19, 20 resp. in the post (REF 5) Westerbork Film – full version (RVD). The last scene on this reel E325 – a newly discovered clip of a few seconds – is showing a soldier standing guard at the camp entrance.
Dutch researchers Koert Broersma and Gerard Rossing reported in their new book on the film (REF 6) that the footage on both reels – although original – has been cut — with reel E325 showing 7 splices. I wasn’t able to discover splices, probably because of the digital restoration. The next reel E198, however, with the deportation footage, clearly does show 2 of the 3 spices reported by Broersma and Rossing — these show up as white transitions in this digital display edition around 0:16:22 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZiLNDziwEtc&t=982s – and 0:18:14 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZiLNDziwEtc&t=1094s – resp. The location of that 3rd splice that is no longer showing in this restored film could be traced with help of the image of that splice published in Broersma and Rossing ‘s book , page 110 (REF 6) – right after Gemmeker looking up , starting 00:20:18 — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZiLNDziwEtc&t=1218s .
Since the splices between the film rolls on this reel could be identified here , the film roll numbers 1 to 4 are specified in the annotations.

The display edition of this deportation footage shows the order of the rolls found on reel E198. For the correct chronological order clearly rolls 1 and 4 have to change places, as shown before in the reconstruction Deportation Westerbork Film | 20210719 (REF 7).

The reels E325 and E198 with original film are followed by reels with restored duplicate films – omitting scenes already shown as original footage :

i) first, the 4 reels (acts) of the restored RVD film (REF 5);

ii) next, the so-called Unknown Westerbork Film Reel…F1014 (REF 8) starting with the Transport data animation at 02:03:31 ;

iii) and finally, the so-called Forgotten Westerbork Film Reel…F1015 (REF 9) starting at 02:11:53 with the Gevaert logo. Footage of the Religuous service on this F1015 reel was reported by Broersma and Rossing (REF 6) to be original film also .


Special thanks to researchers, authors, Koert Broersma, Gerard Rossing, and Aad Wagenaar, to curator Valentine Kuypers and her Sound & Vision colleagues Gerard Nijssen and others. The new Westerbork film project is a joint effort of four dutch organizations : the Dutch media archive Sound & Vision, Camp Westerbork Memorial Centre , the NIOD Institute for War, Holocaust and Genocide Studies, and the Jewish Cultural Quarter in Amsterdam.

Westerbork Film Shots Order | 20220511 | Michel van der Burg | Settela•Com – CC BY 4.0


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10 – Breslauer films Settela after Degen kids | Excerpt (20220510) from Westerbork Film 🎦 2021 | Michel van der Burg | Settela•Com | URL https://youtube.com/clip/UgkxedHAwh0UTAsa1iLmhvFtAxNNegNxAJ20

11 – Children of the Holocaust Who Are Anonymous No More | May 18, 2021 by Nina Siegal | The New York Times |
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Christmas Street Parade Tyrol

Christmas Street Parade Tyrol | 20211223 | 1-memo•com | Mountain Christmas parade in Igls , Tyrol , Austria. ‘Igler Bergweihnacht’ tonight 10 years ago, 23 December 2011.

‘Igler Bergweihnacht’ tonight 10 years ago, 23 December 2011

Bergweihnacht in Igls, Tirol
Stimmungsvolle Bergweihnacht am 23 Dezember 2011 in Igls (Innsbruck, Tirol, Austria). Es ist ein eindrückliches Bild, wenn sich der Umzug mit seinen etwa. 200 kleinen und großen Engel, Nachtwächter, Bauern, Hirten, Hirtenbuben — in alten Kleider — sowie Maria und das Christkind im Schlitten mit Josef zu Fuß, abends durch die Dorfmitte mit Laternen und mitgeführten Tiere bewegt.

Mountain Christmas in Igls, Tyrol
An atmospheric, lantern-lit, Mountain Christmas parade in the evening of 23 December 2011 at the town center of Igls (near Innsbruck, in Tirol, Austria) featuring around 200 local villagers, mainly young kids, beautifully dressed as angels, night guards, farmers or shepherds and shepherd boys with animals, as well as Mary and baby Jesus in a traditional sledge with Joseph on foot.

Bergkerst in Igls, Tirol
Stemmige, traditionele, kerstoptocht op 23 december 2011 in Igls (bij Innsbruck, in Tirol, Oostenrijk). Een indrukwekkend schouwspel, waarbij rond 200 inwoners prachtig verkleed als kleine en grote engelen, nachtwachters, boeren, herders en herdersjongens, alsook als Maria met het kerstkind Jezus in een traditionele slee begeleid door Jozef te voet, ‘s avonds door het dorpscentrum gaan met lantaarns en meegevoerde dieren.

More Films

Gloria ~ Christmas Music Edition – Tirol | 20171224 | Link https://youtu.be/FZtnXDHY0gM

Mountain Christmas Tirol | Bergweihnacht Igls | 20090525 | Link https://youtu.be/SN3X2t-x9oQ

Happy Holidays | Playlist | Link https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL_SggYHVHwj1WpdwnvnAsBveXkaIwYbm8

TAGS #Christmas #Bergweihnacht #Tyrol #Igls #gloria #mountain #parade #street #baby #Jesus #school #nativity #angel #lantern #sheep #shepherd #sleigh #Innsbruck #Tirol #Austria #mountain #village #winter #story #history #folklore #tradition #1Memo #michelvanderburg

Scenes Westerbork Film

Scenes Westerbork Film – Demo Captions CC

English EN | Nederlands NL | Français FR

EN — Demo video (silent) showing use of the new captions (CC – closed captions) now available at the start of all scenes in the Westerbork Film on YouTube. Link to Westerbork Film also in the video.

NL – Demo video (zonder geluid) toont gebruik van de nieuwe ondertitels (CC – captions) nu beschikbaar bij aanvang van alle scènes in de Westerbork Film op YouTube. Link naar Westerbork Film ook in de video.

FR — Démo vidéo (muet) montrant l’utilisation des nouvelles légendes disponibles au début de toutes les scènes du ‘Westerbork Film’ sur YouTube. Lien vers Westerbork Film aussi dans la vidéo.

Scenes Westerbork Film | 20210811 | Michel van der Burg | Settela•Com

TAGS #demo #caption #scene #légende #language #onderschrift #cc #deportation #train #Westerbork #camp #RudolfBreslauer #Netherlands #holocaust #Jew #Roma #Sinti #UNESCO #documentary #Auschwitz #BergenBelsen #film #diversity #1Memo #michelvanderburg #SettelaCom

More on the film :
Westerbork Film | Full version RVD 1986 | 20190605 | Michel van der Burg | Settela•Com  (accessed 2021 Aug 11) URL: https://wp.me/p91enH-1x


Westerbork Film … Start – https://youtu.be/8E-IWGjbGZM

Westerbork Act 1 – https://youtu.be/8E-IWGjbGZM?t=4
– 01. Transport from Amsterdam – https://youtu.be/8E-IWGjbGZM?t=24 – 02. Transport from Vught – https://youtu.be/8E-IWGjbGZM?t=120
– 03. Transport to Bergen-Belsen and Auschwitz – https://youtu.be/8E-IWGjbGZM?t=251 – 04. Aircraft disassembly – https://youtu.be/8E-IWGjbGZM?t=534

Westerbork Act 2 – https://youtu.be/8E-IWGjbGZM?t=1227
– 05. Disassembly and manufacture of batteries – https://youtu.be/8E-IWGjbGZM?t=1249 – 06. Separation of silver paper – https://youtu.be/8E-IWGjbGZM?t=1434 – 07. Clothing factory – https://youtu.be/8E-IWGjbGZM?t=1518 – 08. Toy factory – https://youtu.be/8E-IWGjbGZM?t=1688
– 09. Furniture workshop – https://youtu.be/8E-IWGjbGZM?t=1897 – 10. Metalworking shop … Forge – https://youtu.be/8E-IWGjbGZM?t=2030 – 11. Manufacture of brushes – https://youtu.be/8E-IWGjbGZM?t=2198 – 12. Shoemaking – https://youtu.be/8E-IWGjbGZM?t=2244
– 13. Manufacture of handbags – https://youtu.be/8E-IWGjbGZM?t=2344 – 14. Manufacture of soles and gloves – https://youtu.be/8E-IWGjbGZM?t=2413 – 15. Weaving, repairing stockings – https://youtu.be/8E-IWGjbGZM?t=2447

Westerbork Act 3 – https://youtu.be/8E-IWGjbGZM?t=2540
– 16. Cufflinks factory – https://youtu.be/8E-IWGjbGZM?t=2559 – 17. Clothing factory – https://youtu.be/8E-IWGjbGZM?t=2637 – 18. Laundry … ironing – https://youtu.be/8E-IWGjbGZM?t=2670 – 19. Medical laboratory – https://youtu.be/8E-IWGjbGZM?t=2749 – 20. Dental Clinic – https://youtu.be/8E-IWGjbGZM?t=2795
– 21. Unloading materials for barracks – https://youtu.be/8E-IWGjbGZM?t=2821 – 22. Construction greenhouse – https://youtu.be/8E-IWGjbGZM?t=2914
– 23. Train to Oranje canal ship … loading bricks – https://youtu.be/8E-IWGjbGZM?t=3020 – 24. Visit to the camp farm – https://youtu.be/8E-IWGjbGZM?t=3368

Westerbork Act 4 – https://youtu.be/8E-IWGjbGZM?t=3650
– 25. Visit camp farm , cont. – https://youtu.be/8E-IWGjbGZM?t=3667 – 26. Agriculture – https://youtu.be/8E-IWGjbGZM?t=3817
– 27. Arrival camp mine carts with bricks – https://youtu.be/8E-IWGjbGZM?t=4093 – 28. Construction purification plant – https://youtu.be/8E-IWGjbGZM?t=4158 – 29. Felling and sawing trees near Assen – https://youtu.be/8E-IWGjbGZM?t=4210 – 30. Religious service in the Great Hall – https://youtu.be/8E-IWGjbGZM?t=4502 – 31. Football match at the roll call area – https://youtu.be/8E-IWGjbGZM?t=4508 – 32. Women exercising – https://youtu.be/8E-IWGjbGZM?t=4632 – 33. Revue night Bunter Abend – https://youtu.be/8E-IWGjbGZM?t=4692


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