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Quote | 20221103

Quote | 20221103 | 1-memo•com | “Every day I make something. Then in the evening there’s something in the world that wasn’t there in the morning.
— Gemma Edelsteen | Marja Pinckaers

This echoes in my mind once in a while – part of the rationale for making daily 1-memo’s . First read these original Dutch* lines August 2014 — shortly after I carefully started publishing ‘① memo dailies’ June 2014 — in the Dutch paperback ’16 versie 61′ by Marja Pinckaers (publ. Aspekt ISBN 9789461535740 ).

Short review was posted August 2014 : 16versie61 Marja Pinckaers | 20140829 | 1-memo•com

Beta testing iA Presenter slide software prompted me trying this ‘text’ memo post.

*Original dutch text by Marja Pinckaers :
‘Elke dag maak ik wat. Dan is er ‘s avonds iets op de wereld wat er ‘s ochtends niet was. Of mischien toch, maar moest ik het nog zoeken en vond ik het. Uit.’

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Today ‘Miracles’ is announced : our title for the upcoming documentary on Simon Gronowski and Koenraad Tinel !

Today, also, we announce the birth of the Miracles•Media site and new film house !
Miracles•Media is first and foremost for promotion of the Miracles documentary film, and will further serve as platform and online portfolio of other productions.

Ma vie n’est que de miracles – My life is only miracles – Simon Gronowski.

16versie61 Marja Pinckaers | 20140829

16versie61 Marja Pinckaers | 20140829 | 1-memo.com | Dutch book (tr. 16edition61) with punctum by Marja Pinckaers – Quote : I make something every day. Then there is something in the world in the evening that was not there in the morning …. Done.
NL : 100 pagina’s van meesterlijk korte zinnen. Zinnetjes die je proeft — met ‘punctum’ als een foto. Citaat : “Elke dag maak ik wat. Dan is er ‘s avonds iets op de wereld wat er ‘s ochtends niet was…. Uit.” | TakeNode ID baf50dbb-c617-4623-97df-25f87836645b

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