Poons’ Laugh Revue Amsterdam 1937

Revue ‘Daar zit pit in!’ – Sylvain Poons Aug 1937, in theater De Plantage Schouwburg, Amsterdam, Holland.
Source: Polygoon Hollands Nieuws | Aug 23, 1937 courtesy of Sound & Vision (Open Images).
License info : Poons’ Laugh Revue Amsterdam 1937 | 20230305 | Michel van der Burg | Miracles•Media | CC BY 4.0 | TakeNode 2c8157aa-11f3-473c-bbbf-2cdaa64510d1

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Jordaan Amsterdam 1931 | 20210728

Jordaan Amsterdam 1931 * | 20210728 | Michel van der Burg | Settela•Com

Cinema news reel screened first in Holland in 1931 on the occasion of the upcoming renovation of the poor Jordaan district.

Daily life in the Jordaan district showing the Egelantiersstraat street and Prinsengracht canal with eg. a street sweeper near a city cleaning truck (I guess), bal playing kids, hand carts, horse-drawn wagons, a greengrocer, a woman with a tub cleaning a little cupboard or stove, kids play marbles, girls with breads, jump rope, a black doll, a scissors-grinder and inland ships in the Prinsengracht canal (near the corner Rozenstraat) with a tram car and the Westerkerk church in the background , and the Prinsengracht continuing on the left side of the church were Anne Frank’s family would start living some 10 years later.

Source film footage , Orion – Revue, cinema news reel 1931 “De Amsterdamsche Jordaan Wordt Gesaneerd” (Renovation of the Amsterdam Jordaan) – courtesy of Orion Filmfabriek, Den Haag (producer; Orion Filmfactory, The Hague) | Orion-Profilti | RVD Film- en Fotoarchief (1-3420) | Nederlands Instituut voor Beeld en Geluid (Sound and Vision).

Music : Clair du Lune (Debussy) by Ohad Ben Ari | Artlist


* Update title July 30, 2021 : This title ‘Jordaan Amsterdam 1931’ replaces the inaccurate and misleading original title (burned in film) “Jordaan Jewish Quarter Amsterdam 1931”. Because though Jews were living there (like Anne Frank’s family 9-10 years later – the actual center of the Jews of Amsterdam the centuries old ‘Jodenbuurt’ (literally Jews quarter) is a district on the opposite side of the historic inner city.

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Breaking News – Polygoon sound film David Hamburger 1931

Like in Hollywood , the Jewish Dutch are prominent in the Dutch film world before World War II – during the interbellum.
The three top players in the Dutch film industry also share that Jewish background – Abraham Tuschinski (Ref. 1, 2), Loet C. Barnstijn (Ref. 3) and David Hamburger Jr.

Here a speech by David Hamburger jr., chairman of the Nederlandsche Bioscoopbond (NBB) (Dutch Union of Cinema Proprietors), a film published May 17, 1931 (commissioned by Polygoon / courtesy of Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision – Open Images) on the upcoming Polygoon cinema newsreels with sound that will soon replace the silent newsreels of Polygoons Hollands Nieuws (Dutch News).


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Roman Vishniac Re-discovered | 20140823

Roman Vishniac Re-discovered | 20140823 | 1-memo.com | Image taken yesterday at the exhibition of Roman Vishniac’s photos at Amsterdam Jewish Historical Museum, 2014. Tomorrow (Aug 24th) is the last day of this exhibition “Roman Vishniac (re)discovered”
In that large picture his daughter Mara poses in front of an election poster in Berlin , 1933 . | TakeNode ID f3281589-fde9-4bd2-a15d-1156ece26eb2

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