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Memorial Space Dossin

Memorial Space Dossin ~
A space in which names can be heard aloud. From the secondary school project « Namen noemen » « Nommer les noms » by the Belgian students and Kazerne Dossin | Betty Swaab. With display of the faces with numbers of Transports I – XXVI & Z – in the Kazerne Dossin Memorial in Mechelen, Belgium. Filmed and sound recording May 2013.

Memorial Space Dossin | 20210512 | michelvanderburg•com | Miracles•Media

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Digital Out of Home

In between news and ads, the short film ‘Sunset Over The Maas River’ is screening in the Rotterdam Alexandrium mall, filmed March 29, 2019. More ‘Digital Out of Home’ exposure elsewhere in the city on Ngage Media screens – see these previous posts ‘Exposure‘ and ‘Sunset Over The Maas River‘.
Based on the 1 minute film ‘Sunset over the Maas River with the Euromast’ at 1-memo.com (20181009).

① memo 20190831 ~ Digital Out of Home

Sunset Over The Maas River

Last night in Rotterdam at Lijnbaan street and Westblaak street the short film ‘Sunset Over The Maas River’ on the Ngage Media screens (other displays include screens at the Rotterdam Central Station , Rotterdam Alexandrium , and Zuidplein. ① memo 20190405 ~ Sunset Over The Maas River


Publicity 😉 for short film ‘Sunset Over The Maas River’ (based on the 1 minute 20181009 at 1-memo.com) on screens all over the city center of Rotterdam – here at Westblaak – thanks to Ngage Media.

Great still of the film playing at Rotterdam Central Station below.

Sunset Over The Maas River film at Rotterdam Central Station – Still : Tim Bruijninckx/Ngage Media

① memo 20190329 ~ Exposure