Vernissage ‘236’ Land(es)capes 20th convoy

Photographer Jo Struyven presents a preview of his work last night , Thursday January 19th, 2023 at the vernissage of 236 — Land(es)capes from the 20th Convoy , an exhibition of works by Jo Struyven and Luc Tuymans in the Jewish Museum of Belgium, Brussels, Belgium, open from today for the public January 20 – August 14, 2023.

On April 19, 1943, the 20th transport left the Mechelen transit camp to deport 1,631 Jews to Auschwitz. Thanks to resistance actions, both inside and outside the wagons, 236 of these deportees managed to jump from the train that would lead them to destruction.

Photographer Jo Struyven revisits this unique act of resistance in Western Europe during the Nazi regime and shows us the landscapes in which this little-known story took place.

The vernissage was opened by Philippe Blondin, President of the Jewish Museum, and by Pierre-Yves Jeholet , Minister-President of the Government of the Federation Wallonia-Brussels.

Follow-up post tomorrow 20230121.
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Amsterdam Ghetto 1941

(Silent Film) The Amsterdam Jewish Quarter — Joodsche Wijk (dutch) | Juden Viertel (german) — was cordoned off by the Nazis and declared a Jewish ghetto, February 1941, during World War II. Source : Producer unknown | Sound & Vision (Open Images)
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ISSN 2949-9313 Registration Settela•Com

Settela•Com | ISSN 2949-9313 Registration – as ongoing integrating resource published by Miracles.Media (Netherlands) confirmed by the ISSN Centre of the Koninklijke Bibliotheek – the Netherlands National Library, Friday, 25th Nov 2022.
Settela•Com aims to online document and facilitate research of the Westerbork images, the use of the film in other works, the context of the camp and of the war in the Netherlands, and the destruction of diversity.
Settela•Com was made public with the first publication on May 19, 2019 — 75 years after the deportation of the Sinti girl Settela Steinbach from camp Westerbork was filmed — with the online premiere of the new one-minute film ‘Settela’.
From that first publication, contributions are published irregularly, with an average frequency of about once a month, mainly in English and Dutch, on the website.
Settela•Com welcomes contributions (English, Dutch, French) by submission of posts, papers, suggestions, or proposals within the scope of the platform.
ISSN Registration | 20221126 | Settela•Com | ISSN 2949-9313
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Jews and the Resistance | Marc Michiels | 20221120

Lezing Marc Michiels : De verzetsactie op het 20ste transport Mechelen-Auschwitz. Studiedag CegeSoma & Kazerne Dossin , 20 nov 2013, in Kazerne Dossin , Mechelen , Belgium.

Camera notities van Joods Verzet & Transport XX door Michel van der Burg. Ik was nog net op tijd voor deze lezing van Marc Michiels. De dag daarvoor filmde ik Simon Gronowski de hele dag en avond in Saint Sépulcre, Luik. Plan was om na overnachting in Luik , van daar uit naar de studiedag te gaan. Maar al onderweg in de auto toen ik borden Brussel zag herinnerde ik mij plots dat Simon Gronowski terloops iets gezegd had over ‘actie’ ‘morgen’ ‘Waterloo’ (dat drong niet tot me door toen tijdens filmen) en besloot ik dat op te zoeken in Brussel, nog net op tijd voor de speech van Amir Jafari, 12 jaar en Afghaanse vluchteling. Na maken van reportage daar in Brussel, besloten alsnog naar Kazerne Dossin te rijden voor rest van studiedag : de Afternoon Session …
Moderator Ward Adriaens – met bijdragen van Thierry Rozenblum, Herman Van Goethem, Laurence Schram, Marc Michiels, Arnaud Bozzini, en Rudi Van Doorslaer.

On 20 November 2013, roughly 70 years after the attack on the 20th Convoy from Mechelen to Auschwitz in Boortmeerbeek, Kazerne Dossin and Cegesoma jointly organized a study day about Jews and the Resistance. The symposium languages were Dutch and French.
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Samudaripen Book Cover | 20221118

Samudaripen Book Cover | 20221118 | Settela•Com
For Settela•Com , Michel worked with Elisabeth Obadia at the small publishing house L’Esprit Frappeur in Paris and the Tokyo based French visual artist Benoit Dupuis (, by preparing a high quality camera-original still image of Settela (Ref 1) from the Westerbork film (Ref 2, 3) for the cover of the 3rd edition of the book Samudaripen, le génocide des Tsiganes (Ref 4) — the genocide of the Gypsies – by author, historian, Claire Auzias. Proud with the result. Waiting for the book to arrive …


1 – Settela | 20220629 | Settela•Com | URL

2 – Westerbork Film 🎦 2021 | 20220302 | Settela•Com | URL

3 – Westerborkfilm Introduction | 20220507 | Michel van der Burg | Settela•Com | URL

4 – Claire Auzias (2022) Samudaripen, le génocide des Tsiganes (Samudaripen, the Genocide of the Gypsies), Paris, L’Esprit Frappeur (3nd edition 2022) ISBN 978-2-85103-051-1 | URL

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Rhythmus | 20221117

Rhythmus | 20221117 | 1-memo•com
Robert Clary had rhythm ! Born Robert Widerman, March 1, 1926 in Paris — he passed away yesterday Nov 16, 2022, at his home in Los Angeles. He was 96. Robert was deported from Paris at the age of 16 to the death camps. April 19, 1945 he was singing and dancing in Buchenwald with the Rhythmus Jazz Band entertaining the U.S. Army troops who had liberated the camp .
Photo (courtesy Richard Bloom Productions) copy of the Program of 19.4.1945 – Rhythmus – 1st Jazz Concert in the liberated Buchenwald – – Vocal : Widerman / France . With political prisoner , resistance fighter, Jiří Žák (bass; founder of the band) who saved Robert’s life and the life of others in the Buchenwald Concentration Camp. Band leader Yves Darriet came up with the nickname Clary for Robert (from the movie Les Adventures de Désirée Clary) — the artist name Robert Clary made name with on Broadway in Hollywood … the US .
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Viviane’s Story | eBook New Prints | 20221111

Viviane’s Story | eBook New Prints | 20221111

November 11, 2022 — Viviane’s Story by Viviane Yarom-Castegnier & Michel van der Burg was first published by Miracles.Media the night of April 19, 2019 as eBook (ePub) including video with a file size of 200 MB.

Now, the 2nd print of this eBook (ePub) is released – with the much smaller size of 60 MB ( same ISBN 9789493147003 ).
In addition now a PDF edition of the eBook is released with ISBN 9789493147010 .

You can download both these new eBooks of Viviane’s Story from the site Miracles.Media — both the ePUB (ISBN 978-94-93147-00-3) and PDF (ISBN 978-94-93147-01-0) editions. Link

Viviane's Story
Escape from Transport XX...Born 6 Months Later


Viviane Yarom-Castegnier & Michel van der Burg

On the night of the 19th of April in 1943 – Viviane escaped in the womb of her pregnant mother from the Twentieth Train heading for Auschwitz.
Isabella Weinreb-Castegnier was three-months pregnant when she jumped that night in Belgium from the fast moving 20th Death Train to Auschwitz.
It was Passover eve and full moon.

Isabella escaped with a broken wrist and bruises all over her body, but no other major injuries.
Her daughter Viviane – meaning “full of life”, and named so for her will to live and hold tight in her mother’s womb – was born six months later on October 30, 1943 in Brussels, Belgium.

This e-booklet presents Viviane’s story with amazing new insights discovered together with the Dutch-Belgian author-reporter Simone Korkus of the man that helped Isabella jump to freedom – Elias Gnazik.

Published April 19, 2019 by Miracles•Media together with co-publisher Richard Bloom Productions — With a foreword by Simone Korkus — ISBN 9789493147003