❤️ 2 Russia

❤️ 2 Russia ~ “With love to Russia” – Kiss-in protest in front of the Russian embassy in Berlin against controversial anti-gay law in Russia. Under the motto “Enough is enough” , with the slogans “With love to Russia”, and “Putin go homo” demonstrators carried posters with the portrait of president Putin with heavy makeup (speech notes below).

Speech notes :

Berlin history shows : It is a small step from exclusion to violence. We here are kissing men and kissing women out in the open , just like it shows in the nearby ‘Memorial to Homosexuals Persecuted Under Nazism’. A warning to all of us. That is why we protest here at the embassy of Russia against criminalizing kissing.

Shit , this is a Kiss-in , go on , go kiss , smooch, each other ! Mr Putin lets make love. Like men can have a women bosses , and Blacks can sit in the front of a bus in the US, and now have a black president. Don’t be afraid of kissing people… All you need is Love. With Love to Russia! Think about it , love is not a fuckin crime – Rather then applaud , smooch, each other , it’s a Kiss-in.

Second edition (20200908) of film first published at Vimeo and 1-memo.com dd 20160724 . Unter den Linden , Berlin , Germany, September 8, 2013

❤️ 2 Russia | 20200908 | 20160724 | Michel van der Burg | 1-memo•com