Missing Image Westerbork Film 2021 | 20230519

Missing Image Westerbork Film 2021

The new 2021 Westerbork Film is missing part of the image in every frame …

The new high quality restored Westerbork film, presented first May 2021 by the Netherlands Institute for Sound & Vision and the NIOD Institute for War, Holocaust and Genocide Studies, has numerous advantages over the previous well known first edition of the Westerborkfilm made in 1986 in 4 acts by the dutch Rijksvoorlichtingsdienst (RVD ; the Dutch National Centre for Information) .
The full 1986 film including all 4 acts , was first published in 2019 at Settela•Com (Ref 1), with annotations for the various scenes. That 1986 Westerborkfilm however does not include all of the footage shot by Rudolf Breslauer, Spring 1944 in Camp Westerbork, in the Netherlands.

Footage not used in the 1986 Westerbork film compilation was presented in a series of posts published later in 2019 at Settela•Com.
Next, a film compilation of all that known footage was posted online as the WESTERBORK FILMS COLLECTION – UNESCO ALBUM (Ref 2). That film compilation was also made available for download 20 January 2020 by Michel van der Burg | Miracles.Media via the Open Images bank of Sound & Vision (Ref 3). That compilation was prepared without checking / deleting duplicate copies of footage, and thus contains redundant footage.

The 2021 restored Westerbork film is a major upgrade from the 1986 Westerborkfilm edition. Important advantages of the 2021 Westerbork film are , (i) new high quality 4K scans were made of the footage, (ii) containing a complete selection of all known footage, (iii) using only the best copies of all footage found in the archives, (iv) based on an extensive new inventory of all known archives, with the discovery of 2 canisters with ‘camera-original’ footage, and a hitherto unknown clip, and (v) with conservative, digital, restoration applied. Details on that new restored Westerbork film were discussed July 2021 with the co-publication of an important part of the 2021 Westerbork film : the new high quality deportation footage — a film compilation of scans of the newly discovered original camera negative film used by Rudolf Breslauer 19 May 1944 in Camp Westerbork, in the Netherlands (Ref 4).

The complete Westerbork Film 2021 was published too at Settela•Com on May 7, 2022 with all scenes annotated (Ref 5), together with a short introductory film : Westerborkfilm Introduction (Ref 6).

Note that additional digital restoration has been applied by Sound & Vision for the publicly made available so-called ‘display edition’ of this new 2021 Westerbork film according to Conservator Valentine Kuypers | Sound and Vision (Ref 7) – as discussed previously at Settela•Com (Ref 4).

Missing Part Images

It should be noted that the released 2021 ‘display edition’ of the Westerbork film – due to the applied image stabilization – does show less of the actual image in each frame as compared to the 1986 edition.

Below some examples illustrating the crop in the display edition.

Out of frame : Nazi with bike

1986 edition | showing ‘nazi with bike’ | 20230519 | Settela•Com

1986 edition – showing ‘nazi with bike’ watching the deportation train leaving – https://youtu.be/8E-IWGjbGZM?t=468

2021 edition | not showing ‘nazi with bike’ | 20230519 | Settela•Com

2021 edition – not showing ‘nazi with bike’ in same scene, near identical frame — though he shows up in later frames a few seconds later, walking away ) – https://youtu.be/ZiLNDziwEtc?t=882

Settela’s car (not) showing 74p•

Next a comparison of the frame displaying “74 p.” (chalked on the car with Settela). The dot is shown in the 1986 film. That dot is missing in the 2021 film due to the cropped image resulting from the image stabilization.

1986 edition | dot showing in 74p• | 20230519 | Settela•Com

1986 edition – dot showing in 74p• on Settela’s car ; URL https://youtu.be/8E-IWGjbGZM?t=386

2021 edition | dot not showing in 74p | 20230519 | Settela•Com

2021 edition – dot NOT showing in 74p on Settela’s car ; URL https://youtu.be/ZiLNDziwEtc?t=1015

No crop in early news coverage

Of note : first news clips presented by Sound & Vision announcing the new restored film , are apparently not based on the ‘display edition’, and do show that dot in the original 4K scan.

The full image — including the dot ’74 p.” — was shown in a first news item Sep 12, 2019 on the daily dutch ‘Nieuwsuur’ national news show , on colorized high quality deportation footage, that mentioning the new original footage. Item “Iconische beelden Tweede Wereldoorlog na 75 jaar in kleur” ; URL https://nos.nl/nieuwsuur/artikel/2301340-iconische-beelden-tweede-wereldoorlog-na-75-jaar-in-kleur

Jan 2020 Sound & Vision publicly showed and announced the newly discovered camera original footage via the daily dutch news show NOS (Ref 8) showing the images with no crop — including the dot ’74 p.” and presented an 8 min film compilation a few days later via their Vimeo channel also (at 0021) shwoing 74 Pers • (with dot) . URL https://vimeo.com/386667241

74 Pers • | Vimeo edition 20200123 Sound & Vision | 20230519 | Settela•Com

Display edition presentation – with crop

74 Pers | YouTube edition 20210408 Sound & Vision | 20230519 | Settela•Com

In 2021 Sound & Vision apparently started using the ‘display edition’ for publications on the new found original Westerbork deportation footage ; such as the YouTube uploads “De Westerborkfilm 📽️🎞️” (uploaded Apr 8, 2021) – https://youtu.be/8Y-A4BkWY18?t=2 , a video presented first I believe April 18, 2021 in an online Media Café event by Sound & Vision , and May 18, 2021 on the occasion of the public release of the restored film (Ref 9), in the 20 min presentation “Gerestaureerde filmbeelden Westerbork (1944)” of a compilation of selected images from the restored film – missing again the dot at 0:47 – https://youtu.be/-zCmr6PSNcI?t=47

Missing Image Westerbork Film 2021 | 20230519 | Michel van der Burg | Settela•Com | ISSN 2949-9313


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JR: Chronicles Groninger Museum

Short impression of visiting JR: Chronicles in the Groninger Museum in Groningen, The Netherlands — a major show of the work of the artist JR, organized by the Brooklyn Museum. Here focusing on the video wall of Inside Out projects, screening our short film Béguinage Refugees Into The Wild.

The exhibition is touring the world. First , the Brooklyn Museum in New York from October 4, 2019 – May 3, 2020. Next, the Saatchi Gallery in London from June – Oct 2021. And more recent the Groninger Museum in Holland (The Netherlands) from Nov 2021 untill June 2022 — filmed here June 2022. A promotional film with images of all these places was posted 20220107.

The show highlights JR’s global public participatory art project INSIDE OUT ( @insideoutproject ) .
A video wall is screening the Best of INSIDE OUT videos – including our film ‘Béguinage Refugees Into The Wild’ – a short documentary on the Inside Out project “Justice for Afghan refugees in Belgium”.
Our short film documents the Afghan refugees living in the Brussels Béguinage church , with music by Félix Snyers on the Béguinage church pipe organ, and their portrait’s (posters) by Chiara Ravano for the Inside Out project “Justice for Afghan refugees in Belgium” exhibition at Olivier Bonny’s workshop in Salon Mommen, Brussels, Belgium, March 2014. A Beguinage Project report by Kristen Cattell & Michel van der Burg.

License info JR: Chronicles Groninger Museum | 20230301 | Miracles•Media | TakeNode fbe93b03-5b53-4b3f-92ce-df537ffc1d96

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SS Führer Rauter Trial Start 1948

The former Höhere SS- und Polizeiführer in the Netherlands, H.A. Rauter, must stand trial in The Hague for his crimes, which he committed in World War II. Hanns A. Rauter, an Austrian, was the highest SS official in Nazi-occupied Holland and was tasked with setting up the camps in Westerbork and other dutch cities, and the arrests , internment and deportation of Dutch Jews , Roma, Sinti, resistance workers, and other groups of Dutch people. Dutch cinema news March (week 14) 1948 (company : Polygoon Hollands Nieuws) .
The sessions will take place on 1, 2, 3 and 22 April in the former palace on the Kneuterdijk in The Hague. The court is chaired by mr. P.G.M. van Meeuwen; attorney-at-law is mr. J. Zaayer; defender (added) is mr. K. van Rijckevorsel. SHOTS: – exterior Special Court building; – a long line of interested people stands in the rain in front of the public entrance and rushes in when the door opens; Rauter arrives, with guards, in a crook’s car in the courtyard; thick file under the arm; goes in; – interior of courtroom packed with audience: Rauter (in uniform without insignia) enters and sits down between two guards; judges enter; – session starts; Rauter makes a statement standing.

The trial news continues in the previously published film : Westerbork Film in ‘Proces Rauter’ 1948 | 20190520 | Settela•Com

Source : Polygoon Hollands Nieuws / Sound & Vision (Open Images).
License Info : SS Führer Rauter Trial Start 1948 | 20230127 | Settela•Com | TakeNode 3d48e3a5-2fc8-4d8d-ba8b-21c07d238570

NL (dutch) – SS Führer Rauter Proces Start 1948

De vroegere Höhere SS- und Polizeiführer in Nederland, H.A. Rauter, moet in Den Haag terechtstaan voor zijn misdaden, die hij beging in de Tweede Wereldoorlog. Weekjournaal van Polygoon Hollands Nieuws van week 14 uit 1948. De zittingen hebben, op 1,2,3 en 22 april plaats in het voormalige paleis aan de Kneuterdijk. Het hof staat onder voorzitterschap van jhr. mr. P.G.M. van Meeuwen; als procureur-fiscaal treedt op mr. J. Zaayer; als (toegevoegd) verdediger mr. K. van Rijckevorsel. Beeld: – ext. gebouw Bijzonder Gerechtshof; – een lange rij belangstellenden staat in de regen voor de publieke ingang en haast zich naar binnen als de deur open gaat; – Rauter arriveert, met bewakers, in een boevenwagen op de binnenplaats; dik dossier onder de arm; gaat naar binnen; – int. van een met publiek volgepakte rechtszaal: Rauter (in uniform zonder distinctieven) komt binnen en gaat – tussen twee bewakers – zitten; rechters komen binnen; – zitting begint; Rauter legt – staande – een verklaring af.

Het proces nieuws wordt vervolgd in de eerder gepubliceerde film : Westerbork Film in ‘Proces Rauter’ 1948 | 20190520 | Settela•Com

Bron : Polygoon Hollands Nieuws / Sound & Vision (Open Beelden).
License Info : SS Führer Rauter Trial Start 1948 | 20230127 | Settela•Com | TakeNode 3d48e3a5-2fc8-4d8d-ba8b-21c07d238570

Tags : #Nazi #film #Holocaust #Porajmos #Westerbork #TheHague #courtroom #courtyard #public #Netherlands #Rauter #cinema #Polygoon #SS #trial #rechtszaak #proces #war criminal #oorlogsmisdadiger #1Memo #michelvanderburg #SettelaCom

Samudaripen – Genocide of the Gypsies – Claire Auzias

Samudaripen – Genocide of the Gypsies – Claire Auzias

The French author, historian and libertarian, Claire Auzias researches social movements, women’s history and Roma’s history (1). She has written several works on the Roma’s history in the last 20 years. Samudaripen, the Genocide of the Gypsies, first appeared in 1999/2000 (2,3), and is now followed by the 3rd edition (4) published by L’Esprit Frappeur (Paris).
In her book Samudaripen, Claire Auzias sheds light on this poorly documented genocide in the III Reich , Eastern Europe, and Western Europe. This entirely revised 3rd edition now includes two new chapters — one on Switzerland by Claire Auzias, and one on The Netherlands by Erik Van Den Muijzenberg. Claire Auzias , in her foreword (5) : “…the patient discovery of the identity of an anonymous icon of the deportation, in the guise of a Dutch Sinti girl, made the chapter on the Netherlands obligatory, at least for those of the French gypsies who do not read foreign languages.”


1 – Dr Claire Auzias Researcher Associate At Socius. URL https://socius.rc.iseg.ulisboa.pt/cv_membros/ClaireAuzias_CV_ING_Setembro2011.pdf

2 – Claire Auzias interview (2009) “Samudaripen” – Un entretien avec Claire Auzias, auteure du livre “Samudaripen, le génocide des Tziganes” aux éditions L’Esprit frappeur. Réalisé fin octobre 2009 par Bruno Boudiguet pour Télé Liberté / Le Cobaye international . Dailymotion URL https://dai.ly/xb9lah

3 – Jean-Jacques Gandini (2000) Samudaripen, le génocide des Tsiganes | Claire Auzias – L’Esprit frappeur, Paris, 2000. Le Monde diplomatique , Oct 2000 . URL https://www.monde-diplomatique.fr/2000/10/GANDINI/2512

4 – Claire Auzias (2022) Samudaripen, le génocide des Tsiganes (Samudaripen, the Genocide of the Gypsies), Paris, L’Esprit Frappeur (3nd edition 2022) ISBN 978-2-85103-051-1 | URL https://livrelibre.fr/categorie/livres/editeurs/esprit-frappeur/

5 – Claire Auzias (2022) Samudaripen, le génocide des Tsiganes (Samudaripen, the Genocide of the Gypsies), Paris, L’Esprit Frappeur (3nd edition 2022) ISBN 978-2-85103-051-1 | Avant Propos : “…la découverte patiente de l’identité d’une icône anonyme de la déportation, sous les traits d’une fillette sinti hollandaise, rendait obligatoire le chapitre sur les Pays-Bas, a minima à l’attention de ceux des Tsiganes français qui ne lisent pas les langues étrangères.”

License info :
Samudaripen – Genocide of the Gypsies – Claire Auzias | 20221210 | Settela•Com

TakeNode 794567ca-5db5-4945-8ffd-84949ec736ef

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Amsterdam Ghetto 1941

(Silent Film) The Amsterdam Jewish Quarter — Joodsche Wijk (dutch) | Juden Viertel (german) — was cordoned off by the Nazis and declared a Jewish ghetto, February 1941, during World War II. Source : Producer unknown | Sound & Vision (Open Images)
License : Amsterdam Ghetto 1941 | 20221209 | Settela•Com – CC BY SA 3.0 | TakeNode 00e86cb5-adf6-4b73-8de6-64627aa27bca

TAGS #Amsterdam #Jew #Jodenbuurt #Judenviertel #ghetto #star #david #batch #city #quarter #fence #guard #nazi #ww2 #war #holocaust #Netwerk Oorlogsbronnen 2022 #jodenbuurt #Sound & Vision #deportation #Jew #Hollland #Netherlands #TakeNode #1Memo #michelvanderburg #SettelaCom

ISSN 2949-9313 Registration Settela•Com

Settela•Com | ISSN 2949-9313 Registration – as ongoing integrating resource published by Miracles.Media (Netherlands) confirmed by the ISSN Centre of the Koninklijke Bibliotheek – the Netherlands National Library, Friday, 25th Nov 2022.
Settela•Com aims to online document and facilitate research of the Westerbork images, the use of the film in other works, the context of the camp and of the war in the Netherlands, and the destruction of diversity.
Settela•Com was made public with the first publication on May 19, 2019 — 75 years after the deportation of the Sinti girl Settela Steinbach from camp Westerbork was filmed — with the online premiere of the new one-minute film ‘Settela’.
From that first publication, contributions are published irregularly, with an average frequency of about once a month, mainly in English and Dutch, on the settela.com website.
Settela•Com welcomes contributions (English, Dutch, French) by submission of posts, papers, suggestions, or proposals within the scope of the platform.
ISSN Registration | 20221126 | Settela•Com | ISSN 2949-9313
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Pancreatic islet transplantation Thesis Repository Leiden University | 20221125

Pancreatic islet transplantation Thesis Repository Leiden University | 20221125 | Michel van der Burg | Miracles•Media

Pancreatic islet transplantation , the doctoral thesis by Michel van der Burg – digital publication ISBN 9789080216402 – is freely available (Open Access) now in the Scholarly Publications repository of Leiden University. Persistent URL of this record https://hdl.handle.net/1887/3486604

The dissertation ‘Pancreatic islet transplantation’ was published first as a paperback in 1994 ( ISBN paperback 9789080216419 ) — and obviously that is considered virtually inaccessible in this digital age. Though it is still available ‘new’ — collectors item 😉
Last October the digital edition ISBN eBook (pdf) 9789080216402 has been produced and first released by the author / publisher Michel van der Burg at Miracles•Media as a free download , available from October 25th, 2022.

TAGS #repository #scholarly #publications #Leiden #University #pancreatic #islets #islet #isolation #beta @cells #doctoral #thesis #dissertation #digital #addendum #stellingen #propositions #ISBN9789080216402 #publish #science #donor #pancreas #insulin #therapy #clinical #Langerhans #Wisconsin #solution #UWS #purification #density #gradient #percoll #iodixanol #separation #transplantation #medicine #biology #diabetes #IDDM #laboratory #research #cure #LUMC #dissertation #PhD #Doctor #Philosophy #publisher #scan #ebook #book #ISBN #9789080216402 #9789080216419 #Holland #Netherlands #TakeNode #1Memo #michelvanderburg #MiraclesMedia