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JR Groninger Show – Afghan Refugees Inside Out

JR Groninger Show – Afghan Refugees Inside Out | 20220107 | 1-memo•com |
JR: Chronicles is now in the Groninger Museum in Holland. A major show of the work of the artist JR.

The exhibition is touring the world. First , the Brooklyn Museum in New York from October 4, 2019 – May 3, 2020. Next, the Saatchi Gallery in London from June – Oct 2021. And now the Groninger Museum in Holland (The Netherlands) from Nov 2021 untill June 2022 .

The show highlights JR’s global public participatory art project INSIDE OUT ( @insideoutproject ) .
A video wall is screening more than 50 of the Best of INSIDE OUT videos – including our film ‘Béguinage Refugees Into The Wild’ – a short documentary on the Inside Out project “Justice for Afghan refugees in Belgium”.
Our film documents the Afghan refugees living in the Brussels Béguinage church , and their portrait’s (posters) by Chiara Ravano nearby at Olivier Bonny’s workshop in Salon Mommen, Brussels, Belgium, March 2014.

In 2020 , our special JR: Chronicles edition of this film ‘Béguinage Refugees Into The Wild’ was published online ( 20200205 ) . This exhibition edition was prepared September 2019 ( 20190911 ) for the Brooklyn Museum installation – an update of the original 2016 film ( 20160620 ) selected for the Best of INSIDE OUT videos.

This promotional film ‘ JR Groninger Show – Afghan Refugees Inside Out | 20220107 ‘ shows images of the New York show made in 2019 by Beguinage Project partner Kristen Cattell , and uses a screenshot (made Dec 10, 2021) of the Groninger Museum website page of the JR: Chronicles show in Groningen, The Netherlands , with visiting information and tickets. Here the link https://www.groningermuseum.nl/en/art/exhibitions/jr This link is included in the online YouTube film screen.


Béguinage Refugees Into The Wild | 20200205 – 20190911 – 20160620 |
Afghan refugees living in the Brussels Béguinage church with posters by Chiara Ravano for the Inside Out project “Justice for Afghan refugees in Belgium” – Olivier Bonny, Salon Mommen, Brussels, Belgium, March 2014. Félix Snyers on the Béguinage church pipe organ. A Beguinage Project report by Kristen Cattell & Michel van der Burg.
Film : Béguinage Refugees Into The Wild ~ JR: Chronicles Edition (20200205) Michel van der Burg | miracles.media

JR Groninger Show – Afghan Refugees Inside Out | 20220107
JR: Chronicles | INSIDE OUT | Béguinage Refugees Into The Wild
Brooklyn Museum , New York 2019-2020 | Saatchi Gallery , London 2021 | Groninger Museum , Netherlands Nov 2021- June 2022 .
@jr @JRart @brooklynmuseum @saatchi_gallery @groningermuseum @insideoutproject @ludmilakreichman @miraclesmedia @kristencattell @michelvanderburg
Film : JR Groninger Show – Afghan Refugees Inside Out ( 20220107 ) by Kristen Cattell & Michel van der Burg | Miracles.Media

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Scenes Westerbork Film

Scenes Westerbork Film – Demo Captions CC

English EN | Nederlands NL | Français FR

EN — Demo video (silent) showing use of the new captions (CC – closed captions) now available at the start of all scenes in the Westerbork Film on YouTube. Link to Westerbork Film also in the video.

NL – Demo video (zonder geluid) toont gebruik van de nieuwe ondertitels (CC – captions) nu beschikbaar bij aanvang van alle scènes in de Westerbork Film op YouTube. Link naar Westerbork Film ook in de video.

FR — Démo vidéo (muet) montrant l’utilisation des nouvelles légendes disponibles au début de toutes les scènes du ‘Westerbork Film’ sur YouTube. Lien vers Westerbork Film aussi dans la vidéo.

Scenes Westerbork Film | 20210811 | Michel van der Burg | settela•com

TAGS #demo #caption #scene #légende #language #onderschrift #cc #deportation #train #Westerbork #camp #RudolfBreslauer #Netherlands #holocaust #Jew #Roma #Sinti #UNESCO #documentary #Auschwitz #BergenBelsen #film #diversity #1Memo #michelvanderburg #SettelaCom

More on the film :
Westerbork Film (20190605) Michel van der Burg | Settela.com (accessed 2021 Aug 11) URL: https://wp.me/p91enH-1x


Westerbork Film … Start – https://youtu.be/8E-IWGjbGZM

Westerbork Act 1 – https://youtu.be/8E-IWGjbGZM?t=4
– 01. Transport from Amsterdam – https://youtu.be/8E-IWGjbGZM?t=24 – 02. Transport from Vught – https://youtu.be/8E-IWGjbGZM?t=120
– 03. Transport to Bergen-Belsen and Auschwitz – https://youtu.be/8E-IWGjbGZM?t=251 – 04. Aircraft disassembly – https://youtu.be/8E-IWGjbGZM?t=534

Westerbork Act 2 – https://youtu.be/8E-IWGjbGZM?t=1227
– 05. Disassembly and manufacture of batteries – https://youtu.be/8E-IWGjbGZM?t=1249 – 06. Separation of silver paper – https://youtu.be/8E-IWGjbGZM?t=1434 – 07. Clothing factory – https://youtu.be/8E-IWGjbGZM?t=1518 – 08. Toy factory – https://youtu.be/8E-IWGjbGZM?t=1688
– 09. Furniture workshop – https://youtu.be/8E-IWGjbGZM?t=1897 – 10. Metalworking shop … Forge – https://youtu.be/8E-IWGjbGZM?t=2030 – 11. Manufacture of brushes – https://youtu.be/8E-IWGjbGZM?t=2198 – 12. Shoemaking – https://youtu.be/8E-IWGjbGZM?t=2244
– 13. Manufacture of handbags – https://youtu.be/8E-IWGjbGZM?t=2344 – 14. Manufacture of soles and gloves – https://youtu.be/8E-IWGjbGZM?t=2413 – 15. Weaving, repairing stockings – https://youtu.be/8E-IWGjbGZM?t=2447

Westerbork Act 3 – https://youtu.be/8E-IWGjbGZM?t=2540
– 16. Cufflinks factory – https://youtu.be/8E-IWGjbGZM?t=2559 – 17. Clothing factory – https://youtu.be/8E-IWGjbGZM?t=2637 – 18. Laundry … ironing – https://youtu.be/8E-IWGjbGZM?t=2670 – 19. Medical laboratory – https://youtu.be/8E-IWGjbGZM?t=2749 – 20. Dental Clinic – https://youtu.be/8E-IWGjbGZM?t=2795
– 21. Unloading materials for barracks – https://youtu.be/8E-IWGjbGZM?t=2821 – 22. Construction greenhouse – https://youtu.be/8E-IWGjbGZM?t=2914
– 23. Train to Oranje canal ship … loading bricks – https://youtu.be/8E-IWGjbGZM?t=3020 – 24. Visit to the camp farm – https://youtu.be/8E-IWGjbGZM?t=3368

Westerbork Act 4 – https://youtu.be/8E-IWGjbGZM?t=3650
– 25. Visit camp farm , cont. – https://youtu.be/8E-IWGjbGZM?t=3667 – 26. Agriculture – https://youtu.be/8E-IWGjbGZM?t=3817
– 27. Arrival camp mine carts with bricks – https://youtu.be/8E-IWGjbGZM?t=4093 – 28. Construction purification plant – https://youtu.be/8E-IWGjbGZM?t=4158 – 29. Felling and sawing trees near Assen – https://youtu.be/8E-IWGjbGZM?t=4210 – 30. Religious service in the Great Hall – https://youtu.be/8E-IWGjbGZM?t=4502 – 31. Football match at the roll call area – https://youtu.be/8E-IWGjbGZM?t=4508 – 32. Women exercising – https://youtu.be/8E-IWGjbGZM?t=4632 – 33. Revue night Bunter Abend – https://youtu.be/8E-IWGjbGZM?t=4692

Jordaan Amsterdam 1931 | 20210728

Jordaan Amsterdam 1931 * ~ Music : Clair du Lune (Debussy) by Ohad Ben Ari | Artlist ~ Film : 20210728 | Michel van der Burg | Miracles•Media

Cinema news reel screened first in Holland in 1931 on the occasion of the upcoming renovation of the poor Jordaan district.

Daily life in the Jordaan district showing the Egelantiersstraat street and Prinsengracht canal with eg. a street sweeper near a city cleaning truck (I guess), bal playing kids, hand carts, horse-drawn wagons, a greengrocer, a woman with a tub cleaning a little cupboard or stove, kids play marbles, girls with breads, jump rope, a black doll, a scissors-grinder and inland ships in the Prinsengracht canal (near the corner Rozenstraat) with a tram car and the Westerkerk church in the background , and the Prinsengracht continuing on the left side of the church were Anne Frank’s family would start living some 10 years later.

Source film footage : Orion – Revue, cinema news reel 1931 “De Amsterdamsche Jordaan Wordt Gesaneerd” (Renovation of the Amsterdam Jordaan) – courtesy of Orion Filmfabriek, Den Haag (producer; Orion Filmfactory, The Hague) | Orion-Profilti | RVD Film- en Fotoarchief (1-3420) | Nederlands Instituut voor Beeld en Geluid (Sound and Vision)


* Update title July 30, 2021 : This title ‘Jordaan Amsterdam 1931’ replaces the inaccurate and misleading original title (burned in film) “Jordaan Jewish Quarter Amsterdam 1931”. Because though Jews were living there (like Anne Frank’s family 9-10 years later – the actual center of the Jews of Amsterdam the centuries old ‘Jodenbuurt’ (literally Jews quarter) is a district on the opposite side of the historic inner city.

TAGS #Jordaan #Amsterdam #Jew #quarter #Orion #1Memo #MiraclesMedia #michelvanderburg #Netherlands #Holland #Artlist #OhadBenAri #Debussy #child #street #canal #interbellum #diversity #Prinsengracht #play

Deportation Westerbork Film | 20210719

Deportation Westerbork Film – Edition 2021


Deportation 19 May 1944 from the dutch Westerbork transit camp, filmed by the German Jewish refugee and camp prisoner Rudolf Breslauer. Shortly thereafter 20 km north in the dutch town Assen, train cars are added from the Belgian Transport XXV (25) from transit camp Kazerne Dossin (Dossin barracks) in Mechelen, and the combined transport with Jews, Sinti and Roma, including Settela Steinbach, continues to the east…to the Bergen-Belsen and Auschwitz concentration camps.

Footage (original camera negative) filmed by Rudolf Breslauer 19 May 1944 in Camp Westerbork, Netherlands.

Film edited by Michel van der Burg (film grain noise reduction | reordering footage fragments | black bar removal) using as source : the digital display edition of the 2021 restored Westerbork film compilation – courtesy of the NIOD | Nederlands Instituut voor Beeld en Geluid (Sound and Vision) – based on the newly discovered original camera negative film (canister E198). File ref: BUM20210719_01_19440519

Deportation Westerbork Film | 20210719 | Michel van der Burg | settela•com


First Westerbork Film (RVD)

The full version of the Westerbork Film (RVD edition) was first published spring 2019 ( settela.com//2019/06/05 ) – 75 years after the German-Jewish camp prisoner Rudolf Werner Breslauer filmed his last scene in the Westerbork transit camp – the deportation train to Bergen-Belsen and Auschwitz, May 19, 1944 (REF 1).

That Westerbork Film – the so-called RVD edition – is a montage of raw film footage made in 1986 by the Dutch National Centre for Information (the Rijksvoorlichtingsdienst, RVD) in 4 parts (Acte 1-4). Though authentic documentary footage – all the reels of film used in the 1986 edition Westerbork Film, actually, are film copies. The fate of the camera-original film was not known.

New restored Westerbork film – 2021 edition

The renewed interest for the Westerbork Film with the Unesco Memory of the World Registration sparkled also interest at the dutch NIOD Institute for War, Holocaust and Genocide Studies in the restoration of the Westerbork Film and a new survey of all available film footage archives spring 2019 let to the discovery – by the dutch image researcher, historian, Gerard Nijssen and co-workers of the Sound and Vision institute (Beeld en Geluid) of 2 canisters with ‘camera-original’ footage.

One of these canisters contains the original camera negative footage of all known fragments of the May 19, 1944 deportation – canister E198 (labeled : Negatief origineel – Westerbork – Transport – 64 meter).
This news and a glimpse of the new high quality ‘camera-original’ footage was aired January 20, 2020 by the national dutch broadcaster NOS (REF 2).

Conservator Valentine Kuypers (Sound and Vision) on the restoration

Part of the new restored film premiered online 18 April 2021 during the Mediacafé conference ‘Westerbork, caught on film’ hosted by Valentine Kuypers (conservator, Beeld en Geluid) and Bas Kortholt (Camp Westerbork Memorial Centre).
The new 2021 Westerbork film is a compilation of the best quality footage of all unique scenes found on all archive film reels, with digital scanning and conservative restoration aiming at stabilization of the images and removal only of dust, scratches, and splices without damaging film grain. No efforts were done to correct bouncing images (a camera defect) , or sharpen the images.
In addition – after the restoration – a display copy of the archive film was made and that copy has been further adjusted by color grading and retiming to mimic the original playback speed of 16 frames per second. (REF 3).

The full film of the restored Westerbork compilation was presented May 18, 2021 in Camp Westerbork Memorial Centre and made available online that day via Sound and Vision. Work on the 2021 Westerbork film edition has been a joint effort of four dutch organizations : the Dutch media archive, Sound and Vision, Camp Westerbork Memorial Centre , the NIOD Institute for War, Holocaust and Genocide Studies, and the Jewish Cultural Quarter in Amsterdam.

May 18, 2021 Sound and Vision also published via their YouTube channel (Nederlands Instituut voor Beeld en Geluid) the video ‘Gerestaureerde filmbeelden Westerbork (1944)’ – a 21 minute compilation of fragments of the new restored film footage of Westerbork, including half of the May 19, 1944 footage (REF 4).

New film findings in book “Kamp Westerbork gefilmd”

Dutch Westerbork film researchers Koert Broersma and Gerard Rossing also presented May 18, 2021 a new edition of their first in 1997 published book “Kamp Westerbork gefilmd”. For this new edition, the newly restored, cleaned and digitized version of the Westerbork Film allowed them to identify more passengers on the deportation train, including children who survived (REF 5, 6). In their book they noted that canister E198 – with the ‘camera-original’ footage of the May 19, 1944 deportation- unfortunately shows 3 splices – and showed an image of one of these splices.

Deportation Westerbork Film | Edition 2021

This film shows all the known footage filmed by Rudolf Breslauer 19 May 1944 of the deportation from Camp Westerbork from the newly discovered original camera negative film (canister E198) made available in the digital display edition of the 2021 restored Westerbork film compilation – courtesy of the NIOD | Nederlands Instituut voor Beeld en Geluid (Sound and Vision).
The film reel of canister E198 – though camera-original negative has 3 splices between film fragments not assembled in the order shot – i.e. starting with the deportation train leaving Westerbork.
The digital display edition of Sound and Vision shows no splices, but has 2 very short white transitions — and clearly no reordering was done for that archive film based copy.
In order to mimic the sequence of clips shot by Rudolf Breslauer, I reordered for the present film, those 4 fragments guided by both the route of one of the passengers, and the two white transitions in the digital display edition, as well as an image illustrating a splice shown by Koert Broersma and Gerard Rossing in their book “Kamp Westerbork gefilmd” .
The black bars of the widescreen source were trimmed, resulting in the standard format again.
Specialized software (Neat Video) was used for conservative reduction of film grain noise. No grading, sharpening etc was done.

In the film poster image, the train leaving Camp Westerbork – showing at the rear the freight car with vertical planks deporting 75 people including Settela Steinbach and her family to Auschwitz. That car actually is the fourth-last car of the train.


1. Westerbork Film (20190605) Michel van der Burg | Settela.com (accessed 2021 Jul 19) URL: https://wp.me/p91enH-1x

2. Nieuwe beelden van iconische Westerborkfilm gevonden (Jan 20, 2020) | NOS (accessed 2021 Jul 19) URL: https://bit.ly/3isIqTp

3. Restauratie Westerborkfilm (May 12, 2021) Valentine Kuypers | Beeld en Geluid (accessed 2021 Jul 19) URL: https://bit.ly/3kGteVs

4. Gerestaureerde filmbeelden Westerbork (1944) (May 18, 2021) Nederlands Instituut voor Beeld en Geluid | Youtube (accessed 2021 Jul 19) URL: https://youtu.be/-zCmr6PSNcI

5. Kamp Westerbork gefilmd (May 2021) Koert Broersma, Gerard Rossing (editor Gorcum B.V., Koninklijke van) ISBN 9789023257622.

6. Children of the Holocaust Who Are Anonymous No More by Nina Siegal | The New York Times (May 18, 2021) (accessed 2021 Jul 19) URL: https://nyti.ms/2UQvAq5

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July 19, 2021 – The current video is shown via Vimeo.
A higher quality file has been uploaded to youtube , but is currently blocked etc by two copyright claims – this will take me probably 1(-4) weeks to deal with.

Jul 25, 2021  – Started today two content ID disputes (YouTube edition) , currently under review | Both submitted on Jul 25, 2021.

Jul 26, 2021 – One claimant (restricting monitization) released their copyright claim on the youtube video.

Jul 27, 2021 – Claimant #2 released restrictions (blocking views) for the remaining time of the dispute review proces.
I now replaced the embedded Vimeo video with the YouTube edition.

Aug 18, 2021 – After reviewing my dispute, Claimant #2 has decided to release their copyright claim on the YouTube video “Deportation Westerbork Film | 20210719” . The video is finally screening now on YouTube without restrictions.

Travellers | Holland 1923

Travellers | Holland 1923

Caravan dwellers in 1923 at the Binckhorsthoek site in The Hague, Holland.
Note the ‘license plate’ numbers G-932 from ’s-Gravenhage (The Hague) and H-491 from Haarlem town. Information from the dutch book :
Sinti en Roma in Den Haag (2021) Peter Jorna | Haags Gemeentearchief | haagsgemeentearchief•nl

Source video : Polygoon-Profilti (Producer | Jan 1, 1923) courtesy of Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision (Open Images).

Travellers | Holland 1923 ~ Music : Creme Brulee by Ziv Moran | Artlist ~ Film : 20210529 | Michel van der Burg | settela•com

TAGS #Roma #Sinti #caravan #1Memo #MiraclesMedia #michelvanderburg #SettelaCom #Netherlands #Holland #TheHague #woonwagen #reiziger #music #traveller #wagon #Artlist #ZivMoran #PeterJorna #camp #site #Binckhorsthoek #play #child #police

Willy & Settela | Born Nomad

Film poster image : Willy – Settela’s older brother – photographed by Jan de Jong, when playing the violin at the age of around 7 years old.

Willy & Settela | Born Nomad | 20210519 | Settela•com
(silent film)

In 1935 the nomadic Sinti families Steinbach were photographed by Dutch photographer Jan de Jong in their caravan camp on the heath around the Heksenberg hill in the southern Netherlands. Jan de Jong was working for De Spaarnestad publishing house of the dutch weekly, catholic, illustrated magazine “Katholieke Illustratie” , that used his high quality pictures in this May 1936 spread (REF 1), with a somewhat simple romanticized short story on their origin and culture – entitled ‘Zwervers van geboorte’ or ‘Born nomad’ (my translation).

Members of other Steinbach families, I recognized in this magazine spread in the caravan window image with caption ‘Buurpraatje’ (my tr. ‘Neighbor chat’), are Anna Steinbach in the window (born 24 March 1916 – killed 31 July 1944 in Auschwitz) talking with Maria Steinbach (born 6 Nov 1912 – killed 31 July 1944 in Auschwitz) .

The 15 year old Willy (Celestinus) Steinbach (born 13 Feb 1929 in Heerlen) was deported together with his 9-year old sister Settela ((Anna Maria) Steinbach (born 23 Dec 1934 in Buchten), their brothers, sisters (Willem, Elisabeth, Johanna, Philibert, Florentina, Willem, Anna), and mother Toetela (Emilia) Steinbach (born 23 March 1902 in Antwerp, Belgium), with other Steinbach and other nomad families – all together ca 245 Sinti and Roma and ca 450 Jews – on May 19th 1944 from the dutch Camp Westerbork to Auschwitz — and some, like Willy, later to other camps.
Toetela’s eldest child Moekela (Magdalena; born 14 Sep 1922) had gone to Belgium and had been deported earlier – 15 Jan 1944 – with her 6 months old baby Jeanette – Toetela’s granddaughter – on the Z-Transport from Mechelen to Auschwitz, were they were murdered on arrival.
Note : I found Jeanette on the Transport lists in the image bank of Kazerne Dossin, Mechelen – but not yet her mother Magdalena.
Settela’s father Moeselman (Heinrich) Steinbach (born Nov 11, 1901 in Gründorf in Germany) died alone of grief June 6, 1946 in Maastricht in the Netherlands – his wife and 10 children had not survived the camps.
Their deporatation was filmed for the Westerbork Film by Rudolf Breslauer (REF 2).
This post is based on the story of the Steinbach families as researched in detail and published in book (REF 3) and film (REF 4) by Rob Hendrikx and Marouska Steinbach.

Update May 20, 2021 – Minor corrections in text , plus more detailed family information added. Poster image film replaced with clearer portrait image of Willy.

TAGS #Willy #Settela #brother #1Memo #MiraclesMedia #michelvanderburg #Holland #Westerbork #Porajmos #Holocaust #genocide #WesterborkFilm #violin #Celestinus #boy #headscarf #Sinti #Roma #Jew #Celestinus #Steinbach #JandeJong #Heksenberg #caravan #photography #nomad

Below – because of space and linking constraints on social media – the references, source and full credits on websites only – eg. Settela•com


1 – Source – photography Jan de Jong – in ‘Zwervers van Geboorte’ | Katholieke Illustratie 7 mei 1936 No 32 (Haarlem, Spaarnestad) via Delpher archive URL https://bit.ly/3f1jv90

2 – Westerbork Film (20190605) Michel van der Burg | Settela.com (accessed 2021 May 19) URL: https://wp.me/p91enH-1x

3 – Story based on book : Settela en Willy en Het geheim van de Heksenberg (2e druk) by Rob Hendrikx and Marouska Steinbach (Heerlen : Historisch Goud – Rijckheyt, centrum voor regionale geschiedenis en Stichting Historische Kring “Het Land van Herle”, April 2017) ISBN 9789082241686. URL https://www.landvanherle.nl/product/settela-en-willy-en-het-geheim-van-de-heksenberg-2e-druk/

4 – Story based on Films : ‘Settela en Willy’ by Rob Hendrikx & Marouska Steinbach | lifepowervideo YouTube user | (accessed 2021 May 19) Deel 1 Historische Gebeurtenissen link https://youtu.be/1wI9_vt9RlY | Deel 4 Holocaust Slachtoffers https://youtu.be/wVta6g6Mo1o

Willy & Settela | Born Nomad | 20210519 | Michel van der Burg | Settela•com

Westerbork Film Football Edit | Edition 2021

Westerbork Film Football Edit | Edition 2021 | 20210517


The UNESCO – Memory of the World – ‘ Westerbork films’ dossier (REF 1) consists of both the actual film footage, as well as a dossier with the 1944 film plan, film script, title cards (intertitles), and a file with correspondence between the camp and the outside world on obtaining camera’s , film and film processing. That film footage was researched and presented before on Settela•com.

In a recent post (Westerbork Film Intertitles | 20210515; REF 2) the drawings for the title cards were shown in a short film I made, that also showed a few seconds of Breslauer’s archive film footage demonstrating that not all of his Westerbork Film is a compilation of rushes only -he also had done some experiments filming and animating title cards. Aside from that, the film was not edited, and title cards were not yet inserted.

Today, working on presenting that 1944 film plan and script, I noticed in that editing script (all written in the German language) the instruction “Untertitel: ( in einen rollenden Fussball einkopiert ) Appelplatz am Sonntag Nachmittag.” , in English : ‘Subtitle: copied into a rolling football – roll call area on Sunday afternoon’. That is the text on one of these title cards I worked with, and I had seen Breslauer’s filming and slow-motion experiments with a rolling football, on that same F1014 reel that was used for his animation tests (REF 3). This has been described also in the 1997 dutch Westerbork film dossier analysis by Broersma & Rossing (REF 4) – a book I studied 2 years ago – and details I re-discovered later today. Tomorrow these authors will present a new edition (dutch), available later this month.
Breslauer never got the chance to try copying that title card on the rolling ball – I did today : a little digital experiment of copying that title card Appellplatz am Sonntag Nachmittag on the rolling ball. Just 4 seconds, repeated 4 times in this little film : Westerbork Film Football Edit.

TAGS #Westerborkfilm #animation #script #Appellplatz #1Memo #MiraclesMedia #michelvanderburg #Holland #Netherlands #CampWesterbork #Settela #RudolfBreslauer #UNESCO #NIOD #holocaust #intertitle #titlecard #titelkaart #documentary #file #drawing #Jew #Roma #Westerbork #remake #postproduction #postwar #edit

Below on website only – because of space and linking constraints on social media – the links, references, sources, credits :


1 – UNESCO Memory of the World Register – Unesco.org – Mémoire du monde – Le film de Westerbork (accessed 20190605) URL http://www.unesco.org/new/fr/communication-and-information/memory-of-the-world/register/full-list-of-registered-heritage/registered-heritage-page-9/westerbork-films/

2- Westerbork Film Intertitles (20210515) Michel van der Burg | Settela•com (accessed 2021 May 17) URL: https://wp.me/p91enH-3e

3 – Unknown Westerbork Film Reel…F1014 (20190616) Michel van der Burg | Settela.com (accessed 2021 May 15) URL: https://wp.me/p91enH-2b

4 – ‘Kamp Westerbork gefilmd’ by Koert Broersma and Gerard Rossing (editors Dirk Mulder and Ben Prinsen; ISBN 9023232658). Note, a new edition will be available May 2021 (editor Gorcum B.V., Koninklijke van; ISBN 9789023257622 ) – not yet published.

Notes : Both Appelplatz and Appellplatz are used in German and in script and title card


Thanks to ‘Kamp Westerbork gefilmd’ by Koert Broersma and Gerard Rossing (editors Dirk Mulder and Ben Prinsen; ISBN 9023232658). Note, a new edition will be available May 2021 (editor Gorcum B.V., Koninklijke van; ISBN 9789023257622 )

Title card source : NIOD Institute for War, Holocaust and Genocide Studies | 250i Westerbork, Judendurchgangslager | 854 Stukken over de Westerbork-film, 7 maart – 20 april 1944 en z.d. | File retrieved May 23, 2019 from Nationaal Archief (last accessed 2021 Apr 17) URL https://www.archieven.nl/nl/search-modonly?mivast=298&mizig=210&miadt=298&micode=250i&milang=nl&mizk_alle=westerbork%20film&miview=inv2#inv3t2

Film footage source : Filmed by Rudolf Breslauer, retrieved from : Unknown Westerbork Film Reel…F1014 (20190616) Michel van der Burg | Settela.com (accessed 2021 May 17) URL: https://wp.me/p91enH-2b

Westerbork Film Football Edit | Edition 2021 | 20210517 | Michel van der Burg | Settela•com