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Doctor Honoris Causa | Connect the World

Doctor Honoris Causa | Connect the World | 20211119 | 1-memo•com

At yesterday’s ‘Night at the Opera’ in the Brussels opera house De Munt | La Monnaie , five new honorary doctorates were welcomed to the Vrije Universiteit Brussel community by rector Caroline Pauwels : the American science communicator Ann Druyan, artist William Kentridge, Brussels politician Pierre Kompany and world renowned immune scientists Antoni Ribas and Thierry Boon Falleur. The spotlight was also on the honorary doctors Koenraad Tinel en Simon Gronowski for their extraordinary friendship.
Partners were the Université libre de Bruxelles, Erasmus University College Brussels, Ghent University, the University of the Western Cape of South Africa, the Brussels Parliament, our university hospital UZ Brussel, the VUB Orchestra directed by Jurgen Wayenberg and guest conductor, composer, Dirk Brossé.
Here a short film of the group scene photographed at the closing of the ceremony.

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Applause PUSH Revisited @ IMAGINAIR

Applause PUSH Revisited @ IMAGINAIR | 20211003 | Miracles•Media | Applause today at the closing of Howard Moody’s opera “PUSH — revisited” a tribute to Simon Gronowski & Koenraad Tinel.
A reworked version of parts of the PUSH opera by composer, librettist, Howard Moody, three soloists, and amateur singers and musicians from the Chamber music ensemble of La Monnaie, hosted by creative collective IMAGINAIR and set amid the sculptures of Koenraad Tinel’s expo TIDES in Belgium | IMAGINAIR | imaginair•be .

@HowardMoodyComposer @koenraad.tinel ‘s work @_imaginair_

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PUSH Coming to Brussels Opera House Monnaie | Munt

① memo 20180319 ~ PUSH Coming to Brussels Opera House Monnaie | Munt ~
Good news ! The community opera PUSH (written by composer Howard Moody) inspired by the true story of Simon Gronowski , a boy whose mother pushed him off the ‘Transport XX’ train heading to Auschwitz in 1943 – an action that saved his life and gave the opera its name – is now programmed in Simon’s hometown in March 2019 in the De Munt | La Monnaie opera house of Brussels .

Howard had met Simon, now in his 80s, in Brussels and promised to write an opera based on his life. PUSH tells this story but also deals with much broader themes of persecution.
After the world premiere of PUSH in 2016 in the UK , and a recent second performance in , Howard Moody once again brings together professional musicians and amateur performers – both adults and children – from the UK and Belgium in a unique theatrical experience.

Push! Push!
Push your child off the edge!
My mother gave birth to me twice
Pushing me towards freedom and life

More info / links

PUSH in Brussels 2019

The full film ‘Transport XX to Auschwitz’ is presented online here at this site 

PUSH opera premiere in the UK 2016

Ma vie n’est que miracles. My life is only miracles

A full documentary on Simon’s life , the film Miracles is in production now – more soon on Miracles.Media