Viviane’s Story | eBook New Prints | 20221111

Viviane’s Story | eBook New Prints | 20221111

November 11, 2022 — Viviane’s Story by Viviane Yarom-Castegnier & Michel van der Burg was first published by Miracles.Media the night of April 19, 2019 as eBook (ePub) including video with a file size of 200 MB.

Now, the 2nd print of this eBook (ePub) is released – with the much smaller size of 60 MB ( same ISBN 9789493147003 ).
In addition now a PDF edition of the eBook is released with ISBN 9789493147010 .

You can download both these new eBooks of Viviane’s Story from the site Miracles.Media — both the ePUB (ISBN 978-94-93147-00-3) and PDF (ISBN 978-94-93147-01-0) editions. Link

Viviane's Story
Escape from Transport XX...Born 6 Months Later


Viviane Yarom-Castegnier & Michel van der Burg

On the night of the 19th of April in 1943 – Viviane escaped in the womb of her pregnant mother from the Twentieth Train heading for Auschwitz.
Isabella Weinreb-Castegnier was three-months pregnant when she jumped that night in Belgium from the fast moving 20th Death Train to Auschwitz.
It was Passover eve and full moon.

Isabella escaped with a broken wrist and bruises all over her body, but no other major injuries.
Her daughter Viviane – meaning “full of life”, and named so for her will to live and hold tight in her mother’s womb – was born six months later on October 30, 1943 in Brussels, Belgium.

This e-booklet presents Viviane’s story with amazing new insights discovered together with the Dutch-Belgian author-reporter Simone Korkus of the man that helped Isabella jump to freedom – Elias Gnazik.

Published April 19, 2019 by Miracles•Media together with co-publisher Richard Bloom Productions — With a foreword by Simone Korkus — ISBN 9789493147003

HDR Title Templates Final Cut Pro | 20220917

HDR Title Templates Final Cut Pro | 20220917 | Michel van der Burg @ Miracles•Media | Custom made HDR title templates for use in both HDR or SDR projects in Final Cut Pro. Use the templates in HDR projects with eg 50-100% opacity. In SDR projects use these HDR templates with eg 2-5% opacity. Free download HDR_Titles at buymeacoffee•com/miracles•media . TakeNode (license) title templates (BUM20220917_Titles) : 8875369d-fe0a-4e62-8986-c3ffebb5eec2

Limited number of slots available .

Instructions for use : Download and Unzip the folder file containing the folder HDR_Titles. Move the HDR_Titles folder into your Titles folder inside your folder Motion Templates in the Movies folder … see guide in description below.
Open the folder BUM20220917_Titles. This contains the folder Titles with the template folder HDR_Titles.
On your Mac open folder Movies , go to folder Motion Templates. Open Motion Templates , if your folder already contains a Titles folder , just drag the HDR_Titles folder inside your Titles folder (see image in video). Else, if your Motion Templates folder has no Titles folder , drag the downloaded Titles folder (containing the HDR_Titles folder) inside your Motion Templates folder (see image in video). Feel free to support my work and buy me a coffee 😉 I just created that page. Title templates (2) names :

Download BUM20220917_Titles (limited number available) via buymeacoffee•com/miracles•media

TakeNode video : fd4c27af-1829-4687-9c5d-5493da89469e

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