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Consurella Show | 20220703

Consurella Show | 20220703 | Michel van der Burg | 1-memo.com | Brochure of the 1973 visual report I made in Dordrecht, Holland – my first assignment as a photographer – of the Consurella Show’s touring in Holland in 1973-1974.

My next assignment was the autonomous creation of images for a new show design with projection of the images as the decor in these live shows made up of real commercials supplemented with fake commercials. First 10 test shows (early 1973) had attracted ca 5000 visitors from Dutch housewives’ organizations. Another 50 shows were planned to tour in cities all over Holland Sep’73-May’74.

Early Nov ’73 I visited the new show using the slideshow decor of images I had made.

I was a Leiden University student Biochemistry at the time, and invested a new camera for this job – Asahi Pentax SLR camera.

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Scout Bambi | Simon Gronowski

Behind the scenes iphone shots by Sonja van der Burg of our filming Simon Gronowski for the documentary film project ‘Miracles’.

Simon Gronowski — once a little scout nicknamed “Bambi” (totem name early 1940s) — telling his story in ‘Simon reads his story’ at the public performance of authors during the event ‘Voices in the Museum’, interviewed by Marjan Verplancke, in the holocaust museum Kazerne Dossin in Mechelen, Belgium, December 2017.

Other ‘voices’ filmed that weekend: Nina Landau presenting her short film ‘Lon’ (to which I could gladly contribute a little something), and Esther Naschelski reading from her biography – as shown in the film ‘Esther’s Puzzle’ (link below) .

NL – Dutch :

‘Achter de schermen’ iphone shots door Sonja van der Burg tijdens onze filmopnames van Simon Gronowski voor het documentaire project ‘Miracles’.

Simon Gronowski – ooit een kleine verkenner met de bijnaam “Bambi” (totem naam begin jaren 40) – die zijn verhaal vertelt in ‘Simon leest zijn verhaal voor’ tijdens het publieke optreden van schrijvers, geïnterviewd door Marjan Verplancke, in het Kazerne Dossin museum op zondag 3 december 2017 , ter gelegenheid van het 5 jarig bestaan van het holocaust museum (als opvolger van het Joods Museum van Deportatie en Verzet) in Mechelen , België.

Andere ‘stemmen’ gefilmd dat publieksweekend: Nina Landau bij de vertoning van haar film ‘Lon’ (waar ik graag een kleinigheid aan kon bijdragen), en Esther Naschelski voorlezend uit haar biografie – zoals te zien in de film ‘Esther’s Puzzle’ (link hieronder).

Links :

Esther’s Puzzle

Lon’s World Premiere

Lon’s Puppet Show

Scout Bambi ~ Talk : Simon Gronowski at ‘Voices in the Museum’ with Marjan Verplancke | Kazerne Dossin – kazernedossin.eu ~ Film : 20201208 Sonja and Michel van der Burg | Miracles•Media