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We don’t talk about Anny | Simone Korkus | 20220722

Degrelle’s maid

Cover image of the Hebrew edition על אנני לא מדברים – We don’t talk about Anny – by author Simone Korkus, published by Carmel , in a translation by Irish Bauman of the original Dutch book Het dienstmeisje van Degrelle (2017) .

Jul 22, 2022 , Israel. Book presentation this morning at Simone Korkus’ home, of the Hebrew edition על אנני לא מדברים – We don’t talk about Anny. Special event in honor of Hannah and Max Nadel, Henri and Madeleine Cornet, Elias and Hava Gnazik. Picture by Embassy of Belgium in Israel | Twitter


Anny (or Annie) is the war name – nom de guerre – of the Jewish Hannah Nadel who , during the Second World War, ends up as a maid in the Brussels house of the sister of Léon Degrelle — Belgium’s foremost Nazi collaborator — and in this way escapes the horrors of the persecution of the Jews. Simone Korkus brings this unlikely story to life, meets Hannah’s Belgian rescuers and shows how life in wartime contains many gray zones. While Simone Korkus reconstructs Hannah’s life in Brussels, she encounters family secrets and also runs into her own prejudices. For what is truth in the way we look at others and judge their behavior? And how does our memory distort traumas such as those after World War II?

Degrelle’s maid , has been published also in 2020 in a French edition La Servante de Degrelle.

Transport XX to Auschwitz | Viviane’s Story

Hannah Nadel-Gnazik is the daughter of Elias Gnazik who escaped from deportation with Transport XX to Auschwitz and helped jump Isabella Weinreb-Castegnier pregnant with Viviane who was born six months later – see e-book Viviane’s Story | Escape from Transport XX…Born 6 Months Later by Viviane Yarom-Castegnier & Michel van der Burg – With a Foreword by Simone Korkus | URL miracles•media/vivianesstory .

We don’t talk about Anny | Simone Korkus | 20220722 | miracles•media

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